Monday, 7 March 2011

Ack! No Size Eights!!!

Gokigenyou mina-san!!!!!
Lol! Well, despite the title of this piece it's not just about shoes, its a cosplay update on maaaaaany a thing!!! XD
The most important being THIS!!! It's a DeiSaku alternate universe Naruto CMV (cosplay music video) that we've been putting together for about 2 months!!! Ami-sempai (otherwise known as SasorisStrawberry on YouTube, and ReikoGlitters on DeviantART) finished editing in on Sunday night, and I have to say... HER EDITING SKILLZ ARE SUPREME!!!!!
You absolutely need to go watch it!!! Like, now!!!!!

Moving on, just a little (not really) update on how my cosplays are coming along. I'll be telling you what I have for every cosplay I have something for.... if that makes sense O.o
Anywayz, lets get to it! ^-^

Dark Alice ~in Wonderland~ (for May London EXPO 2011)
Dress ~~~ on it's way
Apron ~~~ I might buy this one from FanPlusFriend. It's only £12 wich seems a bit ridiculous! Or I'll make my own version.
Boots ~~~ bought!
Boot covers ~~~ done (made then yesterday!!!)!
Make up ~~~ needs more research!
Wig ~~~ bought!
Stockings ~~~ bought!
Headbow ~~~done!
Contacts ~~~ bought!

Renge Houshakuji (for May London EXPO 2011)
Dress ~~~ need material and pattern.
Stockings ~~~ bought!
Shoes ~~~ need.
Head bow ~~~ need material.
Wig ~~~ unnecessary. I basically have her hair already. It just needs to be longer ^-^
Contacts ~~~ unnecessary. I already have brown eyes!

Deidara (for May London EXPO 2011)
Akatsuki cloak ~~~ bought!
Trousers ~~~ done.
Top ~~~ done!
Wig ~~~ done.
Contacts ~~~ I need ones that show up on my eyes >_<
Shoes ~~~ bought!
Shoe covers ~~~ need material.
Headband ~~~ bought!
Clay pouches ~~~ need material
Shuriken Holster and kunai pouch ~~~ need to buy.

Soul Eater Evans (for HES FES (July 2011) and October London EXPO 2011)
Jacket ~~~ I found one on ebay that I can dye.
Trousers ~~~ Bought! I may try dying them darker though, as of now they show up pink on camera >_<'''''.
Shoes ~~~ need materials
Wig ~~~ need.
Contacts ~~~ need.
Headband ~~~ need.
(basically I need everything for this cosplay >_<)

Sebastian Michaelis (for October London EXPO 2011)
Tailcoat ~~~ I found this one on FanPlusFriend for £65, I think I'm asking for it for my birthday.
Trousers ~~~ I have perfect ones in my wardrobe, they just need to be taken in at the bottom because they're flared.
Shirt ~~~ bought!
Tie ~~~ bought!
Waistcoat ~~~ almost done! I may remake it though if I decide it doesn't quite work.
Phantomhive pin badge ~~~ need
Wig ~~~ again, birthday thing! ^-^
Contacts ~~~ need (but I'll get them closer to the time. I can use them for Soul as well XDDD).
Pocket watch ~~~ bought!
Boots ~~~ I'd like to wear giant platform boots, so if I can find some, I'll maybe get them for my birthday!
Ciel Phantomhive cosplayer ~~~ supposedly >_> VEE YOU BETTER NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND!!!! GRRR!!!! >_<

Aaaaand that's all for now!! I'm actually surprised at how much of them I already have XDDD the only reason I'm making/organising them all now is because I have GCSEs the same WEEK (T.T) as May EXPO, and I will most likely have GCSEs the week after October EXPO T.T. So I can spend the precious time studying instead of working on cosplays I'm trying to get all of them done at least a month in advance. Plus then I'm all organised, and feel much better about the con, yes, I realised I'm totally OCD >_>''''

In other news!!! I should be getting more loli stuff soon! I'm really trying to work on my wardrobe, and once I've got this current cosplay rush out of the way I'll be focusing on my classic wardrobe more ^-^

As for the title of this piece, I have just returned from a trip up my high street to search for shoes for my Renge cosplay, and came back empty handed in the shoe department. I did get a cute, but majorly over priced t-shirt though ^-^...
I have huge feet, (English size 8, which is American size 9 or 10 T.T), and all the charity shops on my high street only have size 6s T.T
The only way I can think of finding good size 8 shoes for Renge is by buying them online, but unfortunately my father won't let me. So that plan's screwed >_<*

Well, I must go hang washing out now, sayonara and thanks for reading!!!!!

x x x x
x x x x


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