Friday, 6 May 2011

A Wonderful Photoshoot

Hey guys!
Doesn't a few days seem like such a long time not to hear from my -annoying?- self?! XD Well, anyway, I'm here now, and I guess that's what matters, right?

So firstly just some life shizz outta the way... One of my besties is back in the country today! As of only a few hours ago *cries tears of joy*. My ickle Vee's been in Japan for 6 months, and I cannot WAIT to see her gorgeous lil' face! Sadly I think I'm going to have to wait until Tuesday, or possibly after xO to see her because my mother told me today that I can't have or go to any sleep overs until my exams are finished... fml! At least that's only like, 3 weeks! I can survive that long without sleep overs, it's just a case of whether I can survive that long without having a sleep over with Vee >_>
On the subject of exams, I got the results for the mock I did of paper 1 of my English GCSE back on Wednesday!! Who's brilliant at English? Who? Who? Me? Yes, me! XDDD *Smug moment over now*.
It was my first ever exam (yes, it counts!) and I got an A for the compare the two media texts essay, a B for the annalys the media text essay and an A for the argue, pursued, advise essay! Which in total gives me almost an A. And this is just for that part of the exam, not including points from coursework or second half of the paper! XD

Anywayz, on with the actually topic of the article!


Yesterday I tried out the make up for my dark Alice cosplay. Minus contacts lenses, because I forgot to put them in before I started, and the make up would have run if I'd tried to put them in afterward. This led to a photoshoot in my garden with first my sisters and then my mum!
(I'd like to point out that whilst this my be a darker portrayal of our dear Alice it was not at all inspired by America McGee's Alice from the recent video game. I had this idea WAY before I'd ever seen a picture of that version!)

I may do a tutorial on how to do the make up if anyone asks. But I'm actually super proud of it because I've never done make up to this extent before (excluding the scar)! Yes, never in my life >///////< *continues to fail at being a girl*
You can't see it very well in this picture, but that cartoony scar by my lip extends right up to my hair line by my ear! I think the eyes are my favorite bit really, I just love that mixture of blues!! ^-^

This was taken outside the shed at the bottom of our garden, it's a brick (or stone) built shed, but it's buried in ivy and other small shrubs so it looks very wild! XD Perfect for taking photographs by!
In this one I imagine that the shed is the white rabbit's house, and that she's running away from it after slaughtering him as punishment for mistaking her for his servant. Grim, but it fits with the theme, and the red tinted colour of the picture.

Close up! You can see the scar slightly better in this one!

Alice taking a nap, her sleeping head filled with dreams nonsense and gore...

In this one I had been lying on the ground and just sat up, and my mum went 'STOP!' and I froze almost like that. I moved my arms a bit though, because when I sat up I'd been holding my camera ^-^

And finally my favorite shot!

My version of Alice didn't land comfortably at the bottom of the rabbit hole, she hit the bottom and died. And then because it's wonderland and she's in control she sat up and wasn't quite the same as she should have been. This caused her to go crazy and start killing things!! *Rabid, crazy look on face* XD
I hope you liked the pictures!!! I'll be wearing this costume on EXPO Friday, along with Teme who will be my dark Cheshire!

x x x x
x x x x

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  1. Well done on doing well in your Exam~! <3 *Claps*
    I know I've said this already on your DA,but I adore everything about your Dark Alice Cosplay! It inspired me to do my own version of Miku Hatsune named "Hatsune Hardcore" (Of course yours is 100000x better though. x3) There are pictures of it up on DA,I'll be doing the makeup for it this weekend. Speaking of which,the makeup you did for this is plain awesome! I'm totally the same as you though,I've never actually done some extreme sort of makeup,so it will be my first time! XD