Friday, 25 March 2011

More CMVs

Heeeeeeeeyo guiz!!!
Lol! This is where I feel bad from not writing about Lolita in a while, but here goes!
ME AND AMI-SEMPAI MADE ANOTHER CMV!!!!! I had the idea at about Midnight on Wednesday/Thursday, and I suggested it to her, and she planned it a little bit that night, then we figured out the rest when I went over to her house on Thursday, in total, it took us about 4 hours to film, it, and her about half an hour to edit it! XD It's a little shaky, but an awesome CMV (if I do say so myself).

It can be found on YouTube ~~~ here

The song is 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa' by Panic! At The Disco - which is quite fitting seeing as their new album is out in 3 days *thumbs up* - and the CMV is our own version of the original music video with a few twists!! Ami-sempai wrote it, and it was filmed by both of us, and both her younger bros!

Sakura ~~~ Chi (me)
Deidara ~~~ Chi (me)
Sasori ~~~ Ami-sempai
Sasuke ~~~ Sakama (one of her young brothers!)

We aaaaaaaalsoooooooooooo made MANY (seriously guys, we laughed for most of it) bloopers whilst filming an 'Interview With a Vampire' skit, that I wrote at 2 AM, which I had to copy out onto FB, then copy out again because Sempai can't read my handwriting *facepalm* anyway...

Here it is!

AND because we're just awesome like that, we filmed our epic dance of omnomnom awesomeness (which has yet to be posted!) and crammed in a quick grunge/Steampunk Sasori and Deidara photo shoot, the photos can be found on DeviantART here! There will be a few more photos from that shoot, and of other cosplays etc in teh future, so stay tuned for those!!!

Now I must away as I have to go eat dindinz!!! Byez!!!!

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