Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Yana-sama.... YOU KILL ME!!!

As a lot of you who read the Kuroshitsuji manga will know Yana is/was taking a break from the manga because of the crisis in Japan. All well and good. I get that *nods*. So I braved a month without the subtly implied erotic relationship between Ciel and Sebastian (use a dictionary people, it doesn't always mean perverse sex!).... OH THE HORROR!!!! though I did fangirl enough over random Kuro related shizzle to make up for it... >->''' but....... today's the 18th and... well.... THERE'S NO NEW CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT.TT *dies*.................

So now I'm re-reading 'That Butler, brawl' to take my mind off of the lack of a new chapter, and to fangirl over the SebCiel and to laugh my ass off when Frances is mean to Sebby again!!! XDDD
O_x It's bad enough that I had to wait a month and a bit already *sigh* ah well. I just hope it comes out soon. Otherwise I got all exctied whilst watching 'Mars Attacks' (film made of win!) T.T

On two slightly more positive notes, I FINISHED ONE OF MY ENGLISH GCSEs!!!! WOOOT!!!! I'm gonna be smug here, and say... well wasn't that fucking easy! XD *is smug*
And the other positive note? Well, I had some random, yet epic idea for this Kuro fic that I'm attempting to write. Should be good! ^-^ Combined with the other awesome ideas I've had for it in the last week it's looking to be pretty epic! Yeeeeee!!!!

Tomorrow I'm planning to get a few things done. Other than my main goal for the day, which is having a lie in (yeah, a lie in!), I plan to style my failure of a Renge wig, and write some Kuro fanfic. And perhaps film a couple of videos?
And edit the last Vocaloid one I made... I owe that to Miku-neechan. And Kaito... that bastard must taste revenge... it's best served cold after all, like his scrumptious ice cream that I thoroughly enjoyed!!! MWA HA HA HA HA!!! 

Good evening dear readers *doffs hat and walks away*

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  1. I need to read more Black Butler!! *Has only read first volume T.T* I think I may buy some at EXPO(:
    Huzzah for Kuroshitsuji Fanfics! XDD
    & Yayz! Vocaloid video! :P Miku-chan will be eagerly awaiting Onii-sans response. ;D
    (Btw,I got that fancy "Reply to Comments" button too. :3)

  2. You doooooooo!!!
    Well, if you can find it :/ I didn't see any there last October, but fingers crossed! ^.^ I want volume fiiiiiiiiive! *Hearts in eyes*

    Gomennasai for my laziness Onee-chan! T.T