Friday, 22 April 2011

I Miss You

A poem for my dear Venus <3
I wrote it on Mothers day at about 2am, and I'm really proud of it considering that it only took me about a minute to write. It made my mother cry o.o''''''.....
I really do feel like posting about lolita again, but since I bought 4 yards of yellow material for my Renge dress the other day I have no money to buy anything with. I think my next peices though will be a blouse and a JSK from QutieLand! XD

I Miss You

I miss you, I miss the times we shared.
I miss the way you used to laugh
I miss the crazy way you stared,
your funny faces and your constantly changing hair.

I miss the way we used to plan,
on going to stupid places.
But most of all I miss your soul.
 and I miss your gorgeous smile.
I miss you in my arms,
you were the perfect size to cuddle.

I miss the way you used to blush,
when you got everyone in a muddle.
I miss the way, you used to lean,
on your hand in class.
I miss that scorching summer day
we spent in Camberwell college.

I miss the cons where we got so hyper.
I miss the freaked out looks we got,
I miss the stories, I miss the constant pizza.
I miss your hilarious addiction to cheese.
And your pig stye bedroom.

I miss your heart, my dear sweet goof ball.
You better be safe and sound.
And once your feet are on the ground,
in this here stuffy England.
I’ll hug you ‘till I can hug no more.
My lovely friend, I miss you.

It's a pretty short poem, but I really do love it. Vee is all these things and more, she's one of my best friends and the most beautiful, wonderful and thoughtful people I know, and I miss her like crazy!
x x x x
x x x x


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