Monday, 30 May 2011

London MCM EXPO May 2011: Con report art 1

Well I'm back from EXPO guys, and nomming on a strawberry jam sandwich *NOM NOM NOM*.
It was a hectic weekend, full of free stuff, photographs, crack, tears, breakages and awesomeness! I'm so glad that I was able to go for all three days this time! ^-^
Anywayz, on with the report!!! (Warning: PICTURE HEAVY!!!)

 Right to left: Venus, Dana and Pirate Tom

Friday got off to a bit of a bad start, firstly my dad woke me up at 7:30am to tell me that he'd frozen/broken my iphone after (WITHOUT ASKING) trying to unlock it for hours, then I found out one of my contact lenses had dried out (I did manage re-hydrate it though!), then my sister stood on my bustle and ripped it T.T, then when me and Dana were late and running for the train I ripped one of the ribbons off my boot cover... fml! So I only had one for the whole day... I still need to fix it actually >.<
Finally we got there, and were bombarded with requests for pictures! Probably due to Dana's easily recognisable Cheshire cosplay, still we had shit loads of fun!! ^-^

 Dana in her dark Cheshire Cat cosplay!

 Me cosplaying dark Alice
 Some wonderful people! Soul is Coral, Medusa is Suzanne and Maka is Phoebe!

Seeing as I didn't buy the £30 weekend ticket Friday was just about chilling, so me and Dana met up with Tom, Venus, Phoebe, Suzanne and Coral and just had some fun times relaxing in various places and taking pictures until around 8:30pm when me and Dana excused ourselves and had to go home.
Before we left though I'd had to take out my contact lenses, and you may remember me saying that one had dried out *facepalm* well it like, stuck to my eye or some shit, and I couldn't get it out, I then proceeded to be a fail and actually pinch my EYEBALL and try and pull that out along with the contact lens *head desk*. Needless to say it hurt like a motherfucker and my eye is still a little red T.T

 One of my favorite photos!!

 Gotta love em!

 Playing on the statue!

Our adorable Pikachu!

A smoother start! Much smoother! I cosplayed Deidara from Naruto Shippuden and was happy at how comfortable the costume was! I was grateful for the warmth of my Akatsuki cloak. Our friend Katie tagged along with us that day, and was in awe of the many replica weapons and enthusiastic cosplayers!

Unfortunately shortly after I met up with Jumoke Katie, Dana and Venus were asked to leave the convention because they didn't have tickets and weren't planning on buying any. The only reason we can think of for them getting kicked out was because it was ridiculously crowded that day. Omg it was horrible!!!
Me and Jumoke found Belle and Verity and then we came across Coral, Phoebe and Suzanne and said hello before going inside. Belle and Verity were clever and had bought pre-entry tickets so me and Jum went with trepidation to join the queue... Where we stayed for 3 hours T.T 
We met up with Belle and Verity again and went to do some shopping in the vendors hall, where you could hardly get near the tables it was so busy!
I bought a sexy Sebastian pillow, and because my friend Elsie's dad works for Tokyopop I got tons of free manga! I also bought a Code Geass and a Kuroshitsuji poster, and got another Kuro one for free! 
After that we went outside to cool down (the vendors hall was like a tropical jungle of anime merchandise, climate and everything! >.<)

Miku is Belle and L is Verity!

 The wonderful Jumoke cosplaying Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach!

 Some other cosplayers came over and L got raped by Itachi (we all laughed and photographed!)

Deidara (me) was accused of being very gay, and beaten with a yoai paddle, for the first time that day, seeing as I was spanked more than once >-<'''' lol! 
After we got a bit cold we went inside and chilled with the hilarious and amazing Soul Eater group of win which Coral, Suzanne and Phoebe were part of. Also to my great surprise Georgia and Naomi of IchirakuCosplay, two cosplayers who I've admired for a very long time! They were cosplaying Stein and Medusa, and totally rocking it!
A bit blurry as we were all hyper and moving around a lot.
Maka is Phoebe, Medusa is Naomi and Stein is Georgia!

There was a LOOOOOOT of crack, and a massive fight between Soul, Maka, Stein and the Joker which I'll be uploading to my youtube  channel soon!! ^.^

 Threesome anybody??

Just... lol! XD
Saturday afternoon was my favorite I think, just for the pure hysterical lolz! I'll be making a con video shortly (hopefully this evening!) and I'll also be uploading the Joker and Maka fight! Part 2 coming soon! I just need to make some more space on my computer before I can upload any of the photos from it ^-^'''' running out of space is such a nuisance!  

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Thursday, 26 May 2011


Just wanted to ask you guys whether the new commenting system works. You are getting my replies right??? If not I'll have to get my code monkey (AKA my father) to help me fix it sometime after this weekend! Yeeep! So excited for EXPO!
I'll write a nice long con report full of photos once I get organised again, so probably on Monday evening!

x x x x
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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Je T'aime

Je T'aime

I stare down in thought at my fingers,
Counting the days he’s been gone.
I run out of fingers to count on,
And wonder how my heart,
Has continued to beat for so long.

Birdsong and bees,
The crashing of waves, on a not so distant shore.
An accordion sings it’s chords
Whilst a woman sings along in French.
The sound is broken and cracking,
 As it drifts from the gramophone
Through my white French doors.

I can smell the ocean,
And the flowers that surround me
My private garden, hidden behind high walls.
It’s shady and cool where I sit,
Yet I can still feel the summer sun
 Enveloping me in it’s warm rays.

A slight gust of wind catches me,
And my hand flies to my re-ribboned straw boater.
I see the floral print of my dress, cushioning my hand.
And I feel the breeze catch at my hair,
Stirring it against my neck.

On the white table before me rest his letter.
It remains, as real as the moisture,
 Budding my eyes.
A letter from his pen.

Ma chérie, je m'ennuie de ton beau sourire,
Et ton rire belle avivage mes soirées,
 Comme le soleil brille sur l'eau.
Mon cœur ne peut supporter,
 La douleur de cette séparation prolongée,
mais il doit en être ainsi,
Ma belle fille, mon fiancé belle ... Je t'aime.

You will forever remain my love,
And as the song ends I dry my eyes,
 And look to the sea.
The sunshine sparkling on the waves.
And I wonder if he is seeing the same sight.

For a translation of the French see bellow. Please excuse my inevitably terrible French grammar!
 "My darling, I miss your beautiful smile, and your lovely laughter brightening my evenings like the sun shines on the water. My heart cannot bear the pain of this prolonged separation, but it must be so, my beautiful girl, my beautiful fiance... I love you."

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Yana-sama.... YOU KILL ME!!!

As a lot of you who read the Kuroshitsuji manga will know Yana is/was taking a break from the manga because of the crisis in Japan. All well and good. I get that *nods*. So I braved a month without the subtly implied erotic relationship between Ciel and Sebastian (use a dictionary people, it doesn't always mean perverse sex!).... OH THE HORROR!!!! though I did fangirl enough over random Kuro related shizzle to make up for it... >->''' but....... today's the 18th and... well.... THERE'S NO NEW CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT.TT *dies*.................

So now I'm re-reading 'That Butler, brawl' to take my mind off of the lack of a new chapter, and to fangirl over the SebCiel and to laugh my ass off when Frances is mean to Sebby again!!! XDDD
O_x It's bad enough that I had to wait a month and a bit already *sigh* ah well. I just hope it comes out soon. Otherwise I got all exctied whilst watching 'Mars Attacks' (film made of win!) T.T

On two slightly more positive notes, I FINISHED ONE OF MY ENGLISH GCSEs!!!! WOOOT!!!! I'm gonna be smug here, and say... well wasn't that fucking easy! XD *is smug*
And the other positive note? Well, I had some random, yet epic idea for this Kuro fic that I'm attempting to write. Should be good! ^-^ Combined with the other awesome ideas I've had for it in the last week it's looking to be pretty epic! Yeeeeee!!!!

Tomorrow I'm planning to get a few things done. Other than my main goal for the day, which is having a lie in (yeah, a lie in!), I plan to style my failure of a Renge wig, and write some Kuro fanfic. And perhaps film a couple of videos?
And edit the last Vocaloid one I made... I owe that to Miku-neechan. And Kaito... that bastard must taste revenge... it's best served cold after all, like his scrumptious ice cream that I thoroughly enjoyed!!! MWA HA HA HA HA!!! 

Good evening dear readers *doffs hat and walks away*

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Felt Like Chatting

I just felt like I should update... I get this feeling when I'm bored, which is a lot of the time. *Sigh* It's not like I even need to update, because I've been a nothing short of spamming you guys with polyvore coords and little updates for the past couple of days :/ sooooo... GOMEN!!!

(Those who are going) are ya'll excited for EXPO? It's in 10 days!!! XD Well, 10 days tomorrow, but it's 8 minutes to 11 (PM) so the day is basically over >_>
Have you got all your stuff read? I have, but because of England's failure to supply clear, and undye-ified rubbing alcohol my Renge wig is still very much a blonde wig *facepalm* ah well. I have a plan, and it's called patience. *Nods*

Have you lot seen the guest line up up for this May? I'm not sure whether to be happy that there are loads of Futurama voice actors doing signings, or disappointed by the lack of anime voice actors. I'm wondering whether it's because EXPO has  a bunch of disorganised over grown anime nerds organising it, and they haven't got around to posting about the other guests on the site yet? It's not really their fault, but no one has organised anything for the MCM Fringe Festival either o.o'''' me thinks EXPO is going to be rather quiet this year. Well, if it is it'll be interesting to see what it's like.
I do love EXPO, and I've only been twice, so I haven't had much chance to get bored of anything yet... but if they don't start bringing new things to the table people are going to stop attending. I'm not sure what else they could do, perhaps have a lolita orientated area? Or more official meets and photoshoots? CMV and AMV contests. Formal dances, raves? Date auctions? More panels? Maybe they should follow the example of this tiny new con in Arizona and organises some themed (by series) cafés for thirsty conventioneers to attend or take part in?
Do you guys have any ideas as to what else they could do? Just to play around with the idea. I doubt they're going to change their plans any time soon...

I have another exam tomorrow... fuuuuun!!! Except this time it's at 2pm, so luckily I don't have to wake up at 6.30am again until the 24th. The thing I'm dreading the most is the a-hole, pissy, shouty teachers. 'IF YOU TALK YOUR PAPER WILL BE RIPPED UP, AND YOU WILL BE ESCORTED FROM THE EXAM HALL'. No joke, she actually said this. I was like 'Omfg! Meeep! >-<'
So glad I don't go to school! o.o

Well, I don't have much else to discuss now really. I think I'll save the other topics I was going to talk about for another post. There are a few things I'd like to do with this blog, such as start doing tutorials, and maybe start a couple of mini series'! What do you guys think of that idea?

x x x x
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Monday, 16 May 2011

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough by Chiruda Ishikawa 

Yes, yet another coord inspired by ice cream! But doesn't it just look sooooo awesome!! I love it so much! XD
You may have noticed but I'm finding polyvore somewhat addictive! Lol! It's good for taking my mind off of exams! ^-^
I think my favorite bits of this coordinate are the shoes (OMG SOOOO GORGEOUS!!!) and the jewelery! I love everything else as well, but they just jump out at me! Oh how I would love to own the things pictures here *drool*

Rosey Loli

Rosey Loli

Rosey Loli by Chiruda Ishikawa

A coordinate inspired by roses! Or to be more specific, a rose hair corsage that I found a tutorial for on ABC Lolita (totally in love with her tutorials! So awesome!)
Well, this coord is a little more achieve able than my dream mint-choc-chip fruits parlor one. I plan to try making the JSK, and perhaps the bag as well! And once my hair is longer it could be very easy to style like that. Also socks and a cardigan won't be that hard to find. I think it's only the shoes that I might have trouble with, because I've got such big feet >-<

x x x x
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New Software!

No, sadly I didn't get Imovie or Gimp. But I did install some fancy code that now allows me to reply you yous guyses comments!!! Which is awesome!! So don't forget to leave some comments for me to reply to! ^-^ Obviously not on this post, because this is just a TINY update to tell you the blog updates, oh... Aaaaaaaand...


Such a good feeling! Lol!!!

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Conventions: For First Timers

Hey guys!

Today I thought I'd take my mind off impending English GCSEs and write up this little guide. I made a video version of this a while ago that you can find on my youtube channel here, and I thought I turn it into a guide on my blog as well! Lets start shall we?

The Basics:
There are a few things that you'll need to know about cons before attend them.

Firstly, a lot of conventions require you to either pre-register (pre-book tickets), or buy tickets at the door. The price can range greatly from being free cultural festivals held in markets, to £5 per day, £10 per day, or £30 for the entire weekend. I've heard of cons in America costing roughly $50 for the whole weekend, which is about £30. The English equivalent of that would be around £70, which I think is pretty ridiculous! You could pay for travel, accommodation and food for that price!
You can buy your tickets on the door of some conventions, such as most English cons like London and Birmingham MCM EXPOs and Hyper Japan (but this can sometimes be more expensive than paying a couple of months or weeks in advance). You could also book tickets in advance, for EXPO I believe it costs £30 for the entire weekend, and that gains you entry to the vendors hall on the Friday as well, when it isn't open to those without weekend passes.

Secondly, conventions are busy places, and you're probably going to be doing a lot of walking. Which means you're going to get tired, and by default hungry. Make sure you have enough money on you to buy food. Once I decided to skip lunch and save my money for the vendors hall... bad idea! I had a piece of chewing gum which made me feel less hungry. And when I got back to my friends house a couple of digestive biscuits until we could be bothered to make dinner at 11pm. Needless to stay I was probably starving but after a while I got so hungry I didn't even notice it. >_<

If you're not going to be cosplaying or wearing lolita, make sure you're in comfortable (but cool!) clothes and shoes. As I previously mentioned conventions are often busy, and a lot of the time they cover huge areas. Whether that's hotels, university campuses or specially built centers, this means a TON of walking, and shuffling around in the corridors and vendors rooms. You get tired, you get blisters and these things lead to a grumpy you, and pissy friends. Not fun!

On the subject of grumpiness... some conventions in America (such as Sakura-con) have things called pre-reg days, where those who have already booked their tickets (those that bought their tickets months in advance) can queue up and receive their con badges. Which are the American equivalent of tickets. I actually like this idea more, as they're more permanent than paper bracelets and you can keep them forever as a record of the cons you attended!
But these queues can last hours, and hours, and hours. So take a DS, take an ipod, take a book, take a friend even. Take something to relieve the boredom! This will help prevent frustration and crabbiness later on. Occupied cosplayers are happy cosplayers!

Must haves:
Obviously there are things that you absolutely HAVE to bring to conventions, here's a list of things that you may or may not decide you need. Not all of them are essential, but some are!

Camera: obviously an essential! Cons are good times for doing photo shoots because you have all your cosplay buddies in one place, and if you don't have a photographer booked then you'll need your camera to take photos!
Also, a lot of people enjoy taking photos of other cosplayers, so it's a good idea to bring one to either do that, oooor film you and your friends being retarded con high idiots as you goof off and most likely injure yourself in some way or other!

Plasters: As I just mentioned injuries are common at cons, mostly due to your, or other hyper people being slightly retarded and doing something you normally wouldn't. Therefore a plaster or two may be a good idea. Either to patch up any possible wounds, to place over little toes or heels that are rubbing on shoes, or to cover some irritated skin if a costume is rubbing. I keep one in my camera case all the time!

Mobile/Cell phone: I promise you, you will DIE without this! I got left behind at the first convention that I went to, and if it wasn't for my phone I probably wouldn't have seen my friends again >_<
Cons are busy so it'll be really hard to find people again, or meet up with them in the first place if you don't have a phone. Don't forget to trade numbers with people who you will be meeting up with for the first time, though only if you trust them of course!

Notepad and pen: Often there are signings with voice actors or artists, and it's good to keep a notepad, and a couple of pens in your bag just in case they don't have paper or their trusty sharpies!

Safety pins: Or maybe even a needle and thread! To deal with any cosplay malfunctions that may occur!

Money: Well, this is kind of a no brainer! There's a vendors hall, obviously you're going to want to buy stuff! You're also going to need money for food, entry tickets and if you're taking public transport train or bus tickets if you don't have a pass or haven't bought them yet.

Pain killers: Some people like bringing a couple of pain killers with them to stop wig head aches in their tracks. Personally I'm the kind of person that dislikes conventional medicine and would rather rely on homeopathic remedies (WHICH DO WORK!!!! CHA!!!) to stop aches and pains. That or just ignore it. But wig head aches can be a right bitch when you want to enjoy a con so if you don't mind popping pills take a couple with you to ease the pain. OR go to your local health food shop and ask for/find some Arnica. This is a homeopathic remedy that works in much the same way as a pain killer. It's made from Arnica flowers. There are absolutely not side effects and the little sugary pills taste nice too! Though, you have to remember not to eat or drink anything (other than water) for a minimum of 5 minutes before and after you've taken it to get maximum results.
It relieves bruising and if you've fallen over and hurt yourself can help ease the pain and calm you down a little bit. I'd recommend Arnica at a grade 200, and if you can't find that, then grade 30, but take two pills instead!

Hand sanitizer: Yet again, not something I carry around with me. Not because I don't like it, but because I live in London, and have probably contracted many illnesses and diseases from just breathing in the subway air, let alone touching a railing at a convention.
But if that's the way you roll feel free to pop some in your bag!

Food: If you're stingy like me and would rather save your money then consider bring lunch with you. Whether you just bring a packet of crisps from home, or actually make a proper sandwich, bring something will help lower the amount your spend, or help you conserve money for another time!
If you're staying in a hotel nearby without any food this is kind of eliminated, but it might be an option to try finding a store of convention campus, which is often a WHOLE lot cheaper! Promise!

Contact lens cases and sterilizer: If you plan on wearing contact lenses with your cosplay, or fashion contact lenses in your lolita coordinate then it would probably be a good idea to bring your lens cases and sterilizer with you.
If you're staying nearby in a hotel you probably won't need to. But for those who commute from home to their local cons (for me it takes about 45 minutes to and hour) there's always the chance that you're going to be wearing them for as long, or longer than you're supposed to. It's nice to have the option to remove them as well they begin irritating your eyes.

What to expect:
In this section we'll cover the events and other things to expect at conventions.

Queues: We already really covered this, just make sure you've got someone to talk to, or something to do and they really aren't that bad! ^-^

Masquerade and cosplay contest: These are events that you usually have to enter a couple of months in advance, but basically a masquerade is a contest of skits! Cosplayers perform a skit that lasts roughly 5 minutes on stage and can win prizes, or trophies and certificates.
Cosplay contests run in a similar way, except they are more like a fashion show for you to show off your cosplay. Usually they have rules like 'you must have made the majority of the costume yourself. Shoes, wigs, headbands and other such items are exempt from this but you may NOT customize or alter other items for use in your costume!'
Pretty simple really!

Panels: Panels with voice actors where you can ask them questions, or panels run by other cons goers. Fighting Dreamers Pro have done panels on basic wig styling and cosplay on a budget. You can have panels for lolita, drawing, games or other fandomable things!

Signings: Either free ones, or ones where you have to pay £15 for a photo with the respective star or voice actor which they then sign.
London EXPO has played host to the cast of Merlin, the actress who plays Jackie Tyler in Doctor Who, many, many voice actors such as Yuri Lowenthall (English dub Uchiha Sasuke, and voice Ben 10!), and directors, producers and other actors from series' like Firefly, Stargate, CSI and Warehouse 13 (or whatever it's called >_<)

CMV/AMV contests: Contests where the best cosplay music video, or anime music video wins a prize!

Games corners: Often conventions have rooms or corners devoted to Yu-Gi-Ho, or Magic card players. Or places where you can test out new game releases (at the last EXPO you could test out the new Naruto game).

Cosplay picnics, cosplay olympics, meets and photoshoots: A lot of the time people attending the con will arrange their own fun and host events. They're all pretty self explanatory really, usually they are seperated/categorized by fandom (series).

Raves and formal dances: Yet again pretty self explanatory. Some larger conventions hold concerts where the bands or singers who sung opening and ending songs for anime or games will perform.
More common are raves and formal dances. A lot of the time people will just wear wigs, or other small aspects of their costumes with rave outfits or prom dresses. Or they'll make specially ball gown dresses or suits for the dances.

Artists Alley: A room or section of the vendors hall devoted to budding artists or those looking to sell their wares. Often lolita clothes, handmade jewelery, doujinshi, fan art, props or taking commissions on wigs or artwork.

These are just a few of the things you can expect from most conventions. You'll have to check out the time table for your respective con on your own because sometimes they offer other events like date auctions, tea parties, formal dinners etc that I have no experience of.
I hope this guide helped any first timers out, and maybe even gave those who've been to a few cons some new ideas!
If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to ask!

x x x x
x x x x


My dream coordinate! Seriously guys, this will forever remain a dream >-<
Tea parties aren't made in my size, Gothic and Lolita wigs stopped making that wig, and Fruits Parlor is notoriously hard to find. *Le sigh*
Ah well, I'll live! Maybe one day I'll still be able to create it? Well, I can hope, ne? XD
I did this to take a brake from revision, it's taken a lot longer than I thought it would though, so I should probably hit the books again in a minute.

Blouse ~~~ Innocent World
Jumperskirt ~~~ Angelic Pretty
Tea parties (shoes) ~~~ Secret Shop
Stockings ~~~ Unknown
Jewelery ~~~ Unknown
Headbow ~~~ Angelic Pretty
Wig ~~~ Gothic and Lolita wigs

If you guys know where I can find a Fruits Parlor item (don't care what), either a bodyline replica or no on the EGL comm sales, LINK ME IT!!!! Because I'd love to see if they are actually for sale ANYWHERE. AP stopped selling them on their site T.T

Anywayz, I love mint-choc-chip ice cream, it's one of my two favorite flavors so that's where the inspiration for this coordinate came from!!
I hope you like it as much as I do (= complete adoration)!!!

x x x x
x x x x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011



So how've you all been? Because I've been fine and dandy, sittin' on top o' da feckin' world...
Now I shall stop taking inspiration from Irish dickheads doing community service for my vocabulary! ^-~
If you hadn't guessed, or you simply have nuuuuu idea what the hell I'm talking about....... MISFITS DUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!
XD My friend Vee came back from Japan on Friday, she'd been there for 6 months, and it killed me to wait 'till Tuesday to see her. But when she texted me and was like 'I'm at the bus stop, you guys should come and meet me or sumit' I was having trouble controlling my excitement... then when I hugged her hello I had to stop myself crying. Admittedly I failed and had to use picking up my bag that I'd dropped when I ran towards her as an excuse to pull out of the crazy group hug and chill out for a second. Lol!
I didn't let her out of my site for the rest of the day, and then she ended up staying over, aaaaaaaaaand for some reason she showed me Misfits which I've never seen before and I've totally fallen in love with it... and Robert Sheehan... omg.... SO FUCKING PENG!!! (Which for those not living in London and having to deal with slang all the time means 'hot/sexy/awesome/amazing/beautiful' etc, etc).... not quite sure why I used that word but it seemed to sum him up perfectly.

Misfits is a TV series that aired in England sometime last year about a group of screw up young adults (like 19-22 ish) who do some stupid stuff and all get community service for it. They're in the middle of doing said community service when a freak storm begins and they all get struck by lighting and gain superpowers. Such as invisibility, being able to turn back time, hear peoples thoughts and in the case of one character, Alesha, make people want to have sex with her when they touch her skin.
This reminds me of Rogue from X-Men, and in my nerdy little way I feel really sorry for both of them *sigh*.
It's a hilarious show, but is full of absolutely fowl (yet extremely hilarious) bad language, sex scenes, and graphic violence (killing probation workers by whacking them over the heads with cans of paint and kicking the shit out of them >-<). Therefore, I wouldn't suggest that anyone under the age of at least 15 watch this without either a strong stomach for the aforementioned things, or relaxed parents
(And if you wanna watch it but your parents don't want you to, just watch it anywayz! ^-~)!

There are two series' out at the moment, and I've heard that they're considering making a third. I'm not sure how successful that's going to be though because Robert Sheehan apparently isn't going to be in it, and most people just watch the show for him. Not that I blame them! He's fucking hilarious!!!
But I shall stop cursing now and move on with a sort of updat-y, thought-y type thingy!!! xP


You may or may not know - I only just found out - but EXPO is only 17 freaking days away guys!!!! xO Crazy, ne? I was like 'WHUT!!! NO WAY!!!!'... it kinda makes sense though, seeing as my exams start on Monday, and after my last one (on the 24th) it's only 3 days 'till EXPO!
As far as I know I'm going to be going with my friend Dana, and I'm going to ask my friend Maddy if she wants to come a long for one of the days. I was planning on having Jum stay, and that was totally a go until she told me the other day that she can only go for Saturday and that her mum's gonna drop her in London for the day then take her home in the evening. Ah well, it's just going to be nice to see her again. I haven't seen her since February >-< which isn't really that long in the grand scheme of things.... *mock thoughtful expression*
I may have been going with Vee as well but I heard she's going to be staying with a few friends in the hotel opposite the EXCel center.
It's gonna be epic though! And I can't wait to be cosplaying again! And finally meeting Belle, Verity, Kiyuu, Chiri and Leiko is going to be awesome! We've all got a lot planned with each other!!

In other news... I GOT AN IPHONE!!!!!!! XD My dad gave me his old one last Sunday, and my views on touch screens have been somewhat altered since (in a more positive and accepting direction I might add).
Though I am frustrated by how I can't use any of my music as a ringtone without paying to convert it *sigh*, and my Hello Kitty headphones don't fit the headphone hole bit, so I can't use them with it and get awesome sound when I watch the second Kuroshitsuji musical on it *cries chibi style*.... ah well... I HAVE AN IPHONE!!! *Does happy dance*

I need yous guyses opinions on something as well!
So I've been thinking for a while, and I'm considering opening up commissions on my DeviantART account. It'll be after my exams are over obviously, and after EXPO. But that's only like 20 days away.
They'd be photo and art commissions, because right now I don't have the time to do like, sewing or wig commissions. Nor do I have the confidence in my skills. I don't have my own bank account yet (but I wanna get a job in August so hopefully that'll change soon!) so I'll be sharing a paypal with my parents and they'll give me the money in cash if I earn any.
Here's my thoughts in a bit more detail:

Photo commissions:
Can't be anything too fancy, because I still can't edit (fml). And I don't have the time or money to go making new cosplays, but I can do commissions for cosplays that I've already done. I'm thinking, depending on how complex the picture is (such as whether I need to travel or whether it requires props) the price would be between £5 and £10 British pounds.
These would be way easier to do than art commissions I guess! Oh, and if they have two people in they'd be another £5 because I'd need to pay the other person.
Most of you guys probably know who I cosplay, but I'll list them here again for those that don't. Keep in mind me listing them like this is only to give you more of an idea if you'd be interested or not! ^-^

Haruno Sakura ~~~ 13 year old version, Naruto
Alternate universe Akatsuki Sakura ~~~ AU Naruto
Deidara ~~~ Naruto Shippuden
Kagamine Len  ~~~ default version, Vocaloid (I wanna re-make this though >->)
Dark Alice ~~~ Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. But a crazy, messed up version
Ciel Phantomhive ~~~ Blue outfit from series two, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Houshakuji Renge ~~~ default school uniform version, Ouran High School Host Club

I'll be adding more to this list as the year progresses obviously, and after May I plan to start a few more cosplays so there'll be even more choice then!

 Art commissions:
As a lot of you know by know I dislike drawing on the computer and don't have the skills or the software, so these commissions would be pencil, pens, markers and paper affairs.
I have yet to perfect a style of my own, and each time I draw it's slightly different. But I can also try and mimic the style of the original artist if you'd like as well. I'll give drawing most characters a go, and also most things. But NO smut, lemon, porn... whatever you wanna call it!
These commissions will be in the range of £10 to £20 depending on size, and how complex they are.
For an idea of my skill level (which is improving!!) take a look at my deviantART folder called 'Artwork'!

Well, tell me what you guys thought of my ideas, and I'm off to watch more Misfits whilst feeling sleepy and cuddling my kitteh!
Have a nice evening dudes!

x x x x
x x x x

Friday, 6 May 2011

A Wonderful Photoshoot

Hey guys!
Doesn't a few days seem like such a long time not to hear from my -annoying?- self?! XD Well, anyway, I'm here now, and I guess that's what matters, right?

So firstly just some life shizz outta the way... One of my besties is back in the country today! As of only a few hours ago *cries tears of joy*. My ickle Vee's been in Japan for 6 months, and I cannot WAIT to see her gorgeous lil' face! Sadly I think I'm going to have to wait until Tuesday, or possibly after xO to see her because my mother told me today that I can't have or go to any sleep overs until my exams are finished... fml! At least that's only like, 3 weeks! I can survive that long without sleep overs, it's just a case of whether I can survive that long without having a sleep over with Vee >_>
On the subject of exams, I got the results for the mock I did of paper 1 of my English GCSE back on Wednesday!! Who's brilliant at English? Who? Who? Me? Yes, me! XDDD *Smug moment over now*.
It was my first ever exam (yes, it counts!) and I got an A for the compare the two media texts essay, a B for the annalys the media text essay and an A for the argue, pursued, advise essay! Which in total gives me almost an A. And this is just for that part of the exam, not including points from coursework or second half of the paper! XD

Anywayz, on with the actually topic of the article!


Yesterday I tried out the make up for my dark Alice cosplay. Minus contacts lenses, because I forgot to put them in before I started, and the make up would have run if I'd tried to put them in afterward. This led to a photoshoot in my garden with first my sisters and then my mum!
(I'd like to point out that whilst this my be a darker portrayal of our dear Alice it was not at all inspired by America McGee's Alice from the recent video game. I had this idea WAY before I'd ever seen a picture of that version!)

I may do a tutorial on how to do the make up if anyone asks. But I'm actually super proud of it because I've never done make up to this extent before (excluding the scar)! Yes, never in my life >///////< *continues to fail at being a girl*
You can't see it very well in this picture, but that cartoony scar by my lip extends right up to my hair line by my ear! I think the eyes are my favorite bit really, I just love that mixture of blues!! ^-^

This was taken outside the shed at the bottom of our garden, it's a brick (or stone) built shed, but it's buried in ivy and other small shrubs so it looks very wild! XD Perfect for taking photographs by!
In this one I imagine that the shed is the white rabbit's house, and that she's running away from it after slaughtering him as punishment for mistaking her for his servant. Grim, but it fits with the theme, and the red tinted colour of the picture.

Close up! You can see the scar slightly better in this one!

Alice taking a nap, her sleeping head filled with dreams nonsense and gore...

In this one I had been lying on the ground and just sat up, and my mum went 'STOP!' and I froze almost like that. I moved my arms a bit though, because when I sat up I'd been holding my camera ^-^

And finally my favorite shot!

My version of Alice didn't land comfortably at the bottom of the rabbit hole, she hit the bottom and died. And then because it's wonderland and she's in control she sat up and wasn't quite the same as she should have been. This caused her to go crazy and start killing things!! *Rabid, crazy look on face* XD
I hope you liked the pictures!!! I'll be wearing this costume on EXPO Friday, along with Teme who will be my dark Cheshire!

x x x x
x x x x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Stolen and Lascivious

Stolen and Lascivious

Sitting hidden in my fairy-tail coach,
On the road through the cut throat’s forest.
Bejeweled and draped in taffeta and velvet.
My coach trundles on through the darkness.

Over a river we go now,
I can hear it’s waters whispering.
Falling and sighing with the grace of a Princess sleeping,
Calling the names of those carefree children,
Who play by the bank in the summer.

But I see the tendrils of Mist,
Winding her cold wet fingers over the sweet cut grasses.
And all the while, we trundle on,
Through the pitch black darkness.

I hear the sounds so shrill now,
Emanating from the Midnight Ballroom.
A fairty-tail dance full of fairy-tail creatures,
Wishing away their immortal existence.

But before we reach there,
My traveling companion,
The dark man in the mask.
Well he leans forward and touches my wrist now,
His skin as cold as glass.

And with a rata-tat-tat on the roof,
We veer off of the path,
and with a sharp sense of foreboding,
I clutch at my velveteen scarf.

He hides his face in the shadows,
But I feel my skin crawl as he leers.
His lips drawing back over crystal sharp things of fear.
You can smell the death on his old black cloak.
It swarms like flies about him.

Shrouding us in darkness,
He extinguishes the faint light.
And I smell the musty stench of his shirt,
As he bites, and bites and bites.

It wouldn’t do to explain the feeling,
Of having your life torn away.
Much like the feeling of breaking ones heart,
But more than a thousand times a day.

Perhaps like a knife wound from the blade of a lover,
Dripping blood from a chest.
Red and precious,
Pure life trickles away...

I smelled my own blood now,
As he drew back.
I stared with unseeing eyes,
At the lascivious man stained red.
Licking his lips on the sly.

Monday, 2 May 2011

LolitaShow Review

Hello again guys!
I've finally gotten my refund back from LolitaShow, so I just wanted to write a review of their terrible service and shit a little bit more on their already soiled reputation!

Like the many before me I fell for LolitaShow's cheap prices and pretty dresses. They are in fact one and the same with Milanoo, which has a disgusting reputation of selling poorly made clothing (from wedding dresses to halloween costumes), and taking months to deliver it.
I didn't know this when I placed my order, and was a fool for not researching them before buying.

I placed my order with them on the 18th of January, at the start of this year, and was told that my dress would be made and shipped within 39 days, therefore it would arrive sometime in the last week of February.

Website layout and ease of ordering: 4/5

When it didn't arrive before the end of February my dad emailed them saying that it hadn't arrived.
They called him the next morning and explained that they had never gotten a confirmation of my order. He sent them the receipt, and the confirmation email we had received, and he also proved that the money had been removed from his bank account. They apologised and said that they'd make my dress and have it to me within 17 days. Meaning it would arrive around the 17th-20th of March. It didn't.
After giving them a few days more my dad emailed them again.

First impression of their contact keeping skills: 5/5
Delivery: 0/5

They didn't respond to my father's email in March until half way through the second week of April, when he emailed them threatening to report this to paypal. They then responded with an email saying that my dress was made they just hadn't had the chance to ship it yet, because they were 'really busy at the moment'. Not a professional response at all!

Second  impression of contact: 0/5

My dad asked for a refund and they told us that the dress was already made so it wouldn't be possible.
Before this I had read on my friend Belle's blog that they are renowned for using bad material in their products, this worried me, as I didn't want to risk wasting £41 pounds on a dress that was made of bad material. My dad emailed them again and told them that I had grown (even though we weren't sure I had) and that it wouldn't fit me any longer because they'd taken so long to fulfill the order. He asked for a refund again and they granted it. But it took them a week to do so.

I now have my money safely back in possession, and I've learned to research companies before ordering from them.  I'd say this has been an educational experience, but one I'd much rather hadn't happened!

Over all impression of this company: 0/5

They have terrible service, and probably poor material as well. Whatever you do, do NOT order from Milanoo or LolitaShow. And research companies thoroughly before even considering ordering from them!

x x x x
x x x x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Of a Country Inspiration

Gokigenyou mina-sama *bows*

How are you all on this fine day? Did you know that today is the Pagan celebration of Beltane *feels guilty for not doing anything*? Or the older form of May Day. XD It's also my sister's 6th birthday!

I just felt like I needed to write something, and I've been in a very lolita-ry mood these past few days! Browsing QutieLand for suitable summary pieces. This has inspired the post you are now reading!


In my head, country lolita is a very summary style. It's one of the smaller break aways from our broad and ever changing fashion, and I don't think there's enough range in it to be able to call it an actually sub-style. But it does make for darling coordinates full of straw hats, baskets and creamy flower covered dresses.

The main aspects of this style are are the colours selected, and the use of straw articles. Such as straw bonnets and boaters. I have also seen people using mini top hats made of straw.
When I say straw hats I don't mean big floppy beach hats, like the kind you find in Marks&Spencer around this time of year, no. I mean stiff 'balance on your head', or 'school girl' type hats. Decorated with ribbon and plastic fruit and flowers! Such as this one, but varying in size, from mini to full sized ones!

What I personally love about these hats is how they can have a slightly androgynous feel to them. If they're not copiously decorated with plastic plums and grapes. They give a slightly more practical air to coordinates and somehow make them even cuter at the same time!

 Along with straw hats, you can also carry straw baskets or bags! ^-^ Baskets in a sort of mini picnic hamper style are soooo adorable, and you could give lining one a go with some thin cotton fabric!

Country Lolita 
I tried to build up a corsage on the boater by finding lots of different images. It looked rather plain without something there. It looks pretty strange, but just try and ignore it!

I've used a lot of designer pieces to create this coordinate, the Baby JSK, Dolce and Gabbana blouse, AP parasol. But you don't have to use brand items at all! You can achieve the same look with an offbrand JSK and other items.
You don't have to use a blouse, but you may want to consider finding a bolero or something to cover your shoulders with. It's not that lolita "rule" of having to wear a blouse underneath a JSK, and if you don't you MUST cover you shoulders, no, it's so you don't burn them in the summer sun! You'll also be a whole lot cooler without the stuffy blouse on as well!

Now we've moved on from the straw obsession I seem to obtained in this post we'll focus on colours. Colours in country lolita are very apologetic, they're nothing to harsh, like black or bright pink. Try to keep to the mid tones, like cream and pale pink and yellow. I doubt this would be a very good style for a goth or OTT sweet lolita to try out without buying any new items. Classic loli's shouldn't have too much trouble with it, unless of course they're of the more gothic persuasion!
The colours of the coordinates are supposed to remind you of wild flowers, and warm sunny days. Orange juice, and thick Cornish cream with jam on home-made scones. Think sort of English country side, and home run farms! It's all very fairytale-ish. One of the reasons I love it.

Country lolita as a style isn't very big on prints other than those of flowers, and perhaps birds or leaves? Not that I'm sure those last two prints exist anywhere... O.o
It's very hard to imagine a country loli coord with AP's Sugary Carnival involved! 
Even with floral prints you would do better to keep in on the rather understated side, don't go for huge gothic roses, or lots of pink cherry blossom. If you must have roses make sure they're small like the flowers on the two dresses already featured!

Most lolita shoes should work for this style, again, make sure you don't go for harsh colours like black or really bright shades of blue, yellow or pink. But other than that you should be good! 
The style of the shoes doesn't really matter, so it could be anything from boots (though avoid big gothic platforms), to teaparties!
You're hair is also very important, if you've got a warm hair colour, like chestnut brown, or auburn you're very lucky! Colours like that wind themselves perfectly into this style!
But other colours of hair, so long as natural will work perfectly as well!
I would only suggest wigs for this style as long as they are natural colours, and perhaps only straight or loosely curled. No anime style bunches, or choco-mint splits in this style!
As for makeup, keep in simple, bedazzling your  eyes and dabbing on the eye shadow is completely unnecessary, think 'natural beauty'!
I would suggest some looks to try out with make up, but I'm still learning about it, after many years of thinking it stupid I finally appreciate it. Funny how cosplaying GUYS has made me appreciate make up >->'''''

That's about it for my suggestions today, if you have any questions or ideas feel free to ask and share them! I'd love to hear more feedback from you guys!! This article was mainly inspired by me and Echo-anechan talking about doing a lolita photoshoot when we see each other at a festival this July! It should be good! I'd like to get a country loli coord together for it, and I think she's doing something gothic! It should be awesome, I can't wait to see her outfit!!
I'm listening to Kanon Wakeshima's new album as I type this! Anechan just sent me a link to a site where I could download it from and oh, my god!!! I LUFF EET!!!!
Echo-anechan wrote a review of it on our shared loli blog Chiruda and Ritoru's Adventures in Loliland. 
Just as a bit of shameless self promotion, you guys should check it out! We've got no followers yet (other than myself, because I wanted to follow it to read her posts when she updates!)
Thank you for reading! Happy midnight! (This post has taken me all day to write >-<)
x x x x
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