Monday, 17 January 2011

A Beautiful Dess

Hello again! It would seem I'm addicted to blogging/vloging, and I'm bored, so I needed something to do! Lol!
Okay, so for a while now (about 7 months >.<) I've been admiring this dress on this website . I haven't purchased anything from Lolita Show yet, but that should be changing either tonight or on Thursday (hopefully tonight, because my dad is going to Budapest for a night, tomorrow T.T). It's off brand, which some people might hold against it, but brand or not they have some beautiful clothes! Some look suspiciously similar to Innocent World designs, but I'm willing to overlook that as I don't have £300 pounds to spare on a dress, I don't even have £300 pounds come to think of it... xP

Anywayz, this is the gorgeous dress that I love so much! It's a deep midnight blue, and with it's high collar looks very scholarly. I suppose that's why it rests in the 'school lolita' section.
The material is cotton apparently, and it comes with a petticoat (built in or separate I've no clue). Also, this dress is only available if you commission one, by sending in your messurments and choice of materials. Another reason why I've finally decided to purchase it is that the price has been recently reduced from $75 (USD) to $64.99, which converts to around £41 (Great British pounds) give or take a few pence. With the cheapest postage option of $16 dollars it's going to come to little over £50, which I think is brilliant for a dress this lovely, which I will wear whenever I get the chance, and that will serve as the dress for my Alice (in Wonderland) cosplay as well!

As you can probably tell, I'm totally in love with this dress! ^.^ I'll be doing a review of it once I've hopefully ordered it, so await that time! XDDDDD

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