Thursday, 13 January 2011


Hello ya'll!
I can't say I'm exactly new to blogger, because me and Anechan have had a loli blog on this sight for about a year >.>''''' we just haven't um... haven't used it...
A little about moi!
I'm a teen
I live in England (sadly not the countryside or by the sea *sadness*)
I <3 anime and manga
I cosplaaaaaaaaay and have planned all mah cosplays out up to May London EXPO 2012
I draw
And I write (fanfiction and hopefully an original steampunk story XDDD)
Which brings me to steampunk and lolita ^-^ I love both these styles and as of yet have next to no clothes that would really fit in those categories, hopefully one day *hopeful*

Okayz! Now time for a little bit about what I'm involved with, groups, and what stuff I do and how I came to do said stuffz XD
I came to know about anime movies (Ghibli were my first discover) when I was nine. My rents bought me Spirited Away for my birthday I and LUFFED eeeeet! XD I then found the first volume of MagicalXMiracle, which remains to this day one of my favorite manga. I am ashamed to say that I had no idea whether it was Japanese or Chinese >.< at was insanely confused by it T.T...
Then when I was eleven my friend Siobhan showed me a couple of episodes of the anime Shugo Chara - which I still haven't finished :/ - and I watched up to episode 22 and then forgot about it.
The next time I watched anime was February 2009 when one of my best friends and one of the most awesome people on the planet Ami-sempai started watching Naruto and then Death Note and then got me to watch Death Note, which I finished pretty quickly and came to love. It wasn't until the festival that I go to every summer that I met up with Anechan again and due to their combined effort started watching Naruto. I now belong to a cosplay group and have a steadily growing collection of cosplays and manga, with over 20 different anime series' under my belt and a pretty impressive amount of anime films on my shelf!

So, now I stand before you, a seasoned animenerd, wannabe gamer, cosplayer, fanfiction author, fangirl (yaoi and otherwise), conventioneer, vlogger and a drawer of fanart and manga-esque artwork XDDDD

Other places I am on the interwebzzzz
My DeviantArt

OmnomnomCosplay's DeviantArt
(My cosplay group)

My youtube channel

OmnomnomCosplay's youtube

That's everything for now guys!
But be warned, I won't update very often as I have; my youtube, my DA, 4 facebook accounts, a gaia account, OmnomnomCosplay's youtube channel and occasionally OmnomnomCosplay's DA as well, plus homework, exams, friends and a whole lot of stuff to watch and read >.<


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