Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lolita in Summer

Hello again you all!
So, I have been inspired by the recent incredibly hot weather in London to write an article about lolita wear in summer.

What do you do if you are desperate to don the frills and step out side your front door, yet, it's sweltering out, and you just can't bring yourself to wear your favorite new long sleeved OP, and platform boots in this hot, sticky weather?
Well, this is why I am here to help.
This is a problem many loli's encounter on a daily basis as the months get warmer and warmer, they want to wear their loli stuff but it's just to hot out. And apart from being terribly uncomfortable it can be dangerous, sun stroke or heat stroke can kill you if you get it bad enough. So here are my tips for staying cool in loli this summer.

General safety in hot weather!

To look good on the outside, you have to be all in working order on this inside. So remember to drink plenty of water guys! If you don't keep yourself hydrated things can get pretty extreme (i.e passing out!) you may not even notice that you're thirsty at first, but trust me, unless you've already drunk about a liter of water, your body is asking for it!

Make sure to wear sun cream on any areas that are going to be uncovered if you're planning on being in the sun for a long time! The sun can cause freckling, blotchy skin, and even skin cancer!

Okay! Now onto the actual outfit suggestions!

Now, I personally don't wear bloomers, but I know a lot of loli's do, they tend to give extra poof to a skirt, and also protect your from accidental panty flashing. But in summer do you really need the extra layer? No, you don't! I know it can seem a little risky, and weird - like going out without a bra on - but if you're careful no one is going to see up your skirt! Just think, how did you survive all those years wearing skirts before you got into lolita if you didn't have bloomers? And those skirts were much shorter!

Stick to light weight fabrics! This means ditching the velvet and the heavy cotton, and breaking out the light, floaty materials. Think thin (but not see through!)

Wearing socks instead of tights will help a lot as well. Nylon tights can become sticky, and get really uncomfortable around the crotch area when worn on hot days. But a nice pair of cotton socks will be really comfortable, and will let your skin breath as well.

Now I know it can seem like some sort of lolita law that you absolutely must wear a blouse underneath a JSK, but nowadays it's a totally acceptable thing to do if you just skip out on the blouse completely. If you feel like you have to wear one though, find a short sleeved one, in the thinnest fabric you can. It doesn't matter if it's slightly see through either, as it will be under your JSK!

If you're planning on wearing a blouse and skirt combo then perhaps trade in the blouse for a cutsew? Cutsews tend to be made out of more breathable soft material, and are usually thinner, and less cumbersome than shirts and blouses, but they still look just as cute!!
(As a suggestion I'd suggest not wearing an OP at all, they're just to stuffy for summer!

This one may be harder for some loli's than others, but, try to keep to lighter colours, black and darker colours soak up the sun, and can get very hot, as lighter colours (especially white and cream) reflect it, and will keep you cooler.

 This is a simple sweet coordinate that I put together on Polyvore. Note how I've stuck to lighter colours in the outfit!
The Baby dress makes a nice, light center piece for the coordinate, and the gold and black on the picture frames at the bottom tie in with the gold top on the fan, and the dark blue/black on the socks!
I would suggest wearing teaparties, or your most sandal like shoes in the summer, this will keep your feet cooler, which will also cool the rest of your body down. If you're going to be wearing open toe sandals though, just go barefoot! You could always paint your toe nails a pretty colour to draw add some more interest to your feet!
And don't forget that a parasol and a fan make a huge difference, I don't think I'd have survived without mine last year, and I wasn't even wearing lolita!

Gothic Lolita for Summer 
This next coordinate is my attempt at a summery gothic coordinate. I don't dress in this style, so it's a little hard for me to judge. I hope I did okay! The grey-blue on the socks ties in with the batenburg lace of a similar colour on the parasol. And the gold on the bracelet matches the little gold buckle on the shoes and the studs on the bag. Note how yet again I used a JSK, and skipped out on the blouse!
Casual-Classic Lolita for Summer 

I tried to give this coordinate more of a classic feel, and it's by far my favorite (mostly because of the shoes!). It looks more casual because it's a cutsew paired with a skirt, and there are no socks or tights included. But it's not a lazy casual, as the you're still going to take the time to wear a headbow and some nice jewelry!

Hair and heads in hot weather!

If you have long thick hair, it might be an idea to keep it up and off your neck. Then you can get a nice cool breeze on your neck and shoulders that will help keep you cool.

Try to avoid huge head dresses, as they're just going to make your head hot, which will make the rest of your body hot as well! This includes wigs and hair pieces!

Don't over dose on the hair spray, it will make your hair really stiff, and it will be almost like wearing a hair shaped hat. But let it hang in light waves, or loose curls, or braid it in two braids down your back. You could also keep it off your neck by (if it's long enough) putting it up in two high bunches - or pig tails - and then curling them.

If you have shorter hair, you're at an advantage at this time of year as it's not going to get in the way and become annoying. If your hair is in a short bob or pixie cut you may be able to get away with wearing larger head dresses.

Just because big headbows, and hats will make you hot, doesn't mean you can't wear small clip in hairbows, and other cute hairclips or even thin headbands!

I hope this guide comes in useful as the days get hotter! I know I'll be doing all of these things if I can get enough of a wardrobe together this summer!
I hope you all enjoy what's left of the day!!!

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