Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rantings and A Cosplay Update.

I feel the need to rant and whine, so why not here eh?

Firstly, as some of you may already know, I began sewing my dress for my Renge cosplay yesterday, it didn't go so well, and every time I think about it I feel like crying... I have the tendency to rush things, and I mean really rush things.
I've never cosplayed someone with a big dress before, so making something like this was a totally new experience for me, and it didn't help that I sent crappy reference pictures to my Grandma, so when I asked her for help I wasn't exactly asking for the right help. So basically I cut the top of the skirt part of the dress to small, so there wasn't enough material to gather when it came to sewing the skirt to the bodice. Therefore, it hangs straight down, and doesn't puff out at all.
To add to my problems my Grandma paid for said material and I now feel super guilty for messing up! And because I'm just that brand of retard I set the stitches to a very tight setting and now it's impossible to unpick, which means I wasted about 3 yards of perfectly awesome material.
Hopefully I'll be going to rolls and rems - my local haberdashers - on Thursday to pick up a shit load of similar colour material to try again with. Wish me luck that this time it works out better >-<

I became incredibly frustrated with my parents earlier and threw a rather stereo typical, and pretty pathetic teen tantrum. The only difference between that, and a real teen trantrum was that I was using words like unreasonable, double standards, hypocrite, ridiculous and other various three syllable words. Mostly to insult them and prove that I wasn't sinking past the level of intelligent speech as I screamed into my wardrobe, cried and punched things >->''''
The reason for this shameful outburst? My dad saying that I couldn't get these two epic necklaces from Tuxessories . A company run by a bunch of cosplayers in the Philippines. In my defense, I think I'm almost on my period (I get really emotional right before, not during, I always feel really calm and chilled out then O.o), and my dad is always doing this to me, saying yes one day, then irrationally changing his mind the next... *sigh*

The second necklace is my favorite one! ^-^ The katakana in the middle read 'Yaoi' and I seriously think it is the most awesome necklace I have seen my entire life!

In other more positive news, I got a strip old beige black out blind material from my Nan that's going to be perfect for the clay bags on my Deidara cosplay! I also got hold of a large white sheet that I'm going to probably be using for Akatsuki shoe covers, and for the collar and cuffs of my Renge dress. It was originally going to be mostly used as an apron, but seeing as LolitaShow have totally fallen through with the dress I doubt I'll be cosplaying dark Alice anymore. Which means I have to inform my rather moody, dark Cheshire of the bad news and most likely have her gripe at me for it >-> but we'll see, I might be able to knock something together out of a black sheet! I'm thinking a JSK of some sort?
Last night I also ordered the shuriken holster and kunai pouch for my Deidara cosplay! ^-^ And like, 3 minutes ago my dad just came in and told me that I don't have to pay him back for it because he's been buying my sis Naruto manga. Which is awesome!!

Moving on from cosplays for May, I think I found a wig for my Soul cosplay. It's actually a Ichigo Kurosaki hollow wig from ebay, but with some (= quite a bit) of styling I think it'll look awesome!!

Sorry that the pictures so small, I had to go to google images and find a wig the same as the one I found on ebay because when I tried to drag the picture off from ebay it didn't work ^-^'''

As a summer cosplay, I've decided on another secret one! I wonder if you can guess what it is, you're only clue is this...
Have fun figuring!!!
All you guys need to know is that I found the perfect wig for it, and that it's going not going to be worn to any cons, just for photo shoots ^-^
Still on the subject of wiiiiigs I've been thinking a lot today, and I'd really like to get my Sebastian wig as soon as possible, at least that way I can have one of the major parts of the costume all ready and waiting for October, and also maybe do a couple of casual (or AU) cosplay photos or crack videos with either my Young Master (Kumi-chan, when she gets back from Japan! ^-^) or Alois coughwhorecough Trampsy XD who's going to be cosplayed by one of my good friends Belle!! ^-~

I seriously cannot wait to cosplay dear Sabi-kun! It's become sort of a dream cosplay for me, and I really do want... no, I need to do it justice! ^-^ I get really frustrated when people portray him poorly and I can't help saying 'well why did you even try, he's too good for you' in my head. Which I know is a hell of a lot bitchy, and very cosplay snobbish. Which is why I always feel really guilty and bad when I think like that.
I'm not sure whether people will be able to relate, but you muuuust have that one special character that you can't stand to see portrayed badly, I know for one of my best friend's it's Sasori, she actually starts ranting out loud if even the way the wig is cut isn't correct. It's the same for me with Sebastian, and I'd be like, the biggest hypocrite alive if I went and cosplayed him crappily. That's why I'm already working on it.
One thing I'm worried about is my eyebrows :/ they're kind of... dark blonde/dark ginger and not particularly thing either. I've been putting it off, but I guess I'm just going to have to attack them with a pare of teasers >-< and then darken them with an eyebrow pencil (random factoid: My friend gave me a black one for my 12th birthday because she though it was eyeliner... maybe she's psychic. I didn't even watch Kuro then XD). I just don't want to do it badly and end up looking permanently surprised for months afterward. Ah well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, I guess ^-^.

And omg, last time I posted a cosplay update, like, a full proper one on here, with detailed lists of everything I'd need for the characters I totally spaced and forgot to add white gloves to the Sebby list o.o'''' I've been meaning to go back and correct it for about a month, but I just can't be bothered >->''' anywayz, I totally need white gloves!
And just as a question to those of you that have watched Kuro, and have either crushed on Sebby or Claude... is it just me or, are gloves now suddenly incredibly sexy??? XD Hahahahahah, well do get back to me on that one, either on here or on DA or youtube, I'd love to know whether I'm a freak or it's actually a natural thought process! Lol!

I think that's about it for cosplay updates, and they're the main ones, nothing much has happened regarding cosplay recently, I've slowed right down again T.T...

So, this afternoon I went on another hunt for later parts of the first Kuroshitsuji musical >-< it's my dream to one day seem them on stage, and I desperately hope that they are still running when I'm old enough to go to Japan, but if not, I at least want to see them in DVD form and understand every word!
Unfortunately no one has decided to sub it for some insane reason, if I could understand Japanese I'd have done it myself by now >-<... which brings me to my point! I'M GOING TO LEARN JAPANESE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!
I've toyed with the idea for about 2 years now, and I seriously don't know why it's taken me so fucking long to just knuckle down and learn it. There are two main reasons why I want to learn it. And they're actually two of my biggest motivators. Friends, and sexy butlers!
Lol! Well, just to elaborate further, I want to learn it, firstly so that I can talk to my friend Kumi-chan (or Vee) in Japanese when she finally makes her grand return to England this May after 6 freaking months! And reason number two, is so that I can watch the Kuroshitsuji musicals! Which is why this falls under the category of 'sexy butlers'!!

Expect a couple of review like updates from me soon, one reviewing 'Ciel in Wonderland' the Kuroshitsuji OVA that recently concluded, and the other a review of the shitty company LolitaShow that no one should EVARRR buy from (that will be further elaborated on in the actual review.)

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  1. OMG!! Your Sebby wig looks EPIIIC! :DD Your gonna be such and awesome Sebastian Cosplayer! xD
    I also reaaaally need to learn Japanese (Like buy a Japanese Dictionary,or an Audio CD or something.) Because the only way I learn the Language right now is by watching Anime. XD (Though I must say,I have learned quite a bit from it. x3)
    It just occurred to me that I haven't actually watched the 2nd part of the CIW OVA,Which I must go watch noooowww! XD