Saturday, 30 April 2011


Writing is different for everyone, I personally find that idea strike me at completely random moments. Such as last night when I was listening to a song I've liked for a while and an idea for a CMV just popped into my head. And this morning in English literature, I was nearly falling asleep and then this idea for a poem came to me, and I began writing it.
I think it's just a matter of having the right inspiration, I find that it's different for everything...

When it comes to poetry, I'm usually at my best when I'm upset, or sleepy. Listening to music never helps, and I can't usually write it in front of anyone if they know what I'm doing.
My friends are usually the main subjects and inspiration for any poems that I write. I don't have enough experience with love to write anything romantic, and if I do - like the one I wrote today - it's usually about how I when I do like someone I never have enough courage to say so, and so I ignore it long enough that my heart becomes cold and hard.

As for CMVs, I have to be listening to a song and not actually trying to think up ideas for it! I've already had two ideas for CMVs (cosplay music videos) that me and my friends have made reality, and I've got another three ideas that would be very awesome to do!
Nothing kick starts the process for CMV ideas really. I just have to be hyper enough and listening to the right song. Like a couple of weeks ago I was listening to 'Your Love Is My Drug' by Ke$ha and had an idea for a GrellXSebastian crack CMV, where Grell took Ke$ha's point of view. Random much?

Story writing is a little harder, seeing as I get bored pretty easily a lot of my fanfictions and stories never get continued, and it's only when I'm forced to finish them (like the one I did for English), or when they're short enough (i.e a oneshot, 3 or bellow chapters) that they get finished ^-^'''''

Skits work in much the same way, except that they hardly ever make it to the keyboard or notepad! There have been three events where they have, one of which was the 'Vampire's Don't Sparkle' skit I did with Ami, as Louis and Lestat from 'Interview With a Vampire'. And there are two Kuroshitusji ones that I'm quite proud of as well, but those will have to wait ^.~

Blog posts are a completely different matter! I find these very easy to come up with, and they're usually inspired by other articles I read, things I see on TV or hear on the radio, and of course the usual updates, or wishlist type things. Tutorials are something I'd like to do a while lot more of, but maybe oneday when I'm more experienced with prop making, make up and lolita anatomy! 

I'm not really sure what the object of this mini post was, I just wanted to write something, and give you guys  little insight into the workings of my creative mind when it comes to words! ^-^

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