Thursday, 24 February 2011

When Parents Won't Allow It

   Good evening ya'll! This will be a post about parents who won't let their kids cosplay, and the possible misconceptions that could be driving their decision.
I've been thinking about it for a while, and I finally came to the conclusion to just 'go ahead and write it!' this blog is currently and primarily here for people of the age where they are still under the ruling of parents or guardians, those who still live at home and don't have the right to say, 'I'm an adult! Get out of my life!!' Without getting grounded and their privileges forcibly removed.

    I shared a reasonably brief conversation with a girl on youtube a while ago, who wanted to "crossplay", that is, she wanted to cosplay a boy. She'd been fighting her parents over it for months and they'd been telling her that a) no, she could not bind her chest, it was unnatural, and b) she was a girl, and it was strange for her to want to wear boys clothes.
Something I would like to ask the parents is this; 'when you were little, and you played pretend games with your friends or siblings, did you not at some point pretend to be a prince, a princess... or a knight? A little pickpocket boy? Or a flower girl?' if they answered no, then I'm almost positive they'd be lying. Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to be the other gender in their lifetime? some people feel so strongly that they should have been born the opposite gender that they decide to undergo hormone therapy and have varying surgeries. I suppose these parents that ban their children from cosplaying a character of the opposite gender are the same people who are averse to FTM or MTF transitioning as well?

   Getting back to cosplayers... my own personal take on this is that it's only dressing up, just a little more elaborate. Like putting on a costume to appear in a play, you wouldn't stop a man playing the part of Juliet if it was a traditional production of Romeo and Juliet would you?
Personally I don't know what I'd do if my parents wouldn't let me cosplay boys, because of my height, and natural flat chestedness I find it a WHOLE lot easier to don the garb of a male character. That's not to say I don't enjoy being a girl, because I wouldn't give that up for the world, but cosplay is different.
My parents and family are quite open, the only people who have ever seemed to have a problem understanding the things I'm interested in are my Nan and Grandad on my mother's side. They (oh so stereo typically) watch a ton of television, and there fore go along with a lot of common misconceptions.

   Which brings me to the many things people think cosplay means.
Really, there's only one HUGE biggie that parents have MAJOR trouble with... "cosplay is dressing up in slutty kitty maid outfits and saying 'nya' all the time whilst bending over in a suggestive manner for photographs taken by older, badly dressed men with hygiene issues". Toooootally wrong there oh dear adults who govern our lives!!!
Just to confirm, if there are any research driven parents reading this, no, it is most certainly NOT like that!!! Cosplay, is the portrayal of a character from a manga, anime, tv show, book, film or video game. An no, not all anime is full of sluts, and big breasted, innocent, confused, young girls. Not in reality. You wanna see what real cosplay and anime are like? Go search Fullmetal Alchemist (cosplay), or perhpaps Naruto Shippuden (cosplay)! That should give you some idea of what some of the most famous anime in the world is like.

    Moving on. Other parents may think that cosplay is a way to draw attention, and is just a plea for someone to look at you. But truth is, many cosplayers were nerds and losers in school and they had always admired the people who had the courage to dress up as their favorite characters, and then one day decided that they had that courage as well. Others just naturally arrived at the decision, such as myself. It seemed fun, plus I needed a Halloween costume ^-^

(Note, this was not my first cosplay!! It was my 3rd, and the second male cosplay I had done. My first was terrible so no one shall see evidence >_>)

    Another thing parents associate with cosplay, is lolita. Because of lolita being abused in anime and manga throughout the years it has come to be viewed by those on "the outside" - as it were - as something sexual, and something girls wear to attract the attention of pedophiles. Mostly because of the novel 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov. Thus, parents associate anime with pedophiles, and cosplay with pedophiles, and conventions with dark corners for said pedophiles to lurk in.

    Now, doesn't it seem that all of these misconceptions have been just about cosplay as a whole? Well yes, they all are. It's only made a little more confusing for parents or grandparents when you say, 'oh yeah, and I need to find some good heels for this cosplay as well' just after you've explained that it's a boy you're cosplaying. My nan's reaction was, 'so.... this is a boy... who wears heals?... Is he a heshe or something?' awkward much? It's hard to explain that you're not cross dressing (because that is basically what it is, nothing wrong in that though XD) as a boy who's cross dressing as a girl? >_<

    And thus, I am done with my rant. I truly hope that if you're reading this, parents, you will reconsider your decision about not letting your child cosplay or crossplay. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them!

All the cosplayers featured in this article are girls cosplaying as male characters.
Pictures from top to bottom:
NajoKoji as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII
Cvy as her own Steampunk version of The White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
ChirucupcakeChan (AKA me) as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji
OzTheNekoMaster as Oz Vasselius from Pandora Hearts

Photos (c) of their rightful owners. I'm fine with taking them down if requested to!!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cosplay update: February

Hey guys!! So recently I've been trying to work more on my cosplays because I have the date for my exams all set and stuff! XD It's nice to know when I'll be taking them, but scary to have everything finalised. So seeing as I'll be taking the last one (English literature) THREE DAYS before EXPO I think I need to get my lazy butt in serious gear? Ne?

Right, so lets get down to it!!
Firstly, my ring and headband for my Deidara (Naruto Shippuden) cosplay arrived a few weeks ago and I just haven't gotten around to photographing them and writing the post to put said photographs in, but here they are!! ^-^

The headband is by no means at all thick, it's one of the more tin-y ones, but I have a blue Konoha one made in exactly the same way so I like this style! I find the other ones that are like, proper think metal to heavy ^-^''''
And a close up on the ring?

The kanji on Dei's ring stands for Ao, which means green or blue. ^-^ I took that to mean that it basically means aqua, or turquoise? The only problem with this ring is that it's just a weeeee bit too big for mah finger, my dad says he's going to help me bend it a little bit smaller but he has yet to follow up on that -.-*...
Okay, next thing I need to buy for this cosplay is his shuriken holster and kunai pouch, I found a good one on ebay! So I should be getting that soon-ish XD

To finish off the update on my Deidara cosplay, I have the trousers, and the materials to make his top, I need white material for the shoe covers and kahki material for the bags he keep all his clay in, once I have the material sewing them won't be a problem! And of course I have my wig and the Akatsuki cloak ^-^

Oooookay, lets see, if I was doing this in order the next thing I progressed with would be my Sebastian cosplay ^-^ I found Sebby's gorgeous tail coat on FanPlusFriend for about £50 which I will be asking for for my birthday ^-^

(C) of this photo goes to it's rightful owners! I don't gain anything by displaying it here.

The next smaller items that I have accumulated for this cosplay aaaaare, the shirt (it's the same shirt I used for my Ciel cosplay <3, the collar fold fine and everything so I figured I'd use it!), the tie and for Christmas I received Sebby's pocket watch from my little sister (props to her for knowing me very well XD). That's about it for my Sebastian cosplay!

I may possibly have trousers that I can adapt for it, but I'd have to check the length and take them in at the bottom because they're flared ^-~ 
Regarding shoes for Sebastian, I should be getting black platform boots for my birthday XDDDDD *squeal* so that will probably make me the same height, if not taller (>_<'''') than he actually is in the series O.o I also may be getting the wig for mah birthday ^-^

Okay, now, continuing on from that lil' detour >_>''''.......... I MADE TEH BOW FOR MAH DARK ALICE COSPLAY!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEP!!!!!!
It took me a day and a bit, and about 15 episodes of Charmed to make XDDDDD BUH AH FINISHED EEEET!!!!!

What do ya think? I'm personally really proud of it, and I have discovered a love for headbows!! Which is pretty epic because I need to make another one in pink for my Renge cosplay, and now I know how to make them I can make any number for future loli outfits as well ^-^
I also purchased blue contact lenses in Tokyo Toys, but they unfortunately don't show up and just make my eyes look big, creepy and black, so I'll be wearing them for this dark Alice (IWL) cosplay instead of Len, Ciel, Deidara and many many more >_<'''
The dress for this cosplay (that I won't be posting a picture of here seeing as it's already been featured in TWO other posts) should be arriving this week, or Monday at the latest. If it hasn't arrived by March then I'll be having stern words with Lolita Show >_>*
And on Saturday I'm going to Camden market with one of my awesome buddies! And fellow cosplayer so I shall update you on what went on then but I should be getting the tights, or "nylons" for this cosplay then as well! Classic stripey Alice stockings! Once I've got the pattern for my Renge cosplay I'll go out and buy material, and get the material for the apron I'm going to be wearing for this cosplay as well <3

In other news: I'll be cosplaying Soul from Soul Eater in July with mah adorable lil' honorary sister as my Maka <3 and I'll be re-wearing it again on the Friday of October EXPO ^-^
My Renge cosplay? Well, I've made absolutely no progress with it what so ever >_<'''''' I may try and get some white stockings for it on Saturday, and I have her hair colour (just need longer hair, but it WILL grow for May... >_> it wiiiiiiilllll!!! *Eyes burn with passion*) and eyes, so I guess that's a little bit of progress??? Can I get away with calling that progress? o.o''''

Anywayz, I'll be going now, by darlings!!! ~ <3

x x x x
x x x x

Monday, 21 February 2011

Lolita Meme

I found this on Miss Caro-chan's blog; F Yeah Lolita and it looked fun seeing as I love tags and such, and I thought I'd give it a go! Hope you like it!

1. Best Lolita fashion advice you've ever received?
I haven't really received any advice seeing as I don't talk to other lolitas that much, I've had to pick it up on my own, but one of the best things I've learned from blogs like Lolita Charm and F Yeah Lolita is not to over complicate your outfit with shit loads of different layers or colours. Keep it elegant and simple and you're on the road to success! ^-~

2. Style icons?
Wow, well, I don't really have any. Before I discovered lolita - and now - I've never really cared for celebrities or models. But if I had to choose I'd saaaaaay...

Kanon Wakeshima
I love the songs of hers that I've heard, and I find her voice very haunting and beautiful. The fairytale yet sinister themes in her songs are so striking and strange...
Emilie Autumn

Not exactly lolita, but you can see where she gets her inspiration from ^-^, again, an amazing female singer with a very unusual way of going about controlling her voice! My favorite songs of hers are 'Gothic Lolita' and 'Opheliac' (who think 'Opheliac' describes Grell from Kuroshitsuji perfectly??? xP XDDD)

3. Describe your personal style.
I don't really have one yet, at least not one of the physical plane. I have a partially formed, hard to explain picture of it in my head. I think classic lolita is where I feel most comfortable, but I could also feel comfortable wearing punk, gothic and Ouji-sama (or Kodona) styles as well. I cosplay as guys a lot because of my height so I feel very comfortable wearing boys clothes no matter how costume like they may appear to be. As for gothic and punk, I live and have grown up in London, I was an attempted - and failing - goth for about 2 years before giving up on it. And now a lot of my clothes are punk-ish purely by accident O.o
Vintage and floral prints on any type of clothing draw my eye and I would love to own more of them <3
I also adore the totally adorable and crazy styles of decora and fairy-kei, mostly for the hair accessories and kawaii cutsews! So I'm a weird mixture!

4. Favorite designers/brands?
Oh wow, I own no burando T.T... BUT!!! I would like to own at least a bag or hairbow from a brand, not sure which though ^-^. I am sadly inexperienced when it comes to brand, as I don't believe it's the brand that makes the lolita, sure it helps you look richer and more experienced, but it's the ruffles, the shape, the shoe style, the ringlets and the hairbows that make the style, not the label on the inside that no one is going to see. If I had to choose a brand I suppose I'd say Innocent World, the pale colour scheme of their clothes is very peaceful and sophisticated ^-^

5. Most cherished items?
As far as I can see, my most cherished item will be my dark blue, "school lolita" Lolita Show dress when it arrives in the post (hopefully this week), but out of the ones I have, probably my Bodyline high wasted skirt! It's a creamy colour, and it has large pale blue roses on it ^-^ I've only worn it twice, but I feel like such a princess when I wear it! XD It's just so grand <3

6. Most used item?
My petti of course xP No, lol! It's my purple tartan skirt from Bodyline, it's very punk lolita ish and goes with a lot of my pre lolita clothes (which I have in abundance seeing as I don't really have a loli wardrobe yet >_>''''), very versatile XD

7. I feel best wearing?
What sort of question is that? O.o Lol! Well, whatever I wanna wear, whether it's lolita or not XD

8. The first thing I look for in another Lolita's outfit...
What other lolita's -.-
I guess I would look at the over all thing, then probably their hair, shoes or the print (if there is one) on the skirt, JKS or dress?

9. Lolita Fashion rule you never break?
I don't wear lolita enough to have broken any rules, but I have shamelessly worn my purple tartan skirt without a petti once or twice >_<''''''

10. Never caught wearing?
Again, I haven't worn lolita enough to really answer this :/ but most likely ero lolita! I feel very uncomfortable in short skirts as it is, I'd never leave my bedroom (let alone my house) in ero lolita stuff. Especially seeing as the general public has many misconceptions about lolita to begin with o.o

11. Dress to impress who?
Myself of course! And other than that, I have no idea... I wear the clothes I want to wear because I love them, not because I want my friends to see me in them. But the days I wear things may be influenced by their presence xP

12. Your next "must have" purchase?

13. Favorite type of head accessory?
Hairbows! I recently just made a huge head eating blue one for my dark Alice (in Wonderland) cosplay, and I love the look of it on my head <3 XDDD
Bonnets are adorable as well, but I have NO WHERE to wear one, lol!

14. Favorite cut of clothing (shirring, high waist, princess seams etc)?
Um, high waisted skirts are pretty, and shirring is really nice if it's in a concentrated area, say underneath corset lacing on the front of a JSK or something?

15. Current obsession?
Sailor collars <3 adorable and interesting!!! XD

16. Best Lolita fashion advice you can give to anyone:
Don't dress for anyone but yourself, and remember no one should make you feel like you don't deserve to wear lolita or be a lolita. Brand isn't everything, and don't clutter yourself with lots of colours or prints! <3

Love you guys!!!
Please feel free to do this meme as well!!!! BYEZ!!!


Hello again ^-^
I know, I know, I haven't been around lately! Well, I've been busy, I hope my one follower (love to you!!!) can forgive me for that! But, you will be happy to know I haven't just been lazing around on my butt! No, hell no! In fact, I fell totally in love with lolita again XDDDD I've known about it for roughly 4 years, which is kind of shocking really. I have to remind myself that I saw Kamikaze Girls for the first time at my friend Nessa's house when I was 11, and fell for the fashion for the first time. And the one thing I have admired since then - and have only in the last year had the courage to do myself - is how the girls and occasionally boys had the strength of character and confidence in themselves to don the frills and get their poofy groove on! It's not something many people have the ability to do, to stand out from the crowd. And the only reason I had to face the music was because I had to use public transport to get to my first con, and therefore had to cosplay on the bus, then the tube, then the train then the DLR FUN TIMEZ!!! xPPPP No seriously, it was one of the best bits ^-^...
But if I hadn't done that back in May 2010 then I probably wouldn't be bothering to write this blog :/
Moving on....

As I said above, I have rediscovered my love for loli and have decided that along with cosplay and building up my manga and poster collection I'll also work on a lolita wardrobe. It would be sad to say that I am turning into the typical otaku, because I swear I'm not! I still retain my default rebellious side built into me from a life time of being home educated in London, and having friends as original as snowflakes, and I promise I won't be pulling any 'Kawaii Asian girl' posses in photographs. It's just not me! So I guess that makes me a little bit messed up? But that's the aim! Jeez, I've used the word 'I' a lot in this blog already o.o''''

So, would you like to see some of the items that I've fallen in love with recently? They are all off brand because I'm not particularly well endowed when it comes to money... lately.... >.> (I'm born in the year of the rat, so hoarding is my speciality ^-~)

Here's the first one! I'm also using it for my dark Alice cosplay, but it's hardly what you'd call a 'cosplay lolita' dress now is it?

I think it might look nice with a big white Alice esque apron! XD
The second piece is a cutsew from FanPlusFriend, a sight I found a while ago and just brushed off as being so expensive when it actually isn't ^-^

Isn't it just to cute!! I'm in love with sailor collars right now as well! I'm not sure why, they just seem really fun and adorable! XD
And finally my last find!

Strangely all these dresses fall into the odd sub category of "school lolita" I've never heard of it before, and I know I would classify the last two as sailor lolita another TEEENY subcategory but "school lolita" is such a strange one. By Lolita Show's standards anything hinting at academic or with a sailor collar is "school lolita" O.o for some reason it makes my brain think slightly dodgy thoughts about untrustworthy teachers and feeble little lolita ish pupils... not a good image to be throwing out there really is it?

Another dress I found, but the chances of me getting are nonexistent is this one...

It's called "Steampunk Cyber Industrial Gothic Lolita Outfit" by FanPlusFriend, but I don't really care about the name! All I know is I love it, and it's totally gorgeous!!! <3 <3 <3
Perhaps a little to short for my liking though xP

I think that's about everything for now! I will try to post a cosplay update blog soon, but not until I have gotten more done in the area where cosplay is considered... did that even make any sense??? O.o
Well, whatever!

Adiue ~ <3