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So how've you all been? Because I've been fine and dandy, sittin' on top o' da feckin' world...
Now I shall stop taking inspiration from Irish dickheads doing community service for my vocabulary! ^-~
If you hadn't guessed, or you simply have nuuuuu idea what the hell I'm talking about....... MISFITS DUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!
XD My friend Vee came back from Japan on Friday, she'd been there for 6 months, and it killed me to wait 'till Tuesday to see her. But when she texted me and was like 'I'm at the bus stop, you guys should come and meet me or sumit' I was having trouble controlling my excitement... then when I hugged her hello I had to stop myself crying. Admittedly I failed and had to use picking up my bag that I'd dropped when I ran towards her as an excuse to pull out of the crazy group hug and chill out for a second. Lol!
I didn't let her out of my site for the rest of the day, and then she ended up staying over, aaaaaaaaaand for some reason she showed me Misfits which I've never seen before and I've totally fallen in love with it... and Robert Sheehan... omg.... SO FUCKING PENG!!! (Which for those not living in London and having to deal with slang all the time means 'hot/sexy/awesome/amazing/beautiful' etc, etc).... not quite sure why I used that word but it seemed to sum him up perfectly.

Misfits is a TV series that aired in England sometime last year about a group of screw up young adults (like 19-22 ish) who do some stupid stuff and all get community service for it. They're in the middle of doing said community service when a freak storm begins and they all get struck by lighting and gain superpowers. Such as invisibility, being able to turn back time, hear peoples thoughts and in the case of one character, Alesha, make people want to have sex with her when they touch her skin.
This reminds me of Rogue from X-Men, and in my nerdy little way I feel really sorry for both of them *sigh*.
It's a hilarious show, but is full of absolutely fowl (yet extremely hilarious) bad language, sex scenes, and graphic violence (killing probation workers by whacking them over the heads with cans of paint and kicking the shit out of them >-<). Therefore, I wouldn't suggest that anyone under the age of at least 15 watch this without either a strong stomach for the aforementioned things, or relaxed parents
(And if you wanna watch it but your parents don't want you to, just watch it anywayz! ^-~)!

There are two series' out at the moment, and I've heard that they're considering making a third. I'm not sure how successful that's going to be though because Robert Sheehan apparently isn't going to be in it, and most people just watch the show for him. Not that I blame them! He's fucking hilarious!!!
But I shall stop cursing now and move on with a sort of updat-y, thought-y type thingy!!! xP


You may or may not know - I only just found out - but EXPO is only 17 freaking days away guys!!!! xO Crazy, ne? I was like 'WHUT!!! NO WAY!!!!'... it kinda makes sense though, seeing as my exams start on Monday, and after my last one (on the 24th) it's only 3 days 'till EXPO!
As far as I know I'm going to be going with my friend Dana, and I'm going to ask my friend Maddy if she wants to come a long for one of the days. I was planning on having Jum stay, and that was totally a go until she told me the other day that she can only go for Saturday and that her mum's gonna drop her in London for the day then take her home in the evening. Ah well, it's just going to be nice to see her again. I haven't seen her since February >-< which isn't really that long in the grand scheme of things.... *mock thoughtful expression*
I may have been going with Vee as well but I heard she's going to be staying with a few friends in the hotel opposite the EXCel center.
It's gonna be epic though! And I can't wait to be cosplaying again! And finally meeting Belle, Verity, Kiyuu, Chiri and Leiko is going to be awesome! We've all got a lot planned with each other!!

In other news... I GOT AN IPHONE!!!!!!! XD My dad gave me his old one last Sunday, and my views on touch screens have been somewhat altered since (in a more positive and accepting direction I might add).
Though I am frustrated by how I can't use any of my music as a ringtone without paying to convert it *sigh*, and my Hello Kitty headphones don't fit the headphone hole bit, so I can't use them with it and get awesome sound when I watch the second Kuroshitsuji musical on it *cries chibi style*.... ah well... I HAVE AN IPHONE!!! *Does happy dance*

I need yous guyses opinions on something as well!
So I've been thinking for a while, and I'm considering opening up commissions on my DeviantART account. It'll be after my exams are over obviously, and after EXPO. But that's only like 20 days away.
They'd be photo and art commissions, because right now I don't have the time to do like, sewing or wig commissions. Nor do I have the confidence in my skills. I don't have my own bank account yet (but I wanna get a job in August so hopefully that'll change soon!) so I'll be sharing a paypal with my parents and they'll give me the money in cash if I earn any.
Here's my thoughts in a bit more detail:

Photo commissions:
Can't be anything too fancy, because I still can't edit (fml). And I don't have the time or money to go making new cosplays, but I can do commissions for cosplays that I've already done. I'm thinking, depending on how complex the picture is (such as whether I need to travel or whether it requires props) the price would be between £5 and £10 British pounds.
These would be way easier to do than art commissions I guess! Oh, and if they have two people in they'd be another £5 because I'd need to pay the other person.
Most of you guys probably know who I cosplay, but I'll list them here again for those that don't. Keep in mind me listing them like this is only to give you more of an idea if you'd be interested or not! ^-^

Haruno Sakura ~~~ 13 year old version, Naruto
Alternate universe Akatsuki Sakura ~~~ AU Naruto
Deidara ~~~ Naruto Shippuden
Kagamine Len  ~~~ default version, Vocaloid (I wanna re-make this though >->)
Dark Alice ~~~ Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. But a crazy, messed up version
Ciel Phantomhive ~~~ Blue outfit from series two, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Houshakuji Renge ~~~ default school uniform version, Ouran High School Host Club

I'll be adding more to this list as the year progresses obviously, and after May I plan to start a few more cosplays so there'll be even more choice then!

 Art commissions:
As a lot of you know by know I dislike drawing on the computer and don't have the skills or the software, so these commissions would be pencil, pens, markers and paper affairs.
I have yet to perfect a style of my own, and each time I draw it's slightly different. But I can also try and mimic the style of the original artist if you'd like as well. I'll give drawing most characters a go, and also most things. But NO smut, lemon, porn... whatever you wanna call it!
These commissions will be in the range of £10 to £20 depending on size, and how complex they are.
For an idea of my skill level (which is improving!!) take a look at my deviantART folder called 'Artwork'!

Well, tell me what you guys thought of my ideas, and I'm off to watch more Misfits whilst feeling sleepy and cuddling my kitteh!
Have a nice evening dudes!

x x x x
x x x x


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