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100 Question Lolita Baton

Hey guys! Yes, I know, another loli post! I'm sorry, it's just I haven't progressed any further with cosplays in a while, so I have nothing to post about in that arena. And neither have I found any ground breaking anime series' so there's nothing going on there either.
The weather on the other hand! ZOMG!!! Sooooo hot! I'm sitting here in a tank top and brown cotton capris! My window is open, and I'm sitting at the shady end of my bed! It was stifling in London today, and I think the hottest day of the year so far, at around 21 degrees! XDD

Anywayz, onto the questions. I'm going to split this up into a few parts because it's sooooo super long!!
Anyone who wants to, feel free to do this! I didn't write it, I'm just passing along the baton as it were!

1: Screen name and DOB?
ChirucupcakeChan, or Chiru-chan, and I was born on the 18th of June, 1996!

2: Height,? Weight? Clothing size and shoe size?
I'm 168cm tall, or about 5,8 ^-^'''' I weigh 9 stone, I'm an English 8-10 in clothes, and my shoes size is an English 8-9!

3: Why did you start to dress lolita?
I saw the film 'Kamikaze girls' when I was 11, and then I saw lots of lolita clothes in Camden Market, and gradually fell in love. I had been a failing and wannabe goth before hand, and I have always loved dressing up so it wasn't really that much of a leap for me. It was the shoes that really got me loving the fashion though! XD

4: Which style of lolita do you like?
Classic mostly, but I really do love myself a bit of sweet and kodona! When it comes to accessories though, I'm totally in love with decora! XDD

5: Express in your own words, the ideal your above answer?
I don't want to feel to childish or frumpy when I  wear lolita, so I go for more toned down blouses and OPs. Which is probably why I'm such a big fan of classic lolita. I like elegant, dark  (which I guess is where my old love of gothic clothes gets drawn into things) OPs, JKSs and skirts, but blouses have to be white or cream. Black ones are cool sometimes to, though they just have to be with the right skirt or JKS.
If I was ever going to buy a sweet piece, it would probably be a skirt, nothing to over powering, probably a print!

6: Do you have piercings? Where?

I have my ears pierced, and I was considering getting my lip pierced when I'm older. But I cosplay pretty much all the time, and I think a lot of characters might look a bit odd with their lip pierced ^-^ lol!

7: Which brands do you like?
Metamorphose and Moité, but also Innocent World, and I totally love Angelic Pretty's Fruits Parlor print! XD

8: Which are your favourite clothes you wear?
I only own two skirts, and only one loliable cutsew that fits, so right now, my bodyline skirt, with the blue roses on it, and my grey flowery cutsew from H&M. I also have a parasol that my dad bought me in France, but it's not something I can carry around on a daily basis ^-^'''

9: How many lolita friends do you have?

Sadly I only have two friends that are into loli, and none of us can really afford to buy the clothes. But hopefully that's only temporary!!!!!

10: What do you love most about lolita?
The great quality of good lolita clothes, it's such a satisfying fashion to wear because you get to geet to feel good quality lace, and thick, nice cotton on your skin on a regular basis. I also love the flouncy cupcake feeling you get when you sit down and your petti billows! XD

11: What do you hate about it? Pet peeves?
The price >_< loving loli and being an anime nerd and cosplayer is hard maintain T.T
Other than that, I hate being fucked around by brands such as Lolita Show, who I'm having MAJOR trouble with at the moment.  And my pet peeve would be bad quality lace, it just makes me feel really sad when I find it on an otherwise lovely item.

12: Magazine you read?
I don't really read magazines, partly because I can't afford them, and also because good magazines are hard to get hold of in my area without paying bucket loads. I read masses of lolita blogs though, and also watch a lot of vlogs on youtube about lolita. I own volume 34 of the Gothic and Lolita Bible, but it's in Japanese so I can't read it...

13: Headdresses, bonnets or ribbons/katsushya?
Bonnets are adorable, but I'm totally not confident enough to wear one. Massive head eating bows are my favorite though! I love how extravagant they are! ^-^

14: Yes to Drawers/Bloomers?
I'd like to own some, just to see what they're like. But right now I don't have any so nuuu, I don't wear dem! T.T

15: Do you tie headdresses at the front or at the back?
I haven't got any tie on ones, but if I did own one it would be at the back hidden under my hair ^-^

16: Who is your favourite band/type of music?)
Hard one that! XD I listen to a really wide range of music, as for English speaking bands I love Panic! At The Disco, Avril Lavigne, Owl City, Glee stuff, Ke$ha and many more, but when it comes to Japanese music it's mostly just opening and ending songs for the particular anime that I watch. Supercell, Ikimono Gakari and Kanon Wakeshima are epic though!!!

17: What is your phone ring tone~?

My phone ring tone for text messages is 'Hare Hare Yukai' which is the first 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' ending, and for my calling ring tone, it's 'Life', the first Bleach ending!

18: Do you go to concerts in lolita?
I've only been to two, Owl City and The Unthanks, and I didn't wear loli to either of those. It'd be cool to one day though!

19: (For
people who attend concerts) do you headbang there?
Lol! I can't imagine myself ever doing that! ^-^

20:What colours do you like?
On lolita clothes I like greens, blues, pinks, reds, black, cream and red. But as just colours on their own I like, cerulean, silver, white, green, ice blue, royal blue, pink, red, lilac and black!

21: What are your hobbies?
COSPLAY!!!! <3 XDDD Yush, and watching anime, reading books and manga. Creative writing, sewing, blogging/vlogging, cosplay photography, drawing, playing piano and I don't really enjoy it anymore, but tae kwon do.

22: If you have any favourite perfumes, please tell us?
I don't really wear perfume, the one and only bottle I own is from the body shop, and I got it for Christmas about 3 years ago. It's called Aqua Lily ^-^

23: Is there anything you are careful of in lolita?
I live in a slightly rough area, so I'm always careful not to draw to much attention to myself, more benign things include not dropping food on myself when I'm eating, and not brushing against anything dirty!

24: Do you have any favourite haunts to go to in lolita?

Central London in general, and Camden, I stand out less in those places. Museums and book/anime shops!

25: how many times a week do you dress lolita?
T.T Sadly not very often, I wear it less than twice a month, and that's only casual lolita *ashamed*...

26: Please tell us an embarrassing story when you were a beginner in lolita.
I AM a beginner lolita, and so far, there are no embarrassing stories to tell. I've known about loli for 4 years, and I'm being VERY careful not to stray into ita territory, so hopefully I'll never have one of those awkward ita fazes! XD

27: Your current hairstyle and colour?

My hair is naturally strawberry blonde, some of my friends *coughHughcough* say it's borderline ginger! XD  I have a straight fringe and layers. Slightly shorter bits at the front, and then it just goes straight to my full length hair, which comes down to the top of mah boobs!

28: What is your lolita history?

I found out about lolita when I was 11, so in 2007, and I got my first two skirts and petti from bodyline in very early July 2010

29: Do you store your clothes in a special place?
In my wardrobe... o.o where else?

30: Did you ever think about stopping Lolita? What was the reason?
I think about it almost everyday, I wonder if I'll be able to afford enough pieces to start a wardrobe, and I wonder if I'll ever have the courage to wear the, out in public...

Part 2 coming soon!!!


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