Monday, 21 February 2011


Hello again ^-^
I know, I know, I haven't been around lately! Well, I've been busy, I hope my one follower (love to you!!!) can forgive me for that! But, you will be happy to know I haven't just been lazing around on my butt! No, hell no! In fact, I fell totally in love with lolita again XDDDD I've known about it for roughly 4 years, which is kind of shocking really. I have to remind myself that I saw Kamikaze Girls for the first time at my friend Nessa's house when I was 11, and fell for the fashion for the first time. And the one thing I have admired since then - and have only in the last year had the courage to do myself - is how the girls and occasionally boys had the strength of character and confidence in themselves to don the frills and get their poofy groove on! It's not something many people have the ability to do, to stand out from the crowd. And the only reason I had to face the music was because I had to use public transport to get to my first con, and therefore had to cosplay on the bus, then the tube, then the train then the DLR FUN TIMEZ!!! xPPPP No seriously, it was one of the best bits ^-^...
But if I hadn't done that back in May 2010 then I probably wouldn't be bothering to write this blog :/
Moving on....

As I said above, I have rediscovered my love for loli and have decided that along with cosplay and building up my manga and poster collection I'll also work on a lolita wardrobe. It would be sad to say that I am turning into the typical otaku, because I swear I'm not! I still retain my default rebellious side built into me from a life time of being home educated in London, and having friends as original as snowflakes, and I promise I won't be pulling any 'Kawaii Asian girl' posses in photographs. It's just not me! So I guess that makes me a little bit messed up? But that's the aim! Jeez, I've used the word 'I' a lot in this blog already o.o''''

So, would you like to see some of the items that I've fallen in love with recently? They are all off brand because I'm not particularly well endowed when it comes to money... lately.... >.> (I'm born in the year of the rat, so hoarding is my speciality ^-~)

Here's the first one! I'm also using it for my dark Alice cosplay, but it's hardly what you'd call a 'cosplay lolita' dress now is it?

I think it might look nice with a big white Alice esque apron! XD
The second piece is a cutsew from FanPlusFriend, a sight I found a while ago and just brushed off as being so expensive when it actually isn't ^-^

Isn't it just to cute!! I'm in love with sailor collars right now as well! I'm not sure why, they just seem really fun and adorable! XD
And finally my last find!

Strangely all these dresses fall into the odd sub category of "school lolita" I've never heard of it before, and I know I would classify the last two as sailor lolita another TEEENY subcategory but "school lolita" is such a strange one. By Lolita Show's standards anything hinting at academic or with a sailor collar is "school lolita" O.o for some reason it makes my brain think slightly dodgy thoughts about untrustworthy teachers and feeble little lolita ish pupils... not a good image to be throwing out there really is it?

Another dress I found, but the chances of me getting are nonexistent is this one...

It's called "Steampunk Cyber Industrial Gothic Lolita Outfit" by FanPlusFriend, but I don't really care about the name! All I know is I love it, and it's totally gorgeous!!! <3 <3 <3
Perhaps a little to short for my liking though xP

I think that's about everything for now! I will try to post a cosplay update blog soon, but not until I have gotten more done in the area where cosplay is considered... did that even make any sense??? O.o
Well, whatever!

Adiue ~ <3


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