Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cosplay update: February

Hey guys!! So recently I've been trying to work more on my cosplays because I have the date for my exams all set and stuff! XD It's nice to know when I'll be taking them, but scary to have everything finalised. So seeing as I'll be taking the last one (English literature) THREE DAYS before EXPO I think I need to get my lazy butt in serious gear? Ne?

Right, so lets get down to it!!
Firstly, my ring and headband for my Deidara (Naruto Shippuden) cosplay arrived a few weeks ago and I just haven't gotten around to photographing them and writing the post to put said photographs in, but here they are!! ^-^

The headband is by no means at all thick, it's one of the more tin-y ones, but I have a blue Konoha one made in exactly the same way so I like this style! I find the other ones that are like, proper think metal to heavy ^-^''''
And a close up on the ring?

The kanji on Dei's ring stands for Ao, which means green or blue. ^-^ I took that to mean that it basically means aqua, or turquoise? The only problem with this ring is that it's just a weeeee bit too big for mah finger, my dad says he's going to help me bend it a little bit smaller but he has yet to follow up on that -.-*...
Okay, next thing I need to buy for this cosplay is his shuriken holster and kunai pouch, I found a good one on ebay! So I should be getting that soon-ish XD

To finish off the update on my Deidara cosplay, I have the trousers, and the materials to make his top, I need white material for the shoe covers and kahki material for the bags he keep all his clay in, once I have the material sewing them won't be a problem! And of course I have my wig and the Akatsuki cloak ^-^

Oooookay, lets see, if I was doing this in order the next thing I progressed with would be my Sebastian cosplay ^-^ I found Sebby's gorgeous tail coat on FanPlusFriend for about £50 which I will be asking for for my birthday ^-^

(C) of this photo goes to it's rightful owners! I don't gain anything by displaying it here.

The next smaller items that I have accumulated for this cosplay aaaaare, the shirt (it's the same shirt I used for my Ciel cosplay <3, the collar fold fine and everything so I figured I'd use it!), the tie and for Christmas I received Sebby's pocket watch from my little sister (props to her for knowing me very well XD). That's about it for my Sebastian cosplay!

I may possibly have trousers that I can adapt for it, but I'd have to check the length and take them in at the bottom because they're flared ^-~ 
Regarding shoes for Sebastian, I should be getting black platform boots for my birthday XDDDDD *squeal* so that will probably make me the same height, if not taller (>_<'''') than he actually is in the series O.o I also may be getting the wig for mah birthday ^-^

Okay, now, continuing on from that lil' detour >_>''''.......... I MADE TEH BOW FOR MAH DARK ALICE COSPLAY!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEP!!!!!!
It took me a day and a bit, and about 15 episodes of Charmed to make XDDDDD BUH AH FINISHED EEEET!!!!!

What do ya think? I'm personally really proud of it, and I have discovered a love for headbows!! Which is pretty epic because I need to make another one in pink for my Renge cosplay, and now I know how to make them I can make any number for future loli outfits as well ^-^
I also purchased blue contact lenses in Tokyo Toys, but they unfortunately don't show up and just make my eyes look big, creepy and black, so I'll be wearing them for this dark Alice (IWL) cosplay instead of Len, Ciel, Deidara and many many more >_<'''
The dress for this cosplay (that I won't be posting a picture of here seeing as it's already been featured in TWO other posts) should be arriving this week, or Monday at the latest. If it hasn't arrived by March then I'll be having stern words with Lolita Show >_>*
And on Saturday I'm going to Camden market with one of my awesome buddies! And fellow cosplayer so I shall update you on what went on then but I should be getting the tights, or "nylons" for this cosplay then as well! Classic stripey Alice stockings! Once I've got the pattern for my Renge cosplay I'll go out and buy material, and get the material for the apron I'm going to be wearing for this cosplay as well <3

In other news: I'll be cosplaying Soul from Soul Eater in July with mah adorable lil' honorary sister as my Maka <3 and I'll be re-wearing it again on the Friday of October EXPO ^-^
My Renge cosplay? Well, I've made absolutely no progress with it what so ever >_<'''''' I may try and get some white stockings for it on Saturday, and I have her hair colour (just need longer hair, but it WILL grow for May... >_> it wiiiiiiilllll!!! *Eyes burn with passion*) and eyes, so I guess that's a little bit of progress??? Can I get away with calling that progress? o.o''''

Anywayz, I'll be going now, by darlings!!! ~ <3

x x x x
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  1. July XD does that mean you reckon you'll be bale to get up to HESFES? I bloody hope so!
    I STILL cannot find a suitable skirt T.T, but I'm keeping on looking!