Saturday, 30 April 2011

Meme: If it was me, I'd...

So I found this memo on a blog I follow Savage Lily, and it looked fun so I decided to do it!

1.  Perpetuate forever:
2.  Kill off immediately: 
3.  Raise like a zombie:
4.  Dance on the grave of:
5.  Jump on in a heartbeat:

     Here's my take on it aaaaall!~<3

1. Perpetuate forever:  Country lolita, gorgeous, just gorgeous!!! I seriously hope this style never dies out, I'll be sooo sad if it does!

2. Kill off immediately: LolitaShow and Milanoo... one company masquerading as two that scam the shit out of you!

3. Raise like a zombie: Bad lace, I know it's really obvious, but the lace can really make the difference between a fugly piece and a gorgeous piece!


4. Dance on the grave of: Over the top headdresses and bonnets! Seriously, they look disgusting if they have to much going on, like a giant cake hat exploded it's frilly innards on your up do... just no!

5. Jump on in a heartbeat: Decora accessories covered in glitter and made in eye popping colours, oh and cutsews, can't get enough of cutsews!!!! Adorableness!!!! *Hearts in eyes*

Heartfelt Shadows

 Heartfelt Shadows

I see you standing there,
And my heart bubbles up with joy.
Glowing like a wood-fire in winter,
Warm and bright.

But you treat me coldly,
Just like everyone else.
My heart crusts with ice,
And I feel no pain.

But then the dark things come,
Creeping ever neared in the shadows of my broken heart.
Their pale faces looming like night time
Horrors from a child’s midnight terror.
Their icy fingers clutching at my gut.

And then I’m remote,
My eyes are blank, my face a mask.
My chest is full of stone and ice.
And when you start to care
You’re to late,
And I am gone.


Writing is different for everyone, I personally find that idea strike me at completely random moments. Such as last night when I was listening to a song I've liked for a while and an idea for a CMV just popped into my head. And this morning in English literature, I was nearly falling asleep and then this idea for a poem came to me, and I began writing it.
I think it's just a matter of having the right inspiration, I find that it's different for everything...

When it comes to poetry, I'm usually at my best when I'm upset, or sleepy. Listening to music never helps, and I can't usually write it in front of anyone if they know what I'm doing.
My friends are usually the main subjects and inspiration for any poems that I write. I don't have enough experience with love to write anything romantic, and if I do - like the one I wrote today - it's usually about how I when I do like someone I never have enough courage to say so, and so I ignore it long enough that my heart becomes cold and hard.

As for CMVs, I have to be listening to a song and not actually trying to think up ideas for it! I've already had two ideas for CMVs (cosplay music videos) that me and my friends have made reality, and I've got another three ideas that would be very awesome to do!
Nothing kick starts the process for CMV ideas really. I just have to be hyper enough and listening to the right song. Like a couple of weeks ago I was listening to 'Your Love Is My Drug' by Ke$ha and had an idea for a GrellXSebastian crack CMV, where Grell took Ke$ha's point of view. Random much?

Story writing is a little harder, seeing as I get bored pretty easily a lot of my fanfictions and stories never get continued, and it's only when I'm forced to finish them (like the one I did for English), or when they're short enough (i.e a oneshot, 3 or bellow chapters) that they get finished ^-^'''''

Skits work in much the same way, except that they hardly ever make it to the keyboard or notepad! There have been three events where they have, one of which was the 'Vampire's Don't Sparkle' skit I did with Ami, as Louis and Lestat from 'Interview With a Vampire'. And there are two Kuroshitusji ones that I'm quite proud of as well, but those will have to wait ^.~

Blog posts are a completely different matter! I find these very easy to come up with, and they're usually inspired by other articles I read, things I see on TV or hear on the radio, and of course the usual updates, or wishlist type things. Tutorials are something I'd like to do a while lot more of, but maybe oneday when I'm more experienced with prop making, make up and lolita anatomy! 

I'm not really sure what the object of this mini post was, I just wanted to write something, and give you guys  little insight into the workings of my creative mind when it comes to words! ^-^

x x x x
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Thursday, 28 April 2011

I'm Back, and Cosplay Updates


So sorry I didn't update for a while, I was staying with my Grandma and Grandpa on The Isle of Sheepy! I had a really nice time and I spent all of Monday and a bit of Tuesday sewing my Renge cosplay which I am proud to say is now almost finished!!! XDDDD
I was surprised how easy zips and gathers really were, but I certainly couldn't have done it without my Grandma's help.
I attempted to write a blog post but I really didn't have time. And I could barely keep on top of DA updates alone >-<

Just a preview picture, as I still haven't finished with the wig, which is when you'll get to see the entire dress!
It would also seem that I have a phony prince to stroll around with on Sunday, which makes me very happy! So there'll be lots of pictures popping up on my DeviantART after wards!

On Tuesday afternoon I went out shopping with my Nan. It was originally for sandals, but I really need to go to Camden to find the type of shoes I like *coughcoughmary-janescoughcough*. I did get a really cute white cotton vest top with eyelet lace and ruffles on the bottom, it's covered in little red roses! I luff eet! I also got some very nifty black and white pin stripe shorts for £4 from Scope! They're a size 12, so a little big, but if I move the buttons across they should fit perfectly!
(Random: I'm currently laughing at my sister as she has a mental break down because she can't log into Facebook!! Looool!)

Before I came home on Wednesday we went to the beach for about 5 minutes, my grandparents don't like the beach much anymore because they've lived by it for so long, and it was really windy out and slightly cold. But it was lovely to be able to smell the salt in the air and throw a few stones into the churning waves! I miss going to the beach a lot. Since we got Link we haven't been able to go down to see grandparents as much...

It might look very grey, but on sunny days it certainly isn't as nice, and it's also way busier and there are loads of chavs in their area so it was nice having it to ourselves!

Whilst I was away I finished 3 books!!! Well, two books and a volume of manga! ^-^
I'd already got quite a way into 'Mort' by Terry Pratchett and only had a little bit to finish, so I read that on Sunday afternoon in about 30 minutes! I really loved the ending, and I can't help thinking that Death is my favorite character!
Albert's pretty hilarious as well. I think it'd be cool to cosplay from one of the Discworld novels one day! Next I'd like to read 'Equal Rights' and 'The Hogfather'. I've seen the movie adaptation that Sky did of it and I really loved the story! Susan was my favorite character, with her blond and black split hair and her awesome 'whatever' attitude towards demons and demigods! Lol!

Next I read 'Yumekei Kenbun, Nightmare Inspector', I'm really not sure if I'll continue with this manga, I love the art style, but all it really is, is a collection of short stories, which can be a bit confusing, because they're not very clear. I may try and find it online so I can see whether I like the story enough before I go buying anymore volumes! Hopefully the story will get a bit better?
If any of you guys have read would you mind telling me what you thought of it, and whether it changes in later volumes? I'd really like to continue this series but if it stays like the I'm not so sure.

After that I finished 'The Toymaker' bu Jeremy De Quidt, the cover art suggests something very different to the rest of the story, and it really wasn't what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be a Victorian era London affair. With sinister, dark streets. Handsome brave men and frail and gorgeous heroins. But no, I won't spoil it for you, but it's still dark and sinister, more German than English. Especially in the names of the characters Koenig and Doctor Lieter being two of the more German sounding names. 
Really this whole story was really a surprise, as I totally wasn't suspecting the rather depressing and tragic ending either.

I'm proud to say that I've had a productive week as a whole! ^-^ I did a mock exam today, my first taste of what exams are like went pretty well I thought. And now I know what to expect I should do a whole lot better in the actual test!!!

As for more cosplay news (if you didn't catch my last post), I have now finished my dark Alice cosplay, which I will be wearing on the Friday of May EXPO.
And this morning the kunai holster and shuriken pouch arrived for my Deidara cosplay! Which means that if you aren't counting contacts my Sakura cosplay is now finished also!!! I'm going to see if my sister can help me with taking some photographs over the weekend! XDDD

It's really not long until my exams now, or EXPO. I'm getting really excited, I can't wait!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the day off tomorrow! This woman on my road has organised a street party to celebrate the wedding of the balding prince and the once upon a time chav! *Le sigh*

x x x x
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Saturday, 23 April 2011


Wow, hey guys!!!
I can't actually begin to describe how busy I've been since my last update before the poem (I Miss You) one. It's been crazy! But that's nothing compared to how busy I'm going to get once May kicks off. I think I might just die... but I'm going to take every day as it comes and live in the present as much as possible!!

Anyway, this post is just to give you guys an update on what I've been up to this past week! It seems like I've almost been living at my sewing machine o.o

On Monday I made the Akatsuki shoe covers for my Deidara cosplay, and I also bought the bandages, so it's now finished!!! I think I'm going to use my blue contacts for it anyway because in certain lights you really can see the blue ^-^

On Tuesday I went to Lewisham town center after my English class and I bought everything else I need for my Renge cosplay! XD It cost £20.99 for all the material (4 meters!!! O.O), the scrap of pink for the bow, the ribbon and the zip, but I don't have to get anything else now so it's worth it.
As for the wig I'm not sure whether I can be bothered to dye it. I want to see what it looks like with the dress, because I feel like that much yellow is going to be really over powering. So we shall see!

On Wednesday, I bought the bandages for Deidara, and finally finished my Sakura cosplay from 2009! XD I hadn't ever bothered to make the proper shorts, and I'd just been rolling up a pair of leggings (and consequently stretching them really badly), so I took a pair of old black leggings I had laying around,  cut them shorter and hemmed them again! I'm actually really happy with them, and once the shuriken holster and kunai pouch come through in the mail I will have finally finished my Sakura cosplay! ^-^  I then made Renge's hair bow, which I'm also really proud of! I'd had practice from when I made the one for my dark Alice cosplay, but this one only took about half an hour because I used the machine this time! Thank god for sewing machines!!!

I spent Thursday chilling out, eating all her food and decorating cupcakes at my friend Maddy's mum's new flat. It's in a really big old Victorian house, and it's on the 3rd floor. All the ceilings are really high, and the rooms are HUGE despite the fact it's only a one bedroom apartment! ^-^

I went to Ikea with Maddy, and a couple of her friends from school on Friday, which was really fun. Though Maddy and Clemy were paranoid that we were going to get kicked out for not actually being there to buy things. Me and Sienna pissed them off further by having a toilet brush sword fight when we were walking through the market hall! Good times!!!
It was sweltering out that day though, and coming back from Ikea carrying a big plastic box, wearing jeans, a vest a blouse and boots on the tram and the bus is horrible!!! I survived though! And when I got home I changed immediately!

That evening I started working the on the skirt for my dark Alice cosplay. As some of you may know LolitaShow failed to deliver, and I'm now getting a refund (officially!! XDD) from them. But this left me with the dilemma of 'ACK!!! WHAT DO I WEAR NOW?!!?!??!!?!?!?'. I solved that problem by making a simple black lolita skirt out of a black cotton sheet that I didn't want anymore! I also made a detatchable bustle for it whilst watching Pride and Prejudiced (the one with Kiera Knightly), and Kuroshitsuji Musical 2; The Most Beautiful Death in The World. I finished it this morning and topped it off with an old apron I had hanging around from a dressing up set I got for my 10th birthday. I knew that thing would come in handy some day! ^-^

Please excuse my messy looking room!!! >-< You can't see it very well in this picture because of the light (I'm a retard for not using the flash >-<''''), but this photo is mostly to show of the bustle! I'll try to get some better pictures of it soon!!!

This is the other side, I was still wearing the bustle but it's just not so visible in this shot! I didn't get a picture of the front because it's really very plain, just a white apron!
I'll be taking some pictures of the entire costume first chance I get! I may enlist the help of my sister for that one on Wednesday. *Tries to think of suitable places in the garden!* ^-^

For a lot of the day today I've been revising because I have a mock English exam on Thursday, wish me luck!!! But this evening I cut out all the parts for my Renge dress apart from the skirt, which I'm going to tackle when I go to my Grandma and Grandpa's house tomorrow! My parents are only staying for the day, but as long as I don't have an English class on Tuesday (teacher wasn't very clear -.- curse her!) I should be staying till Tuesday evening. Which gives me plenty of time to put the whole dress together! ^-^

 The material is actuall quite a lot darker than this, but I had to use the flash so it looks way lighter!
Thankfully my grandparents have wireless so I'll still be able to update you guys while I'm there!!!

If I can I'll drag them out to the beach and take some pictures for my DeviantART, isn't it weird that they live next to the sea, but my Grandma and Grandpa don't like the beach? At least not anymore o.o

Byez!! I hope you all have a nice Easter! And if you don't celebrate it, enjoy the holidays!!!

x x x x
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Friday, 22 April 2011

I Miss You

A poem for my dear Venus <3
I wrote it on Mothers day at about 2am, and I'm really proud of it considering that it only took me about a minute to write. It made my mother cry o.o''''''.....
I really do feel like posting about lolita again, but since I bought 4 yards of yellow material for my Renge dress the other day I have no money to buy anything with. I think my next peices though will be a blouse and a JSK from QutieLand! XD

I Miss You

I miss you, I miss the times we shared.
I miss the way you used to laugh
I miss the crazy way you stared,
your funny faces and your constantly changing hair.

I miss the way we used to plan,
on going to stupid places.
But most of all I miss your soul.
 and I miss your gorgeous smile.
I miss you in my arms,
you were the perfect size to cuddle.

I miss the way you used to blush,
when you got everyone in a muddle.
I miss the way, you used to lean,
on your hand in class.
I miss that scorching summer day
we spent in Camberwell college.

I miss the cons where we got so hyper.
I miss the freaked out looks we got,
I miss the stories, I miss the constant pizza.
I miss your hilarious addiction to cheese.
And your pig stye bedroom.

I miss your heart, my dear sweet goof ball.
You better be safe and sound.
And once your feet are on the ground,
in this here stuffy England.
I’ll hug you ‘till I can hug no more.
My lovely friend, I miss you.

It's a pretty short poem, but I really do love it. Vee is all these things and more, she's one of my best friends and the most beautiful, wonderful and thoughtful people I know, and I miss her like crazy!
x x x x
x x x x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

OVAs and Extras: A Rough Guide

Hey guys!

There seems to be a large amount of confusion in the Kuroshitsuji fanbase about the OVA's and other extra material that has been created for it, this has inspired an article, using Kuro as an example (mostly so I can geek about it!) to explain movies, OVAs, audio CDs, and what happens when the manga is different from the anime! If there isn't any confusion, then I obviously have the wrong end of the stick, but I'd just like to help out some peeps who may have been feeling confused about such things as OVAs, musicals, movies, and manga!

When you start watching anime you are originally baffled by the new words you learn, such as; sub, dub, arc, fanbase, fandom, fanfiction, fanservice, fanart, hentai, yaoi, yuri, harem and many many more. The confusion only multiplies with the language barrier if you choose to watch it in Japanese, and finding the right, or the official sub is often very hard. But I have to say, from personal experience, the most confusing thing about watching anime is when you find out that there were movies, OVAs or even musicals that you totally missed!

The basics:
Almost every anime has had a special episode or movie made for it. Special episodes are also referred to as OVAs (I've no idea what it stands for, sorry o.o) and these can vary in length from being 3-5 minutes long, or to being 45-60 minutes long. A lot of the time they contain a little bit of fanservice, and maybe a little bit of crack (crazy out of characterness or random events that make no sense in the storyline)!

Movies aren't movies such as the ghibli movies, and they won't be shown in cinema's (theaters) in this country like they are in Japan. That doesn't mean that they aren't totally epic full length movies! These, in contrast with OVAs are pretty serious, and usually follow a slightly sepperate storyline from the anime. The characters remain in character the whole way through, and there usually isn't any fanservice or crack! A lot of the time there will be OCs (original characters) created specifically for the story!

Audio CDs aren't my strong point I have to admit. I've heard a couple for books such as Harry Potter and Count Karlstein but I can't say I've invested in any for a manga. They will most likely be in Japanese, as they'll be either an audio version of the manga, read much like a script, with different voice actors (also called Seiyuu(s) in Japanese) for every character, or will have a special story written for them. There was one made for Fruit's Basket, but it wasn't put on public release, and was given to a few lucky contest winners, the author of the manga, and the publishers and editors. I believe that audio CDs can sometimes be quite hard to get your hands on.

And in the incredibly rare case that there are musicals - though I've only ever heard of Kuroshitsuji having musicals made for it - they will be a mixture between both a movie and an OVA. That means that the characters will remain as in character as possible, yet there will probably still be some fanservice and crack. There will most likely be OCs created for it (such as Alan Humphries and Eric Slingsby in 'Kuroshtisuji Musical II: The Most Beautiful Death In The World').

Now we've covered the basics I can move on to helping those confused about all the Kuroshitsuji OVAs!!!

Kuroshitsuji, series I:
As far as I know there was only one OVA made for this series, even though they advertised another one set in Japan. I just rewatched it for the purposes of writing this, and I have to say, it really does remind me of the musicals. Mostly just the end where they all bow, but I think it might possibly be the delivery as well!

His Butler: On Stage
 The Funtom company is putting on a performance for the poor/orphaned children of London, but the ship carrying the actors has an accident and won't arrive in time for the performance. And Ciel and co have to take the place of the missing actors in a rather odd version of Shakespeare's Hamlet! Merely called 'His Butler: On Stage'. This OVA does provide us with a rather a lot of crack!
It can be found here on!

Kuroshtisuji, series II:
The OVAs of series II are all a little jumbled up. Mostly because they chose to release part 1, and part 2 of 'Ciel in Wonderland' sepperately and instead of having them as one OVA, the first part was OVA 1, and the second was OVA 3 or something silly like that. Therefore, there was an OVA called 'Welcome To The Phantomhives' in between. For the purposes of simplicity I'm going to set it out a little differently here. But please bare in mind when searching for it that if you just search 'Kuroshtisuji Ciel in Wonderland part 1' or 'part 2' it will come up! (I'll still provide links where I can though!!!)

Welcome To The Phantomhives
This OVA is every Sebastian fangirl's dream. It works much like a dating sim, except for the fact that the character's who's perspective you are seeing everything from does have a personality, and a role of her own in the storyline. I will tell you no more than that, as I don't want to spoil the surprises, but this OVA is probably the most normal out of all the Kuro OVAs. Aside from the HUGE fact that you are basically being spoken to by Sebastian there isn't too much fanservice in this one. I like it though, I think they got the balance just right!
(Something you'll notice is that the OC who's perspective you see from has red hair. This made me fangirl sooo much when I saw, and I then spent the rest of the time whilst I was watching it, pretending she was me! I have strawberry blonde/ginger hair for those of you that don't know!! xP).
It can be found here on

Ciel in Wonderland (Part I)
Wow, this OVA! It has to be one of the best OVAs I've ever seen! Who knew that Lewis Carrol's characters fit so perfectly with Yana Toboso's? I certainly wouldn't have ever put the two together before news of this OVA got out!
The music composed for this OVA is also something I love about it!! It's a nice mixture between the gothic music in Kuro, and something more fun and crazy!
With Ciel as Alice, Sebastian as a hardly appearing White Rabbit (who seems more like an idea for Ciel to chase than anything else), Grell as particularly awesome Cheshire Cat (he already had the grin!!!) and Undertaker bringing some sinister darkness back to the lovied up (yes, I strongly believe that due to Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' we lost a lot of the fear that I believe The Mad Hatter should have retained. I don't think he's supposed to be a particularly nice character at all) role of The Mad Hatter, it makes an amazing OVA.
Of course it's FULL to the brim with crack and a reasonable amount of fanservice as well!
And for those of you missing dear old Auntie Anne, she makes an appearance at the end as a mixture between The Queen of Hearts and The Red Queen!
It can be found  here on

Ciel In Wonderland (part II)
In my opinion they shouldn't have left it so long between the first and second part. Not that I'm complaining, but I had to re-watch the first part because I could hardly remember it.
Ahahahha! When I wrote about the first part I just included things from the second as well, so I've basically said all that I need to say here!! I hope you like this OVA as much as I did!!
It can be found here on

The Making of Kuroshitsuji II
This OVA is an amazing one if you want pure crack! I swear to you, it makes next to no sense at all.
It's still very good though, just incredibly random. This is the only OVA with Claude, Alois, Hannah and the "triplets" in. You have to give it a bit of time to warm up, as it appears quite awkward at first, but once it gets going it actually pretty good!
I'm afraid to say that I haven't been able to find it online. I do have a link to a site where you can download it, but you will probably need to either download VLC player or an extension of DivX to be able to watch it. Hopefully it'll play with subs for you guys!
Simply click the GREY 'download file' button on this page. (NOT THE GREEN ONES!!! THAT'S AN ADD!!!!)

Kuroshitsuji Manga:
All this needs is a very simple explanation. Don't start getting pissy like this retard at a con did once when he picked up the last free copy of the manga and went 'What! But this doesn't happen in the anime!!' I sooo wanted to turn around and give him a black eye. THE. MANGA. CAME. FIRST. YOU. TWAT!!!!!
*Cough* Gomen... anywayz. Basically after the Curry arc finishes everything changes slightly, with Ciel receiving a letter from the queen about a traveling circus that has been touring England, and in every town it's stayed in most, or all of the children have gone missing. This is an incredible arc in the manga, and one I'd have loved to see in the anime. From there on out the story is totally different, and just to prove how different it is... Ciel is still human, it's been 30 chapters since the Jack the Ripper arc and Grell has only just arrived again, Alois and Claude don't exist and neither do Angela, Ash or Drocell! For the love of Yana Toboso, please, PLEASE do not start going 'but this isn't like the aaaaniimeee *whine, whine, whine*'. Because I will hunt you down, and punch your face off! Ahahaha... no... seriously... *serious face*

Kuroshitsuji Musicals:
These are pure GENIUS!!! I love who ever came up with the idea for these more than Grell loves Sebastian and Will put together!!! Yes, that much!!!
I've only seen the second one, and there aren't even any subs for it, but... Oh. My. God! It's the most amazing thing I have ever seen on a stage in my life!!! I will, one day see it live if it's one of the last things I do!!!
'Kuroshitsuji Musical II: The Most Beautiful Death In The World' is an original storyline that I've heard Yana Toboso helped direct. Ciel receives a letter from the queen asking him to investigate a recent score of murders. Mysteriously young ladies have been found dead with out a mark upon them, seeming to suffer a completely painless death, some were even smiling. Of course Ciel accepts and he and Sebastian set off to find the killer.
This play has an awful lot of shinigami butt in it! You have all the main guys, Will, Ronald and of course Grell. But this time two OCs have been added to the mix. Alan Humphries and Eric Slingsby are a darling duo of yet more hinted yaoi and they will break your heart!!!
With a full cast of dancers and singers you get to experience crack and fanservice as you have never seen before (Ciel saying nya, the corset scene that they just had to slip in there, and Sebby about to spank Ciel, puuuure wiiiiin!!!)!! You wait till you hear Sebastian (played by the god that is Yuuya Matsushita) sing. And a lot of men with confidence issues could take a cue (no pun intended I swear!) from Uehara Takuya who plays Grell. It takes courage to wear a small night dress, dance seductively and sing a song called 'R-Shitei (Grell no Yobai)' - which roughly translates as 'R-Rated (Grell's booty call)'- in front of a packed audience!

The most amazing things for me about this play were the courage of the actors (such as Uehara Takuya), who obviously put an inordinate amount of work into it, and the details of the costumes and the small details in the characters.
Seeing as I have always adored costume and I now cosplay, seeing up close how well the stage costumes such as Sebastian's tailcoat and Ciel's pink dress are put together (and in the case of Ciel's jackets) adapted for stage was incredibly interesting. I have a huge admiration for most of the cast members as a lot of them had to wear wigs, which get itchy and annoying after a while.
Other small details that I noticed and loved were things like how in the song Keiyaku (Contract) at the beginning of the performance Yuuya Matsushita is very free in the way he moves, especially in the way he moves his hands a lot in large extravagant gestures. But after the contract is made, and he becomes Sebastian Michaelis, butler to Earl Ciel Phantomhive, he looses that completely. He becomes very humble and you could almost say stiff. Yet he's just that good of an actor that he can still own the stage when trying to disappear into the shadows.
Another thing I noticed - and I'm seriously wondering how he did it - is that as the other actors sweated like pigs (Druitt and Eric mostly) Grell, Alan, Ciel and of course perfect little Sebby manage to stay just as they were when they first walked on stage. I don't know whether it's just they they're healthier and fitter, but it takes skill to do a very fast moving fight scene and then either sing, or make a long speech without sounding completely out of breath! Which is closely akin to how Yuuya Matsushita was able to just scoop up Yukito Nishii (Ciel) and spout endless words without them sounding stressed, as most peoples voices sound when they are carrying heavy objects.

Yukito Nishii is also quite admirable, I only just found out by searching for his name so I could write it here, that he's only 15, (born in 1995, just a year before me). You certainly wouldn't have guessed that by looking his acting skills. I truly believed that he was a young adult! ^-^
Still on the subject of ages, it's rather amazing that Yuuya Matsushita is only 21! Which means he would have been only 18 or 19 when he made his debut as Sebby in the first musical, 'That Butler: Friendship'.
Anyway, enough of me fangirling about Yuuya-kuuuuun! I'll post bellow some links to a summary full of screen caps for the second musical, and a link to somewhere you can download the second musical. I don't think there are any places online where you can watch it, as it keeps getting removed because of copyright infringement. And due to the fact that it has no subs, I strongly recommend that you read the summary first!

Summary part 1 (I take no credit for these summaries or the download! I was sent the links by a friend, and they were not written by anyone we know!):

Summary part 2

Summary Part 3

Summary part 4

To use this download simply enter your email address and the site will automatically email you the link to the download page. Apparently this helps reduce advertising, which would I suppose slow down the download speed? Don't worry, you don't get any spam from them! Or at least I haven't!
Again for this download you may have to download extra software for either Windows Media Player (for PCs) or Quicktime (Macintosh). I downloaded VLC player for Quicktime and it worked perfectly and in surprisingly high quality as well.

Song list:
 01. Keiyaku
02. Shinigami Haken Kyoukai no Theme
03. Ai wa Chi Mamire
04. Black and White
05. Shi no Toge
06. Sei to Shi no Sukima
07. R-shitei (Grell no Yobai)
08. Druitt no Jibun Sanka
09. Hanakotoba wa Kodoku Eric no Theme
10. Checkmate
11. Opera (no name given)
12. Sen no Tamashii to Ochita Shinigami
13. Unmei Alan to Eric no Theme
14. Hallucination
15. Namashitsuji no Theme

English titles:

01. Contract
02. Soul Reaper Dispatch Society Theme
03. Love is Covered in Blood
04. Black and White
05. Thorns of Death
06. The Crevice Between Life and Death
07. R-rated (Grell's Night-time Booty Call)
08. Druitt's Song of Self Praise
09. The Flower's Meaning is "Loneliness" Eric's Theme
10. Checkmate
11. Opera (no name given)
12. 1000 Souls and a Fallen Soul Reaper
13. Fate, Alan and Eric's Theme
14. Hallucination
15. Live Butler Theme

It would be well worth finding subbed versions of as many of these songs as you can on youtube. 'Ai wa Chi Mamire', 'Keiyaku' and 'R-Shitei (Grell no Yobai)' are the best ones I could find subs for in my opinion!

Have fun indulging in your Kuroshitsuji dreams my darlings!! (Damn I sound like Druitt xO)

x x x x
x x x x

Friday, 15 April 2011

Review of March Story

(Warning, MAJOR spoilers ahead!!!)
Oh. My. God!!! This manga has to be the goriest one I have ever read!!!

I've been searching for this manga for about a year, I saw a short summary of it online aaaages ago, and I was instantly in love with the cover art. I then forgot about it for ages until I saw it again in Forbidden Planet in early February this year. Being the kind of girl I am I forgot about it yet again, and then in early March had a very strong urge to go and find it. But ironically I couldn't even remember the name >->''''
In the end I found it by looking through all 200 pages of the manga in Forbidden Planet's online store, this manga is called March Story....

"Born of tragedy, damned by desire"
In the peaceful villages and towns of 18th century Europe, dark demons known as 'ill' hide in the most beautiful artifacts. Tempted by their beauty, greedy and unsuspecting humans are drawn to touch the artifacts, unwittingly releasing the ill hidden inside. Which then dives into the humans soul through their eyes, and whispers constantly inside their head until the victim is driven to horrific acts of violence, a lot of the time towards loved ones - who through some misunderstanding - they think hate them.

Only the hunters of the ill, the Ciste Vihad can dispel them, expelling them from the human's body. That is, if they aren't to late...
March is one such Ciste Vihad,  tracking the ill from village to village, trying to capture the artifacts before they can do any harm. Born of tragedy, the artifacts all have their own tales to tell, as fo each of their victims. But March's story may be the most tragic of all...

(My own version of the summary on the back of volume 1, sort of a mixture of my own take on the story, and the words used by the editor.)

The artwork in this story has to be my most favorite thing about it, Kyung Il Yang's style of drawing is incredibly dark and captures the balance between beauty and gore perfectly. Yang draws inspiration from places such as Switzerland and Venice. The references to Venice are most visible in chapter 2 'Orche the Masked', set in a town where the waterways are the roads, and where everyone has to wear a mask after dark, or risk being danced into the sky by the infamous Orche the Masked, and once the dance ends, so does your life.

This is a truly heart breaking chapter, if I hadn't been reading it in the car with my whole family around I'd have cried for sure! You really have to admire the author - Hyung Min Kim - of this story for his skill in writing!

It's hard not the spoil this chapter too much for you guys!!!

The next chapter, 'Windblown Memories of Coloured Glass' seems to be more of a filler chapter, despite the fact we find out a lot of important things about March. The characters Jack (who despite her name is female ^-~) and Rodin are introduced in this chapter also.

The final final chapter is the one that I want to talk about the most though, it's by far the darkest, and most grim and violent of all the chapters in this volume. In this chapter we get an insight into March's past through her nightmares.
Skip back in time to March when she was 5, she's living with her sister in a town tormented by the sick minded Lady Janjaghee, who by the drinking the blood of the young maintains her youthful appearance. She has the villagers constantly forging horrible, yet beautiful hooks for the purpose of hanging still living people from to drain their lifes blood. 
(Please note I will be including some rather graphic page scans from here on out, so if out, so if you're squeamish about blood, or aren't allowed to read M rated manga, close this page or go to a different blog article!)

 For some reason I'm completely captured in by these horrific drawings, and this chapter has no lack of them. I just can't help feeling for March, poor thing!

Over all, this manga is not for the faint of heart, it's storyline is beautiful, dark, gothic and disturbing, and the art even more so. I can't wait to get hold of volume 2 so I can continue reading the gore fest that is this apparently rare and extremely entrancing manga.

WigFever Review

Hello guys!

So today I received my Renge wig in the mail... I'm less than happy with it to tell you the truth, quality wise it's great! It feels thick, smooth, and the length is fine. The colour I'm not so happy with.
As we all know, Renge is basically ginger (or strawberry blond, seeing as her colour isn't really enough of a vibrant orange to be called ginger). It's a pretty awkward hair colour to find a wig for, and you'd probably be best dying your own hair if you want to cosplay her.

It's quite easy to err on the side of too blond, or the side of bright ORANGE when trying to find a wig for her. I genuinely believed that I'd found the perfect wig when I saw the 'long blonde cosplay wig' from WigFever on Ebay.

WigFever has an outstanding range of wigs, and my friend Ami bought a red wig for a Sasori (Naruto Shippuden) cosplay from them back in November 2010, it's actually the best Sasori wig I have ever seen and the only thing she needed to do to it was trim the fringe (or for you American's, the bangs) a little.
I'd say WigFever's only let down is that their postage varies from taking the standard length from Hong Kong to London - which is about 2-3 weeks - to taking 5-6-7 weeks. If you don't mind waiting, and you don't need your wig before a certain time this is perfectly fine. However if you do have a deadline to meet, you might want to try ordering as far in advance as you possibly can.

For the quality of their wigs, the prices are ridiculously cheap! And this certainly isn't a case of you get what you pay for, some of their wigs make appear a little thin, but it's not enough that you'd notice it unless you totally upended the wig! My Renge wig cost around £16, that's including the postage, don't be fooled by the fact it says the wig is about $7, be sure to check the postage, which is where they make most of their money.

The only reason I'm writing this article is to calm myself down, because right now, I swear I could cry. The wig I ordered appeared to be a more strawberry blonde colour in the stock photo on their Ebay page, when I opened it this morning I could instantly tell that my wig was not this colour. In fact, it's more blonde with a hint of green. A sort of weird mustard colour. I couldn't quite capture it in this picture, in reality it's much more yellow, but from this you can tell it's definitely not got any red it in at all *sigh*

As I said before it's a very awkward colour to capture in a wig, and it would also appear in a picture. The lighting they used for the stock photo is the only thing I can think of that might have altered the colour. I'd personally trust WigFever with either unnatural coloured wigs (aqua, pink, grey, white), and wigs of a very definite colour, such as black or bright red. They seem to have trouble with more natural wigs like blonde. Which is a real shame!

That's the end of my review guys! But don't worry, I'm not giving up on cosplaying our beloved self proclaimed manager of the host club quite yet! I've been looking up wig dying techniques, and I'll be sure to make a blog post documenting my exploits into that arena of cosplaying!

Random factoid:
I've had a problem with every single cosply for May London MCM EXPO this year. *Sigh* first it was the first pair of Akatsuki shoes covers I made, the material was rotten, so they ripped. Then my contact lenses weren't the right colour. Then the dress I ordered for my dark Alice cosplay didn't arrive (basically I had £41 stolen from me by LolitaShow), then I fucked up my first attempt at making Renge's dress by not making the skirt big enough, now the Renge wig I ordered is the wrong colour.
I think for some reason I'm just not meant to cosplay girls! I can't wait to be cosplaying boys with their trousers and short hair again in October!

x x x x
x x x x

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rantings and A Cosplay Update.

I feel the need to rant and whine, so why not here eh?

Firstly, as some of you may already know, I began sewing my dress for my Renge cosplay yesterday, it didn't go so well, and every time I think about it I feel like crying... I have the tendency to rush things, and I mean really rush things.
I've never cosplayed someone with a big dress before, so making something like this was a totally new experience for me, and it didn't help that I sent crappy reference pictures to my Grandma, so when I asked her for help I wasn't exactly asking for the right help. So basically I cut the top of the skirt part of the dress to small, so there wasn't enough material to gather when it came to sewing the skirt to the bodice. Therefore, it hangs straight down, and doesn't puff out at all.
To add to my problems my Grandma paid for said material and I now feel super guilty for messing up! And because I'm just that brand of retard I set the stitches to a very tight setting and now it's impossible to unpick, which means I wasted about 3 yards of perfectly awesome material.
Hopefully I'll be going to rolls and rems - my local haberdashers - on Thursday to pick up a shit load of similar colour material to try again with. Wish me luck that this time it works out better >-<

I became incredibly frustrated with my parents earlier and threw a rather stereo typical, and pretty pathetic teen tantrum. The only difference between that, and a real teen trantrum was that I was using words like unreasonable, double standards, hypocrite, ridiculous and other various three syllable words. Mostly to insult them and prove that I wasn't sinking past the level of intelligent speech as I screamed into my wardrobe, cried and punched things >->''''
The reason for this shameful outburst? My dad saying that I couldn't get these two epic necklaces from Tuxessories . A company run by a bunch of cosplayers in the Philippines. In my defense, I think I'm almost on my period (I get really emotional right before, not during, I always feel really calm and chilled out then O.o), and my dad is always doing this to me, saying yes one day, then irrationally changing his mind the next... *sigh*

The second necklace is my favorite one! ^-^ The katakana in the middle read 'Yaoi' and I seriously think it is the most awesome necklace I have seen my entire life!

In other more positive news, I got a strip old beige black out blind material from my Nan that's going to be perfect for the clay bags on my Deidara cosplay! I also got hold of a large white sheet that I'm going to probably be using for Akatsuki shoe covers, and for the collar and cuffs of my Renge dress. It was originally going to be mostly used as an apron, but seeing as LolitaShow have totally fallen through with the dress I doubt I'll be cosplaying dark Alice anymore. Which means I have to inform my rather moody, dark Cheshire of the bad news and most likely have her gripe at me for it >-> but we'll see, I might be able to knock something together out of a black sheet! I'm thinking a JSK of some sort?
Last night I also ordered the shuriken holster and kunai pouch for my Deidara cosplay! ^-^ And like, 3 minutes ago my dad just came in and told me that I don't have to pay him back for it because he's been buying my sis Naruto manga. Which is awesome!!

Moving on from cosplays for May, I think I found a wig for my Soul cosplay. It's actually a Ichigo Kurosaki hollow wig from ebay, but with some (= quite a bit) of styling I think it'll look awesome!!

Sorry that the pictures so small, I had to go to google images and find a wig the same as the one I found on ebay because when I tried to drag the picture off from ebay it didn't work ^-^'''

As a summer cosplay, I've decided on another secret one! I wonder if you can guess what it is, you're only clue is this...
Have fun figuring!!!
All you guys need to know is that I found the perfect wig for it, and that it's going not going to be worn to any cons, just for photo shoots ^-^
Still on the subject of wiiiiigs I've been thinking a lot today, and I'd really like to get my Sebastian wig as soon as possible, at least that way I can have one of the major parts of the costume all ready and waiting for October, and also maybe do a couple of casual (or AU) cosplay photos or crack videos with either my Young Master (Kumi-chan, when she gets back from Japan! ^-^) or Alois coughwhorecough Trampsy XD who's going to be cosplayed by one of my good friends Belle!! ^-~

I seriously cannot wait to cosplay dear Sabi-kun! It's become sort of a dream cosplay for me, and I really do want... no, I need to do it justice! ^-^ I get really frustrated when people portray him poorly and I can't help saying 'well why did you even try, he's too good for you' in my head. Which I know is a hell of a lot bitchy, and very cosplay snobbish. Which is why I always feel really guilty and bad when I think like that.
I'm not sure whether people will be able to relate, but you muuuust have that one special character that you can't stand to see portrayed badly, I know for one of my best friend's it's Sasori, she actually starts ranting out loud if even the way the wig is cut isn't correct. It's the same for me with Sebastian, and I'd be like, the biggest hypocrite alive if I went and cosplayed him crappily. That's why I'm already working on it.
One thing I'm worried about is my eyebrows :/ they're kind of... dark blonde/dark ginger and not particularly thing either. I've been putting it off, but I guess I'm just going to have to attack them with a pare of teasers >-< and then darken them with an eyebrow pencil (random factoid: My friend gave me a black one for my 12th birthday because she though it was eyeliner... maybe she's psychic. I didn't even watch Kuro then XD). I just don't want to do it badly and end up looking permanently surprised for months afterward. Ah well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, I guess ^-^.

And omg, last time I posted a cosplay update, like, a full proper one on here, with detailed lists of everything I'd need for the characters I totally spaced and forgot to add white gloves to the Sebby list o.o'''' I've been meaning to go back and correct it for about a month, but I just can't be bothered >->''' anywayz, I totally need white gloves!
And just as a question to those of you that have watched Kuro, and have either crushed on Sebby or Claude... is it just me or, are gloves now suddenly incredibly sexy??? XD Hahahahahah, well do get back to me on that one, either on here or on DA or youtube, I'd love to know whether I'm a freak or it's actually a natural thought process! Lol!

I think that's about it for cosplay updates, and they're the main ones, nothing much has happened regarding cosplay recently, I've slowed right down again T.T...

So, this afternoon I went on another hunt for later parts of the first Kuroshitsuji musical >-< it's my dream to one day seem them on stage, and I desperately hope that they are still running when I'm old enough to go to Japan, but if not, I at least want to see them in DVD form and understand every word!
Unfortunately no one has decided to sub it for some insane reason, if I could understand Japanese I'd have done it myself by now >-<... which brings me to my point! I'M GOING TO LEARN JAPANESE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!
I've toyed with the idea for about 2 years now, and I seriously don't know why it's taken me so fucking long to just knuckle down and learn it. There are two main reasons why I want to learn it. And they're actually two of my biggest motivators. Friends, and sexy butlers!
Lol! Well, just to elaborate further, I want to learn it, firstly so that I can talk to my friend Kumi-chan (or Vee) in Japanese when she finally makes her grand return to England this May after 6 freaking months! And reason number two, is so that I can watch the Kuroshitsuji musicals! Which is why this falls under the category of 'sexy butlers'!!

Expect a couple of review like updates from me soon, one reviewing 'Ciel in Wonderland' the Kuroshitsuji OVA that recently concluded, and the other a review of the shitty company LolitaShow that no one should EVARRR buy from (that will be further elaborated on in the actual review.)

x x x x
x x x x

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lolita in Summer

Hello again you all!
So, I have been inspired by the recent incredibly hot weather in London to write an article about lolita wear in summer.

What do you do if you are desperate to don the frills and step out side your front door, yet, it's sweltering out, and you just can't bring yourself to wear your favorite new long sleeved OP, and platform boots in this hot, sticky weather?
Well, this is why I am here to help.
This is a problem many loli's encounter on a daily basis as the months get warmer and warmer, they want to wear their loli stuff but it's just to hot out. And apart from being terribly uncomfortable it can be dangerous, sun stroke or heat stroke can kill you if you get it bad enough. So here are my tips for staying cool in loli this summer.

General safety in hot weather!

To look good on the outside, you have to be all in working order on this inside. So remember to drink plenty of water guys! If you don't keep yourself hydrated things can get pretty extreme (i.e passing out!) you may not even notice that you're thirsty at first, but trust me, unless you've already drunk about a liter of water, your body is asking for it!

Make sure to wear sun cream on any areas that are going to be uncovered if you're planning on being in the sun for a long time! The sun can cause freckling, blotchy skin, and even skin cancer!

Okay! Now onto the actual outfit suggestions!

Now, I personally don't wear bloomers, but I know a lot of loli's do, they tend to give extra poof to a skirt, and also protect your from accidental panty flashing. But in summer do you really need the extra layer? No, you don't! I know it can seem a little risky, and weird - like going out without a bra on - but if you're careful no one is going to see up your skirt! Just think, how did you survive all those years wearing skirts before you got into lolita if you didn't have bloomers? And those skirts were much shorter!

Stick to light weight fabrics! This means ditching the velvet and the heavy cotton, and breaking out the light, floaty materials. Think thin (but not see through!)

Wearing socks instead of tights will help a lot as well. Nylon tights can become sticky, and get really uncomfortable around the crotch area when worn on hot days. But a nice pair of cotton socks will be really comfortable, and will let your skin breath as well.

Now I know it can seem like some sort of lolita law that you absolutely must wear a blouse underneath a JSK, but nowadays it's a totally acceptable thing to do if you just skip out on the blouse completely. If you feel like you have to wear one though, find a short sleeved one, in the thinnest fabric you can. It doesn't matter if it's slightly see through either, as it will be under your JSK!

If you're planning on wearing a blouse and skirt combo then perhaps trade in the blouse for a cutsew? Cutsews tend to be made out of more breathable soft material, and are usually thinner, and less cumbersome than shirts and blouses, but they still look just as cute!!
(As a suggestion I'd suggest not wearing an OP at all, they're just to stuffy for summer!

This one may be harder for some loli's than others, but, try to keep to lighter colours, black and darker colours soak up the sun, and can get very hot, as lighter colours (especially white and cream) reflect it, and will keep you cooler.

 This is a simple sweet coordinate that I put together on Polyvore. Note how I've stuck to lighter colours in the outfit!
The Baby dress makes a nice, light center piece for the coordinate, and the gold and black on the picture frames at the bottom tie in with the gold top on the fan, and the dark blue/black on the socks!
I would suggest wearing teaparties, or your most sandal like shoes in the summer, this will keep your feet cooler, which will also cool the rest of your body down. If you're going to be wearing open toe sandals though, just go barefoot! You could always paint your toe nails a pretty colour to draw add some more interest to your feet!
And don't forget that a parasol and a fan make a huge difference, I don't think I'd have survived without mine last year, and I wasn't even wearing lolita!

Gothic Lolita for Summer 
This next coordinate is my attempt at a summery gothic coordinate. I don't dress in this style, so it's a little hard for me to judge. I hope I did okay! The grey-blue on the socks ties in with the batenburg lace of a similar colour on the parasol. And the gold on the bracelet matches the little gold buckle on the shoes and the studs on the bag. Note how yet again I used a JSK, and skipped out on the blouse!
Casual-Classic Lolita for Summer 

I tried to give this coordinate more of a classic feel, and it's by far my favorite (mostly because of the shoes!). It looks more casual because it's a cutsew paired with a skirt, and there are no socks or tights included. But it's not a lazy casual, as the you're still going to take the time to wear a headbow and some nice jewelry!

Hair and heads in hot weather!

If you have long thick hair, it might be an idea to keep it up and off your neck. Then you can get a nice cool breeze on your neck and shoulders that will help keep you cool.

Try to avoid huge head dresses, as they're just going to make your head hot, which will make the rest of your body hot as well! This includes wigs and hair pieces!

Don't over dose on the hair spray, it will make your hair really stiff, and it will be almost like wearing a hair shaped hat. But let it hang in light waves, or loose curls, or braid it in two braids down your back. You could also keep it off your neck by (if it's long enough) putting it up in two high bunches - or pig tails - and then curling them.

If you have shorter hair, you're at an advantage at this time of year as it's not going to get in the way and become annoying. If your hair is in a short bob or pixie cut you may be able to get away with wearing larger head dresses.

Just because big headbows, and hats will make you hot, doesn't mean you can't wear small clip in hairbows, and other cute hairclips or even thin headbands!

I hope this guide comes in useful as the days get hotter! I know I'll be doing all of these things if I can get enough of a wardrobe together this summer!
I hope you all enjoy what's left of the day!!!

x x x x
x x x x

Just A Little Update

Hey guys! Sorry for spamming you with posts at the moment, it would seem I just have a lot to say! ^-^
This post well be rejoining the fabulous world of cosplay, as we've been absent from it for such a very long time.

Firstly, lets get the bad stuff out of the way; you know that dress that I was supposedly getting from LolitaShow? Well, they're seriously fucking around right now. My dad texted them yesterday night, because the dress was supposed to arrive on Monday and it didn't. I've decided that if they try to make excuses again, I'll just ask for a refund. Soooo, my dark Alice cosplay may be put on hold a little while, at least till I can afford another dress from a more reliable company :/....

More positive stuffz now! Today I walked to Penge which is right near where I live, and I managed to get hold of some shoes for my Renge cosplay!  
They're just simple black ballet pumps, not quite what I was looking for but they'll have to do. 
They're also good because my feet won't get to hot when I wear them at EXPO! My only problem with them is that I had to get a UK size 9 because 8 was to small. It's just a nine is a bit to big >.< I'm now torn between wanting my feet to grow a bit, and wanting them to stay the same size. I really like the cute little bows on the toe! XD For £4.99 they're pretty good!

I also bought a plain white sheet for £5.99 which I can use for Akatsuki shoe covers, and an apron! I just hope there's enough material. There should be :/ *fingers crossed*
Along with buying stuff I needed for cosplay, I also came across this AWESOME shirt in a charity shop that I went in to look for pink material! It's a black and white pinstripe ladies shirt, but it's got this really high collar that look really interesting when done up, and the sleeves - which are meant to have cuff links - look awesome just hanging loose! I love it!

Aside from finding shoes, I've also made major progress with my Renge cosplay! I ordered the wig, and my mam found a polystyrene wig head in a store in Brixton Village! XD So all I need to do now is order some Got2b freeze spray and I'm ready to style once my wig arrives!

My amazing Grandma also very unexpectedly figured out a pattern for the dress, which I just have to print out and re-size! She also, being the awesome woman she is found some perfect yellow material in a shop in near where she lives, in Kent. She won't let me pay her back for it either. I think I'm seeing her next weekend so I'll be able to pick up the material then! ^-^
I'm not quite sure what to do about the material for the collar and cuffs of the dress, but if my dark Alice cosplay plans fall through I will be able to use the material that I was going to use for the apron for those. I still need to buy some pink material, a zip and some thread from Rolls and Rems (my local haberdashers) so I don't mind getting more white then!

That's all for today cosplay wise folks! I'll be updating again today with another lolita post!!!

x x x x
x x x x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

100 Question Lolita Baton (last part!)

61: "Man, what a rip-off!!" Have you ever thought that about a store?
Hell yes, LolitaShow, for one is a rip off. I ordered an OP from them about 3 months ago and it still hasn't arrived, they said it would arrive in 39 days -.-*
62: Do you shop online? If so, put the good & bad points here to advise others.
I've had ONLY bad experience with shopping online for lolita. And only bad experience when shopping for it in real life (admittedly it was Camden, but...). My advice for those who need to shop online (like me). Don't use Milanoo or LolitaShow, their prices may look brilliant but from all the reviews I've read, their clothes are total shite. They also take a lot of work to get your order out of, as I said up above, I've been waiting 3 months >_<****
Also RESEARCH!!! It's key, seriously, research the company thoroughly before you buy from them!

63: You can say if you want, but is there a Secret person/shop that you have ordered a dress solely for you from? [I guess commissioned/replicated]
Nope, I'm still confused as to what Secret Shop is o.o''''

64: I can never have that/see that happening!! But I will always want it!!" Is there a brand you think this of?
Not really, I think anythings possible if you just wait long enough, and want it bad enough!

65: What do you do with the clothes you don't want anymore?
I haven't grown out of any yet, but I'll probably sell them, or give them to one of my friends, seeing as pretty much all of them are smaller than me ^-^

66: What is your most recent purchase? [Even non-lolita]?
A strawberry blonde wig for my Renge Houshakuji cosplay!

67: Is there an item which you love that you can't buy/seem to find?
Bodyline's Fruits Parlor replica, but I can't actually find it anywhere, even on Bodyline, and I can'tbuy it from their site anyway, because last time they charged us £30 import tax, and now my dad hates now >-<

68: What do you think of people who only wear lolita to concerts?
They can do what they want, I don't care. That's like saying, 'what do you think of cosplayers who only wear cosplays to conventions?', or something.  It's weird O.o

69: What do you think of lolitas without makeup?
Well, I can't really say anything, because I only just started wearing make up, but I think if you're going to make the effort to wear lolita, putting a little bit of concealer, and mascara on isn't to much of a problem. Not saying you should go the whole nine yards and wear contacts and false lashes or anything, just a little bit on your eyes can look natural and nice! ^-^

70: Another lolita is wearing the same coordinate/clothes as you!! What do you do?
Well, if she didn't copy me, it's okay! And anyway, copying is the highest form of a compliment!

71: What age should you stop Lolita?
I often wonder this, I guess it's just personal preference, I know I'll stop wearing it probably when I have kids...

72: When do you think you should graduate from Lolita? And why?
See above. And why? Well, because I just think I will have grown out of it by the age, and I can't very well breast feed a baby whilst wear AP's newest onepiece can I?

73: "You should stop that!!!>_<;" What must you not do when dressing lolita?
Just be yourself, but everyone should have good manners anyway, whether they're a loli or nay!

74: A lolita should be 'this'! What do you think that should be?
They should just be them, through and through!

75: Excluding #73, is there anything you should definitely not do in lolita?
Um... strip? I dunno.... O.o

76: What do you think of men in Lolita?
Unless they're young enough to pull of that shota loli or more femanine look (think Honey from Ouran High School Host Club, or Kagamine Len), then they totally shouldn't do it, you don't wanna see bulging biceps protruding from delicate lace >-<

77: Did you change yourself for dressing lolita?
Not really, I'd feel weird if I stopped being a sarcastic, fangirly, mildly perverted, bitch whenever I wore lolita! Lol!

78: What does your family and surrounding people think of you dressing lolita? And do you accept it?
My dad thinks it's hilarious, and likes to take the piss out of me >->'''' but I think he secretly likes it, because he knows I'll never look like a slut if I wear loli. My mam is all for it! And I THINK she supports me going as original as possible. They both think I'm wasting my money though >->

79: How do you dress Lolita in the boiling mid-summer?
Hmm, I've been pondering this question, as it's already starting to get hot here (which is REALLY weird for England o.o). I guess maybe skip the blouse under a JSK, and switch blouses and OP's for cutsews and skirts. And if your shoes are comfy enough make sure you've shaved, then go barefoot. Also, stick to light materials, like thin-ish cotton, and pale colours. As black velvet will soak up the sun, and be absolutely horrific!

80: have you gone to School or Work in lolita?
I'm home educated, and don't have a job as of yet, so nope! I don't!

81: How do you dress normally?
Like a freaking failed goth tomboy. Because I have the most useless and messed up wardrobe going T.T

82: Do you think twice about buying second-hand clothes?
Nope! Second hand is awesome, and it's good for teh planet!

83: Do you have a boyfriend? [or husband?] Does he understand Lolita?
I have a few friends that are guys, and they kinda ignore me (when it comes to a possible girlfriend) anyway, so I've no idea... I think they'd be cool with it though... o.o I'm really not sure. They'd probably lovingly tease me about it, seeing as I've known a lot of my male friends since I was around 4 they're kind of all like brothers to me!

84: Please tell us your ideal man.
Gosh, well, he'd have to be good looking, and he'd have to respect me, and my likes and dislikes. He'd have to be funny, and really nice, and get along with at least a few of my friends. Oh, and be okay with me cosplaying and wearing the clothes I do. So basically, right, he doesn't exist T.T
85: What Lolita has left a big, shiny impression on you so far?
Miss Caro-chan of F Yeah Lolita, my Anechan, and Victoria-Suzanne of Lolita Charm!

86: Have you made your own clothes? What are they like?
I've made cosplays before, it'd be really nice to make some loli stuff. A project for summer me thinks! ^-^

87: Have you made your own accessories? What did you make?
I made a giantt head eating Alice bow, that was sort of for a cosplay, but it's something I can use everyday as well, and I was going to make some little things out of FIMO to glue to hair clips, but I never got around to baking them, and then my mam cleared the table and them my sisters messed with them... and now they're gone o.o''''' I'd like to make some stuff in the future though!

88: The best item you have made! What is it?
Mah head bow!!!

8: Please say your most perfect Lolita coordination you wear.
I don't own it, though I'd love to in the future, Choco-mint split wig from Cosplay Wigs USA, Angelic Pretty's Fruit's Parlour print on a skirt, a white long sleeved blouse, white socks, and some brown teaparties (that they don't even make in my size anywhere T.T), that would be awesome!!!

90: Do you admire someone? What are they like?
I admire my Anechan, for just being the awesome, beautiful and brave girlie that she is, and I also admire my friend Katherine for putting up with everything she does. They're both amazing, brave and gorgeous human beings, and they deserve WAY better than they get!

91: One day you will go on a date with that person. What would you like to wear for him?
What person? o.o I haven't liked a real person for 4 years o.o''''' it's hard to answer this question... >-<''''

92: If you want one, what type of store would you open in the future?
A cafe!! I really enjoy baking, and tea is like, the best drink in the world! XD And lots of loli's would work there, and it would have a little place where you can borrow books to read, and I'd have a small rack of handmade accessories for sale as well!

93: Your eyes get attracted inadvertently to something. What is this motif?
Gates, crowns, keys and pink backgrounds with cakes and sweets on them!

94: Would you dress your child in Lolita?
Only if they wanted to wear it. I'm all about free choice. And bringing a child up to make their own decisions, and giving them enough leeway to make the right decisions through learning by trail and error if necessary!

95: How much do you spend on one outfit?
As little as possible! ^-~

96: "This is Lolita!!" Please say what you would say this about.
Depends what they're claiming is lolita...

97: What, in the Lolita world, have you wanted to try wearing?Just wearing brand would be nice! ^-^'''

98: Look at yourself in Lolita. In one word/phrase, how would you express your style/image?
Classic with a twist of creative steampunky sweetness! XDD

99: What is your ideal Lolita?
Not really sure, I guess... nope... I actually don't know!

100: Thank you for taking this Baton!! Please state your thoughts on it!
Mary mother of God this was fucking long! XD But very fun!

Glad it's over? Now, am I evil enough to tag people.... nope! xP Don't worry yourselves! Do this if you feel like it girlies!!!

Lolita Checklist

This is just a bit of fun, don't come and eat me if you don't agree with anything written here, it's just a bit of fun!

The Lolita Checklist
Can't help but admire (either secretly or not) at least one Disney princess.

When she see's a cute necklace just has to oggle it for at least 30 seconds.

Spends countless hours window shopping online.

Spends countless hours reading blog posts online.

Really does believe in the saying from 'A Little Princess'. ""Every girl's a princess".

Has watched or read 'Kamikaze Girls' at least once!
Has respect for herself and her body.

Probably has higher standards than most other girls.

Enjoys that brilliant moments when you sit down and your petticoat puffs out around you (like you just sat on a giant cupcake!)

Has at least one favorite print that she would love to own one day.

Still does, or has at one point in her life enjoyed a good anime or manga (or both!)

Get's frustrated when people say; 'lolita... like the child prostitute, right?'

Strawberries are a fail safe, and will never fall out of the book of awesome!

The only fashion where wearing a cake on your head is/was cool <3

The only fashion where you get to wear a bright pink frilly extraviganza, then not get called original.

Has a past understanding love for 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'.

One of the few girls in her group that will call a teacup 'adorable' or 'cute'.
Will actively seek out other lolis just to have a heated discussion about a certain print with them.

You can never have to many petticoats!

Knows that parasols really do make a huge difference.

"I have a parasol and a fan, I'll be fine"........... "Oh. My. God! Can you get somewhere shady? Please.... *dies from heat exhaustion*"

Has a dear love for either fairy tails or gothic novels (Frankenstein etc).

Tries her hand at heart felt poetry every now and then (failed or succeeded, it doesn't matter).

Attempted to sew something once, whether she succeeded or not, it doesn't matter!

Knows what OP, JSK, and cutsew mean.

Can spot pin tucks a mile away.

Has definitely heard of The Gothic and Lolita Bible, and KERA!

When someones mentions anything sugary they instantly feel like baking.

Is reminded of lolita whenever they hear the word 'lolly-pop'.

Knows when lolita came about!

Whether she has the courage to wear it out in public, or is a 'secret lolita', takes pride in her personal style!

Well, XD quite a few stereo types in there, but it was fun to write! It's meant to be jokey, so please don't take this seriously! Even I don't do all of those things, I only oggle the necklace for about 25 seconds xP I kid, I kid! If you want, feel free to write your own one of these guys!!!~<3