Sunday, 27 March 2011


I feel like writing, so here goes, I'm just writing, and I'm going to write whatever comes to mind as I go. Say, have you heard of that pink castle on the hill? The one with the unicorn inside?

I'm joking! I'm not going to be all that crazy, but I will just see where this goes as a general update.

I got my hair cut today! A full fringe with lots of messy layers! I luff eeeeeet!!! It's perfect for loli style, and just normal every day stuff! I'm going to the park tomorrow with a few people to meet up with a friend of mine for the last time before she moves back to Seattle, and none of them know I got my hair cut, so I'm thinking of putting it up really nicely and stuff! I may also wear my contact lenses, depends on how I feel in the morning. I decided that I need practice putting them in and stuff...

I've been watching Cardcaptor Sakura pretty much all day, and am only 21 episodes away from finished it!  Which is great! I'm not sure what I think of Sakura's star wand though *ponders*, I prefer the design of the other one, it is cute though!!!

Which brings me to some stuff I'm hopefully going to be purchasing soon!

That's riiiiiight! Clow Cards!! I'm really excited!! I love the design of the cards sooooooo much, and I find the way that the cards like Watery are so adorable, yet cause serious damage really intriguing!

Though, unfortunately, though do come after cosplay stuff, I still need to get the shuriken holster and kunai pouch for my Deidara cosplay. I also still need material and blue contact lenses, but after than I'm finished with my ones for May!

Something I've been considering making for a while now is a keyblade! To be more specific The Kingdom Key! So once I'm done with cosplays for May EXPO I'll hopefully begin working on it! It shouldn't be to hard to do, though, I think I'll ask my dad for help. Luckily there's a cheap DIY store on my high street that sells wood (planks, dowel, broom handles etc) so I'll be able to get everything I need wood wise from there! There are also a few pounds shops on my high street as well, and they sell plenty of chains. Which I can use for the chain on the end of the handle. Paint won't be that much of a problem either, as far as I can remember we have all of the colours in acrylic paint, and then all it takes is a varnish with PVA glue!

Other things on my list to make are some hair accessories in the decora style, which I have become enamored for recently. I'm going to buy some more fimo to make them with, as I want some to make the key forms of Sakura's wands as well! My ideas so far are cupcakes, wings, bows, pandas, sweets, ice creams, and little tarts.

Working on the decora/lolita theme here, there is this gorgeous split mint-choc-chip wig that I found on Cosplay Wigs USA~

It's such a gorgeously kawaii wig! And I love the colours! Mint-choc-chip is my second favorite flavor of ice cream! Second only to cookie dough!
I've been thinking about taking a break from coslay in the summer of 2012, and just working on one secret cosplay that I came up with today. Which will be really nice, seeing as then I'll be able to save up for this wig, brand lolita clothes, other otaku merchandise and this gorgeous BJD that I have totally fallen for!

I'm not such a giant fan of his clothes (not that he comes with those), it's more his face up and wig (hopefully he comes with that, the site wasn't particularly clear!) that I think are totally smexy! His name's Tao Hua Dao and he's from Angel of Dream! And for a BJD of his height - which is 46cm - £125 (not including postage) is pretty affordable!
My theme for him will be a mixture of Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Plus a sort of, fantasy, elvish undertone! Hopefully all goes well in that arena!

Onto books and manga now!! I've been really into reading The Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett recently, so far I've read 'The Colour of Magic' and I'm currently reading 'Mort'. I really recommend them, though they contain quite clever humor, and a lot of the vocabulary used is advanced. They're not exactly bedtime stories.
I'm also currently reading Fruits Basket and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, and omg Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii!!! *Swoon* HE'S SO GORGEOUS!!!! *hearts in eyes*
I'm on volume 4 of Fruits Basket, so I've got a long way to go, but my library has up to volume 11 I think, so I'll keep reading the library copies for as long as I can before either reading it online, or buying it! I prefer reading books when I can hold them, as opposed to reading from a screen.

Time for a list (or two?)!~
Nightmare Inspector (V.1-V6)
March Story
Fruits Basket (V.4-V.6)
Naruto (I need to catch up with it again)

Equal Rights
Carpe Jugulum
Interview With aVampire
The Vampire Lestat
Queen of The Damned
L Change The World
The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases

A little update on my videos and fanfiction now. I cleaned my room last week, and I mean really cleaned it, I hoovered everywhere! And that got me thinking... I need to clean up my vlogs and fanfictions! Basically, I have a very short attention span when it  comes to most anime, and if I love it enough I feel the need to cospaly from it, draw characters, buy figurines (and other merchandise)... and of course, write fanfictions. Luckily I've been able to suppress that need, and haven't written any fics for series' like Loveless which I finished very quickly. But just last summer I began gradually growing out of Naruto, and unfortunately I now have hardly any interest in it at all, not compared to the amount of love I hold for Kuroshitsuji that is.
Sadly, this has left me completely unable to finish all my Naruto CharacterXoc fanfics, of which there are quite a few *facepalm*. I've also deleted my Kuroshitsuji fanfiction 'Bon Voyage Bochan' as I had no idea where to take the story. So, I apologise a thousand times over if you are reading this, and have been waiting for one of my Naruto fics to update. I'm sorry!
I shall also be deleting 'Sakura no Shita De' and 'Konoha High Boarding School: Freshman Year Fun'. GOMENNASAI!!!

As for videos, I've already deleted quite a few, I know for a fact I've got a lot better at vlogging since I started last September. I also know I had faaaaar to many pointless videos on my channel, so I've removed a lot of my old ones. I'll be re-making the manga review ish one that was requested of me awhile ago, because I've bought, and have started reading a lot more manga recently!
I also want to do a few tutorial type videos, and will be taking requests for anything else you guys want me to do!
So, bye for now you lot! Sayonara!!!

x x x x
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