Monday, 2 May 2011

LolitaShow Review

Hello again guys!
I've finally gotten my refund back from LolitaShow, so I just wanted to write a review of their terrible service and shit a little bit more on their already soiled reputation!

Like the many before me I fell for LolitaShow's cheap prices and pretty dresses. They are in fact one and the same with Milanoo, which has a disgusting reputation of selling poorly made clothing (from wedding dresses to halloween costumes), and taking months to deliver it.
I didn't know this when I placed my order, and was a fool for not researching them before buying.

I placed my order with them on the 18th of January, at the start of this year, and was told that my dress would be made and shipped within 39 days, therefore it would arrive sometime in the last week of February.

Website layout and ease of ordering: 4/5

When it didn't arrive before the end of February my dad emailed them saying that it hadn't arrived.
They called him the next morning and explained that they had never gotten a confirmation of my order. He sent them the receipt, and the confirmation email we had received, and he also proved that the money had been removed from his bank account. They apologised and said that they'd make my dress and have it to me within 17 days. Meaning it would arrive around the 17th-20th of March. It didn't.
After giving them a few days more my dad emailed them again.

First impression of their contact keeping skills: 5/5
Delivery: 0/5

They didn't respond to my father's email in March until half way through the second week of April, when he emailed them threatening to report this to paypal. They then responded with an email saying that my dress was made they just hadn't had the chance to ship it yet, because they were 'really busy at the moment'. Not a professional response at all!

Second  impression of contact: 0/5

My dad asked for a refund and they told us that the dress was already made so it wouldn't be possible.
Before this I had read on my friend Belle's blog that they are renowned for using bad material in their products, this worried me, as I didn't want to risk wasting £41 pounds on a dress that was made of bad material. My dad emailed them again and told them that I had grown (even though we weren't sure I had) and that it wouldn't fit me any longer because they'd taken so long to fulfill the order. He asked for a refund again and they granted it. But it took them a week to do so.

I now have my money safely back in possession, and I've learned to research companies before ordering from them.  I'd say this has been an educational experience, but one I'd much rather hadn't happened!

Over all impression of this company: 0/5

They have terrible service, and probably poor material as well. Whatever you do, do NOT order from Milanoo or LolitaShow. And research companies thoroughly before even considering ordering from them!

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