Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Good lace, bad lace, good lace, bad lace...

Hello there sweeties!!!
How's your week been so far? This evening I've been reading an awful lot of lolita blog posts, and you can tell because my grammar has improved greatly, and my mannerisms have gotten very posh! ^.~
I kid, I kid! I won't carry on like that! Don't you worry xP

Anywayz, I was just reading an article on good and bad lace, by Miss Caro-chan of F Yeah Lolita and it has inspired me to write my own version of this article.
Please keep in mind that I am not a professional seamstress, nor do I make lace. This is just what I have picked up from being a lurking loli on the interwebz for the past 4 years, and previous to that being exposed to lots of hand me down bundles of lace given to me by my nan. Not all of that lace was good lace mind.

The first thing you need to know about lace (especially on loli clothes!) is this; if it's bellow £1.50 a yard, it's probably bad (unless you were buying it from the sale bin of course). If your otherwise gorgeous OP is cheap, they're probably skimping on the lace. Period.

This lace pictured above is of very poor quality (and is very similar to the lace on a blouse I impulse bought in Camden in February *facepalm*)
It's thin, and the design is stereo typical of all poor quality lace, seriously, the design on almost all of it is a very odd, random floral pattern. The "background" of the lace, which is the very plain honey comb patterned area, most easily seen on the bottom, may look delicate, but it will feel scratchy and course when you feel it on your skin. It catches the light in strange ways, and is often made of a nylon, or nylon like material.

Good lace on the other hand, as it is picture here, will be thick, sumptuous and a real joy to feel on your skin. And unlike the bad lace will be made - most commonly - out of cotton. As you can see here the designs look a lot less intricate  - especially on the largest one - but are probably a lot more sturdy because of that. If you look closely at the way it's woven you will see the separate threads. Not thin plasticy looking strands of what could be barbie hair.
Good lace can cost a fair amount, but unless you're ridiculously stingy you won't mind that much. It should feel smooth, and thin, almost like a small piece of material. It should not feel manufactured smooth, but more like the kind of smooth you feel when you run your fingers over the skin on the inside of your wrist. The area where you feel your pulse.

Of course, this does not just apply to white lace, but also to black, cream, mint, yellow, pink, blue and maybe even orange lace.

Branching off a little from just lace, I'd like to offer a simple word of advice to anyone who is looking into buying their first lolita dress, and really wants something decadent with lots of fancy lace and and all the bells and whistles attached. I'm guessing - and I'll be very surprised if you do - that you don't have £300 pounds to spend on a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright extravaganza? No, well, I didn't expect you to.

A lot of cheaper companies are renowned for their poor quality lace, Bodyline got an incredibly bad reputation for selling crappily made pieces with that disgusting lace plastered all over. They have since improved, and as far as I know, they no longer sell pieces with that bodge job lace attached (They do on the other hand not warn you about export/import taxes of £30 >_<*). It's not a given that the company is going to sell you a skirt of completely different quality to the one you saw in the advertisement, but it is a possibility. Therefore, why risk it. For your first piece, substitute lace for ruffles! You'll obtain the same extravagant effect, but you won't have to fret about your lace being made of a material akin to that of tinsel. It's a legendary lolita "rule".

XD But, by all means, if the ita look is the way you wanna go, buy all the cheap lace you want! Just be prepared to suffer a lot of abuse if you go around calling it good lace, or perhaps even lolita.

I really hope this article helped you distinguish bad lace from good lace. What are your experiences with lace? Be it good or bad?

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Sunday, 27 March 2011


I feel like writing, so here goes, I'm just writing, and I'm going to write whatever comes to mind as I go. Say, have you heard of that pink castle on the hill? The one with the unicorn inside?

I'm joking! I'm not going to be all that crazy, but I will just see where this goes as a general update.

I got my hair cut today! A full fringe with lots of messy layers! I luff eeeeeet!!! It's perfect for loli style, and just normal every day stuff! I'm going to the park tomorrow with a few people to meet up with a friend of mine for the last time before she moves back to Seattle, and none of them know I got my hair cut, so I'm thinking of putting it up really nicely and stuff! I may also wear my contact lenses, depends on how I feel in the morning. I decided that I need practice putting them in and stuff...

I've been watching Cardcaptor Sakura pretty much all day, and am only 21 episodes away from finished it!  Which is great! I'm not sure what I think of Sakura's star wand though *ponders*, I prefer the design of the other one, it is cute though!!!

Which brings me to some stuff I'm hopefully going to be purchasing soon!

That's riiiiiight! Clow Cards!! I'm really excited!! I love the design of the cards sooooooo much, and I find the way that the cards like Watery are so adorable, yet cause serious damage really intriguing!

Though, unfortunately, though do come after cosplay stuff, I still need to get the shuriken holster and kunai pouch for my Deidara cosplay. I also still need material and blue contact lenses, but after than I'm finished with my ones for May!

Something I've been considering making for a while now is a keyblade! To be more specific The Kingdom Key! So once I'm done with cosplays for May EXPO I'll hopefully begin working on it! It shouldn't be to hard to do, though, I think I'll ask my dad for help. Luckily there's a cheap DIY store on my high street that sells wood (planks, dowel, broom handles etc) so I'll be able to get everything I need wood wise from there! There are also a few pounds shops on my high street as well, and they sell plenty of chains. Which I can use for the chain on the end of the handle. Paint won't be that much of a problem either, as far as I can remember we have all of the colours in acrylic paint, and then all it takes is a varnish with PVA glue!

Other things on my list to make are some hair accessories in the decora style, which I have become enamored for recently. I'm going to buy some more fimo to make them with, as I want some to make the key forms of Sakura's wands as well! My ideas so far are cupcakes, wings, bows, pandas, sweets, ice creams, and little tarts.

Working on the decora/lolita theme here, there is this gorgeous split mint-choc-chip wig that I found on Cosplay Wigs USA~

It's such a gorgeously kawaii wig! And I love the colours! Mint-choc-chip is my second favorite flavor of ice cream! Second only to cookie dough!
I've been thinking about taking a break from coslay in the summer of 2012, and just working on one secret cosplay that I came up with today. Which will be really nice, seeing as then I'll be able to save up for this wig, brand lolita clothes, other otaku merchandise and this gorgeous BJD that I have totally fallen for!

I'm not such a giant fan of his clothes (not that he comes with those), it's more his face up and wig (hopefully he comes with that, the site wasn't particularly clear!) that I think are totally smexy! His name's Tao Hua Dao and he's from Angel of Dream! And for a BJD of his height - which is 46cm - £125 (not including postage) is pretty affordable!
My theme for him will be a mixture of Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Plus a sort of, fantasy, elvish undertone! Hopefully all goes well in that arena!

Onto books and manga now!! I've been really into reading The Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett recently, so far I've read 'The Colour of Magic' and I'm currently reading 'Mort'. I really recommend them, though they contain quite clever humor, and a lot of the vocabulary used is advanced. They're not exactly bedtime stories.
I'm also currently reading Fruits Basket and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, and omg Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii!!! *Swoon* HE'S SO GORGEOUS!!!! *hearts in eyes*
I'm on volume 4 of Fruits Basket, so I've got a long way to go, but my library has up to volume 11 I think, so I'll keep reading the library copies for as long as I can before either reading it online, or buying it! I prefer reading books when I can hold them, as opposed to reading from a screen.

Time for a list (or two?)!~
Nightmare Inspector (V.1-V6)
March Story
Fruits Basket (V.4-V.6)
Naruto (I need to catch up with it again)

Equal Rights
Carpe Jugulum
Interview With aVampire
The Vampire Lestat
Queen of The Damned
L Change The World
The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases

A little update on my videos and fanfiction now. I cleaned my room last week, and I mean really cleaned it, I hoovered everywhere! And that got me thinking... I need to clean up my vlogs and fanfictions! Basically, I have a very short attention span when it  comes to most anime, and if I love it enough I feel the need to cospaly from it, draw characters, buy figurines (and other merchandise)... and of course, write fanfictions. Luckily I've been able to suppress that need, and haven't written any fics for series' like Loveless which I finished very quickly. But just last summer I began gradually growing out of Naruto, and unfortunately I now have hardly any interest in it at all, not compared to the amount of love I hold for Kuroshitsuji that is.
Sadly, this has left me completely unable to finish all my Naruto CharacterXoc fanfics, of which there are quite a few *facepalm*. I've also deleted my Kuroshitsuji fanfiction 'Bon Voyage Bochan' as I had no idea where to take the story. So, I apologise a thousand times over if you are reading this, and have been waiting for one of my Naruto fics to update. I'm sorry!
I shall also be deleting 'Sakura no Shita De' and 'Konoha High Boarding School: Freshman Year Fun'. GOMENNASAI!!!

As for videos, I've already deleted quite a few, I know for a fact I've got a lot better at vlogging since I started last September. I also know I had faaaaar to many pointless videos on my channel, so I've removed a lot of my old ones. I'll be re-making the manga review ish one that was requested of me awhile ago, because I've bought, and have started reading a lot more manga recently!
I also want to do a few tutorial type videos, and will be taking requests for anything else you guys want me to do!
So, bye for now you lot! Sayonara!!!

x x x x
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Friday, 25 March 2011

More CMVs

Heeeeeeeeyo guiz!!!
Lol! This is where I feel bad from not writing about Lolita in a while, but here goes!
ME AND AMI-SEMPAI MADE ANOTHER CMV!!!!! I had the idea at about Midnight on Wednesday/Thursday, and I suggested it to her, and she planned it a little bit that night, then we figured out the rest when I went over to her house on Thursday, in total, it took us about 4 hours to film, it, and her about half an hour to edit it! XD It's a little shaky, but an awesome CMV (if I do say so myself).

It can be found on YouTube ~~~ here

The song is 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa' by Panic! At The Disco - which is quite fitting seeing as their new album is out in 3 days *thumbs up* - and the CMV is our own version of the original music video with a few twists!! Ami-sempai wrote it, and it was filmed by both of us, and both her younger bros!

Sakura ~~~ Chi (me)
Deidara ~~~ Chi (me)
Sasori ~~~ Ami-sempai
Sasuke ~~~ Sakama (one of her young brothers!)

We aaaaaaaalsoooooooooooo made MANY (seriously guys, we laughed for most of it) bloopers whilst filming an 'Interview With a Vampire' skit, that I wrote at 2 AM, which I had to copy out onto FB, then copy out again because Sempai can't read my handwriting *facepalm* anyway...

Here it is!

AND because we're just awesome like that, we filmed our epic dance of omnomnom awesomeness (which has yet to be posted!) and crammed in a quick grunge/Steampunk Sasori and Deidara photo shoot, the photos can be found on DeviantART here! There will be a few more photos from that shoot, and of other cosplays etc in teh future, so stay tuned for those!!!

Now I must away as I have to go eat dindinz!!! Byez!!!!

x x x x
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Friday, 11 March 2011

Japan Earthquake

Hello, it's me again.

Whilst I'm here I'd just like to write a short post about today's events in Japan. The biggest quake in Japan's recorded history, at 8.9 on the richter scale occured 150km off the coast of Japan today, which caused a massive Tsunami that has a lot of the area surrounding Tokyo under water. Some 8,000 military vessels are involved. Japan's most devastating quake in 150 years.
Other countries such as Hawaii, Australia and Mexico are, and were in danger of being hit by smaller Tsunamis caused by the same quake in the Pacific Ocean.

I was in the shower when I heard about it on the radio. I didn't notice quite what was going on at the time, and then I realised (with a surprisingly calm attitude) that one of my best friends was still in Japan. I mentally blocked it from my mind so I could finish getting up, and I think my parents were more surprised at my reaction than me. It's thrown into perspective my very naive belief that 'nothing like that will ever happen to me or anyone I know' it's surprising how much denial can do.  I've had to deal with a lot of shocking and sad things involving my friends in the past year, and without those smaller far less life threatening events I doubt I would have been able to handle this in the calm way I did.
Venus is absolutely fine, and so are her Mother and Grandparents, but it wasn't without worry that I contacted her the only way I could earlier today on Facebook to ask if she was okay... if I had been in an anime I would have collapsed twitching on the floor when I received a message to an earlier asked question from her a while later "LOOL yea hannah uwu and yeash i shall be ciel♥ i would never give up the chance to have some hot sexy time with sabi~kuun♥" ......... she's blatantly fine -.- *facepalm*.......

She and thousands of other people were very luck to be out of the way of the Tsunami and main quake, she apparently only felt a few after shocks, but my heart goes out to all the victims and their families. Nature can be terrifying, and I think the rest of the world could learn some valuable lessons from the way the Japanese authorities are dealing with the situation.

x x x x
x x x x

Decora Dreams: A Rough Outfit Guide

Hey there guys! Firstly let me thank my few followers for following XD it's nice to know people actually read this stuff ^-^

I have been inspired to write an article by this here Fruit-tella packet, and the many blog posts and youtube videos I have watched recently on the ever growing - and already huge - fashion Decora, or Fairy-Kei. They are not, essentially the same thing (Decora being an even more peppy, accessorized and OTT (over the top) version of it, though they do follow similar colour schemes and basic themes.
~~~Please note: I am no expert on this subject!!! These are just my personal views and opinions!~~~

As you may have guessed before I'm mainly interested in Lolita, classic, ouji-sama and I guess gothic and if you can count it as a style bittersweet, but Decora has just caught by eye and I have been drawn to it. I won't be donning any pastel petticoats, or just skipping around in fairy wings and bloomers any time soon though. Like I did at first with Lolita, I'm quite happy to just sit back and admire the girls who have the courage to make hair clip helmets on top of their bubble gum pink tresses. Wow, what a lot of alliteration ^-^....

 This would be a good example of a toned down Decora ensemble, or perhaps just Fairy-Kei. It depends on what your own personal preferences are. But as you can see clearly on the girl seated on the shelves, and the girl standing, nooooo skirts. As far as I know, skirts are usually worn with Fairy-Kei, so I'd place this more in the Decora zone.

I think accessories would be the easiest thing to tackle first seeing as they are probably what hold this style together. Without them it would look awfully plain, with to many though, it can look gaudy and cheap.

You can use a lot of sweet lolita accessories in Fairy-Kei and Decora, bright pink headbows, and cute bracelets, necklaces, rings, "geek glasses" in bright colours,  socks, broaches and keyrings are all elements of an everyday outfit. Just make sure they're roughly these colours: pale pink, yellow, pale blue, cream, pale yellow, white, bright pink, blue, mint, mellon and lilac. If you have any old toys like; mini My Little Pony Dolls, Polly Pockets, or left over Barbie food from the coffin of toys that fell prey to Old Father Time, feel free to turn them into jewelery, by hot gluing them to rings or (if the toy is small enough) hair clips. You could twist a little screw with a loop on the top into a piece of uneaten Carbie Victoria Sponge cake and hang it from a small chain with an assortment of other kawaii nommables?

It's quite normal in this fashion to have unnatural hair, and it certainly isn't unusual to wear a wig to achieve it. Many, many girls nowadays have realised the harm dye does to your hair and have now opted for the - perhaps more expensive - but far less damaging option of purchasing a pastel, two tone, gradient or just plain crazy wig. As a cosplayer it's normal to me, but other people may have slight qualms about wearing one. I say go for it. Yes, it may be expensive, but it will certainly pay for itself once you've had it for a while. If you're using your wig once, twice, maybe three times a week you're going to be getting a lot of use out of it, so what would be the point in skimping and buying a bad quality wig if you're going to be using it that much? Well, there isn't a point. You have no excuse what so ever xP.

On my travels of the interwebz  I have discovered two sites from which you can purchase good quality, very pretty, "natural" looking wigs. When I say "natural" I mean natural as in that they look like you dyed your real hair brown and mint green, and it isn't synthetic fibers on a head shaped net that you pulled onto your head over a wig cap.
The first site I found is called MintyMix and they have a small, but pretty epic range of gorgeous wigs (certain ones, like the pink and blonde split come with clip on pigtails). I've read reviews for these and they say that most of the wigs are very full, and have been slightly teased underneath to add to the body of the wig.

Another site I came across is Cosplay wigs USA, who, despite their name sell a let of gothic and lolita wigs as well as just your natural coloured wigs. I haven't read any reviews for their wigs, but they look to be of very similar (or the same) quality to MintyMix's wigs.

Well now, this is a tough section for me. I'm not a frequent wearer of make up, and I only bought my first foundation of any kind yesterday, I own 1 tube of mascara, 2 brushes, hardly any eye shadow, 4 different eyeliners, some crappy kids lip gloss and lipstick and a little dazzle dust and concealer. T.T I'm fourteen, it's quite sad actually. Ah well, here goes.
The makeup for this style is very much like the clothes, it sticks to pale pastels and muted colours. One thing it does go crazy with though, is RHINESTONES!!! CONTACTS AND FALSE EYELASHES!!!!! All pretty normal things when on their own, but imagine them all at once behind a big pair of non prescription "geek glasses". It's really up to you to research this part a little more, I'm afraid all I can do is tell you the basics.
As for nail varnish, choose colours that compliment your outfit, Decora and Fairy-Kei aren't so much about sticking to a few colours, but choosing five or six that compliment each other and work well together.

As with a lot of things in this fashion tops are usually white or pastels, though just plane solid colours would work as well. Try stick to the light end of the spectrum. You don't want to be walking in the shadows for this style. Try finding a t-shirt with an adorable screen print on the center front, like a My Little Pony, or a cupcake?
A ruffly loli blouse would work well too!

No, I don't literally mean bottoms as in someones butt. But I do mean what to wear on your bottom half! XD
Now, I'm not one to say 'run around in bright pink bloomers with some layered tights and leg warmers!' Not at all. Because I discovered Lolita before Decora, I see that as something you should only do if you're about to get into bed, or have just got out of one. It's not the kind of thing I'd advise wearing in public... pastel petticoats on the other hand, they're a totally different thing.
I personally would wear just a petticoat out, I would feel the need to put at least a thin skirt over the top, but with Decora that's all part of the look. You might need to layer them to stop your unicorn panties showing through, but the more poof the better!
You could use your everyday white lolita one, but you don't want to get that dirty and risk it getting on your skirts do you? So I suggest buying a special one, make it a light colour again (though not white this time unless you're going to be wearing about three of them), and it could have a big love heart embroidered in the lower hip area, or it could have ruffles on the bottom. It will be seen this time so feel free to purchase one with little extras like those!

Or if you're not quite feeling brave enough to wear just a petti out in public then wear a sweet lolita skirt over the top. In either a solid colour, or one with a simple ish print on it.

Think British punk, but in pastel or neon ^-^  that's what you're trying to achieve with your legs, layers! Not ripped tights and fishnets, hell no! But perhaps a pair of footless tights or thin cotton leggings, a mismatched pair of above knee socks and some legwarmers?
Yup, that's it, layers are key! Just don't go to crazy on this part, you don't want to feel resistance when you try to bend your legs ^-~


Ah, finally! Shoes!!! I hear you cry! But what kind? XD Well, I'm not sure what you're expecting, but they're nothing like the shoes you'd wear for lolita, maybe a pair of teaparties would work, but here you want to stick to brightly coloured, thick soled trainers! I'd give you a name, but I really have no idea what they are called. For more information check out this blog post.

Perhaps a cute tote bag? Or a fo-leather purse in a pale colour? Bags, (again) aren't my strong point, I seem to accumulate lots of really bad ones >_>'''''

For more information or just more Decora and Fairy-Kei fun check out these youtube channels, blog posts and DeviantART accounts:
LawlFactory (or Pastel-Ai)'s youtube

miobabyloves's youtube
Pastel-Ai's DeviantART

Lolita Charm blog posts by Victoria Suzanne:
Lolita Fuse: Fairy-Kei
Frills to Fairy: One Skirt, Two Ways
Pastel Pop Darlings: The Fairy-Kei Guide

Have fun on your pastel adventures guys!!
x x x x
x x x x


Monday, 7 March 2011

Ack! No Size Eights!!!

Gokigenyou mina-san!!!!!
Lol! Well, despite the title of this piece it's not just about shoes, its a cosplay update on maaaaaany a thing!!! XD
The most important being THIS!!! It's a DeiSaku alternate universe Naruto CMV (cosplay music video) that we've been putting together for about 2 months!!! Ami-sempai (otherwise known as SasorisStrawberry on YouTube, and ReikoGlitters on DeviantART) finished editing in on Sunday night, and I have to say... HER EDITING SKILLZ ARE SUPREME!!!!!
You absolutely need to go watch it!!! Like, now!!!!!

Moving on, just a little (not really) update on how my cosplays are coming along. I'll be telling you what I have for every cosplay I have something for.... if that makes sense O.o
Anywayz, lets get to it! ^-^

Dark Alice ~in Wonderland~ (for May London EXPO 2011)
Dress ~~~ on it's way
Apron ~~~ I might buy this one from FanPlusFriend. It's only £12 wich seems a bit ridiculous! Or I'll make my own version.
Boots ~~~ bought!
Boot covers ~~~ done (made then yesterday!!!)!
Make up ~~~ needs more research!
Wig ~~~ bought!
Stockings ~~~ bought!
Headbow ~~~done!
Contacts ~~~ bought!

Renge Houshakuji (for May London EXPO 2011)
Dress ~~~ need material and pattern.
Stockings ~~~ bought!
Shoes ~~~ need.
Head bow ~~~ need material.
Wig ~~~ unnecessary. I basically have her hair already. It just needs to be longer ^-^
Contacts ~~~ unnecessary. I already have brown eyes!

Deidara (for May London EXPO 2011)
Akatsuki cloak ~~~ bought!
Trousers ~~~ done.
Top ~~~ done!
Wig ~~~ done.
Contacts ~~~ I need ones that show up on my eyes >_<
Shoes ~~~ bought!
Shoe covers ~~~ need material.
Headband ~~~ bought!
Clay pouches ~~~ need material
Shuriken Holster and kunai pouch ~~~ need to buy.

Soul Eater Evans (for HES FES (July 2011) and October London EXPO 2011)
Jacket ~~~ I found one on ebay that I can dye.
Trousers ~~~ Bought! I may try dying them darker though, as of now they show up pink on camera >_<'''''.
Shoes ~~~ need materials
Wig ~~~ need.
Contacts ~~~ need.
Headband ~~~ need.
(basically I need everything for this cosplay >_<)

Sebastian Michaelis (for October London EXPO 2011)
Tailcoat ~~~ I found this one on FanPlusFriend for £65, I think I'm asking for it for my birthday.
Trousers ~~~ I have perfect ones in my wardrobe, they just need to be taken in at the bottom because they're flared.
Shirt ~~~ bought!
Tie ~~~ bought!
Waistcoat ~~~ almost done! I may remake it though if I decide it doesn't quite work.
Phantomhive pin badge ~~~ need
Wig ~~~ again, birthday thing! ^-^
Contacts ~~~ need (but I'll get them closer to the time. I can use them for Soul as well XDDD).
Pocket watch ~~~ bought!
Boots ~~~ I'd like to wear giant platform boots, so if I can find some, I'll maybe get them for my birthday!
Ciel Phantomhive cosplayer ~~~ supposedly >_> VEE YOU BETTER NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND!!!! GRRR!!!! >_<

Aaaaand that's all for now!! I'm actually surprised at how much of them I already have XDDD the only reason I'm making/organising them all now is because I have GCSEs the same WEEK (T.T) as May EXPO, and I will most likely have GCSEs the week after October EXPO T.T. So I can spend the precious time studying instead of working on cosplays I'm trying to get all of them done at least a month in advance. Plus then I'm all organised, and feel much better about the con, yes, I realised I'm totally OCD >_>''''

In other news!!! I should be getting more loli stuff soon! I'm really trying to work on my wardrobe, and once I've got this current cosplay rush out of the way I'll be focusing on my classic wardrobe more ^-^

As for the title of this piece, I have just returned from a trip up my high street to search for shoes for my Renge cosplay, and came back empty handed in the shoe department. I did get a cute, but majorly over priced t-shirt though ^-^...
I have huge feet, (English size 8, which is American size 9 or 10 T.T), and all the charity shops on my high street only have size 6s T.T
The only way I can think of finding good size 8 shoes for Renge is by buying them online, but unfortunately my father won't let me. So that plan's screwed >_<*

Well, I must go hang washing out now, sayonara and thanks for reading!!!!!

x x x x
x x x x