Monday, 30 May 2011

London MCM EXPO May 2011: Con report art 1

Well I'm back from EXPO guys, and nomming on a strawberry jam sandwich *NOM NOM NOM*.
It was a hectic weekend, full of free stuff, photographs, crack, tears, breakages and awesomeness! I'm so glad that I was able to go for all three days this time! ^-^
Anywayz, on with the report!!! (Warning: PICTURE HEAVY!!!)

 Right to left: Venus, Dana and Pirate Tom

Friday got off to a bit of a bad start, firstly my dad woke me up at 7:30am to tell me that he'd frozen/broken my iphone after (WITHOUT ASKING) trying to unlock it for hours, then I found out one of my contact lenses had dried out (I did manage re-hydrate it though!), then my sister stood on my bustle and ripped it T.T, then when me and Dana were late and running for the train I ripped one of the ribbons off my boot cover... fml! So I only had one for the whole day... I still need to fix it actually >.<
Finally we got there, and were bombarded with requests for pictures! Probably due to Dana's easily recognisable Cheshire cosplay, still we had shit loads of fun!! ^-^

 Dana in her dark Cheshire Cat cosplay!

 Me cosplaying dark Alice
 Some wonderful people! Soul is Coral, Medusa is Suzanne and Maka is Phoebe!

Seeing as I didn't buy the £30 weekend ticket Friday was just about chilling, so me and Dana met up with Tom, Venus, Phoebe, Suzanne and Coral and just had some fun times relaxing in various places and taking pictures until around 8:30pm when me and Dana excused ourselves and had to go home.
Before we left though I'd had to take out my contact lenses, and you may remember me saying that one had dried out *facepalm* well it like, stuck to my eye or some shit, and I couldn't get it out, I then proceeded to be a fail and actually pinch my EYEBALL and try and pull that out along with the contact lens *head desk*. Needless to say it hurt like a motherfucker and my eye is still a little red T.T

 One of my favorite photos!!

 Gotta love em!

 Playing on the statue!

Our adorable Pikachu!

A smoother start! Much smoother! I cosplayed Deidara from Naruto Shippuden and was happy at how comfortable the costume was! I was grateful for the warmth of my Akatsuki cloak. Our friend Katie tagged along with us that day, and was in awe of the many replica weapons and enthusiastic cosplayers!

Unfortunately shortly after I met up with Jumoke Katie, Dana and Venus were asked to leave the convention because they didn't have tickets and weren't planning on buying any. The only reason we can think of for them getting kicked out was because it was ridiculously crowded that day. Omg it was horrible!!!
Me and Jumoke found Belle and Verity and then we came across Coral, Phoebe and Suzanne and said hello before going inside. Belle and Verity were clever and had bought pre-entry tickets so me and Jum went with trepidation to join the queue... Where we stayed for 3 hours T.T 
We met up with Belle and Verity again and went to do some shopping in the vendors hall, where you could hardly get near the tables it was so busy!
I bought a sexy Sebastian pillow, and because my friend Elsie's dad works for Tokyopop I got tons of free manga! I also bought a Code Geass and a Kuroshitsuji poster, and got another Kuro one for free! 
After that we went outside to cool down (the vendors hall was like a tropical jungle of anime merchandise, climate and everything! >.<)

Miku is Belle and L is Verity!

 The wonderful Jumoke cosplaying Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach!

 Some other cosplayers came over and L got raped by Itachi (we all laughed and photographed!)

Deidara (me) was accused of being very gay, and beaten with a yoai paddle, for the first time that day, seeing as I was spanked more than once >-<'''' lol! 
After we got a bit cold we went inside and chilled with the hilarious and amazing Soul Eater group of win which Coral, Suzanne and Phoebe were part of. Also to my great surprise Georgia and Naomi of IchirakuCosplay, two cosplayers who I've admired for a very long time! They were cosplaying Stein and Medusa, and totally rocking it!
A bit blurry as we were all hyper and moving around a lot.
Maka is Phoebe, Medusa is Naomi and Stein is Georgia!

There was a LOOOOOOT of crack, and a massive fight between Soul, Maka, Stein and the Joker which I'll be uploading to my youtube  channel soon!! ^.^

 Threesome anybody??

Just... lol! XD
Saturday afternoon was my favorite I think, just for the pure hysterical lolz! I'll be making a con video shortly (hopefully this evening!) and I'll also be uploading the Joker and Maka fight! Part 2 coming soon! I just need to make some more space on my computer before I can upload any of the photos from it ^-^'''' running out of space is such a nuisance!  

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  1. WOW!! Sounds awesome XD Holy smoke though, you ahd to pinch your eyeball?? Oww. Dana's cheshire costume looks totally cool! As does your dark alice.

  2. I had so much fun at EXPO!! :D I was a little pissed that I wasn't able to go for the full weekend to hang out with you all,but ahh well,maybe I could go for multiple days in October! XDD Dana's Cheshire Cosplay looks awesome,and Vee's Pikachu costume is so adorable!
    Coral and Phoebe are such pretty names,I wish I had a name like that. XDD
    Lmao,I think that the Soul Eater group crackness was the highlight of my day! :P

  3. Same!!
    Maybe you could stay at my house? If you like?
    I'll tell them that you liked their outfits XD
    Ikr!! They're really nice names, I get bored of mine >.<
    But yours is a lovely name as well!!
    XDD I think it was the highlight of everyone's day!! *Grin*

  4. Twas awesome...
    And yeah, I'm just special like that >.>''''
    Luckily it doesn't hurt anymore *mopes brow*, so I'm sure I shall be fine! ^.^''''
    THANK YOU!!!
    And there are more pictures on OmnomnomCosplay's DA XD
    I'll tell her what you said for you though! ^.^

  5. Your Dark Alice cosplay turned out wonderfully; I think the single-ribbon-boot look gives the outfit a bit more of a 'mis-matched' look.

    Maybe it fell off on her journey down the rabbit hole? XD

  6. Thank you so much!! ^-^
    Lol! Yeah, I'm just glad it happened on THIS cosplay and not another one where everything had to be there (like Deidara for example, god forbid >.<). With this one it didn't really matter that it was missing!
    Thanks for the encouragement *huggles*

    *Ponders* Maybe it did *nods* XDD

  7. OMFG!!!!! It's me?! I was searching OmnomnomCosplay in google and I stumbled across your blog! I just created my blog today, it's called Fiction-Romance... I'm going to review gigs, cons and j-pop/k-pop concerts in the UK. Yeah kinda late, (and you'v probably worked it out by now) but it's Jumoke!>_<

  8. Lol! Yes it is!! XD
    Oooh, awesome!! I'll come take a look and follow chuu now! XD
    Yeah, I totally had it worked out since it says 'Jum-chan said' at the top xP XD