Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lolita Checklist

This is just a bit of fun, don't come and eat me if you don't agree with anything written here, it's just a bit of fun!

The Lolita Checklist
Can't help but admire (either secretly or not) at least one Disney princess.

When she see's a cute necklace just has to oggle it for at least 30 seconds.

Spends countless hours window shopping online.

Spends countless hours reading blog posts online.

Really does believe in the saying from 'A Little Princess'. ""Every girl's a princess".

Has watched or read 'Kamikaze Girls' at least once!
Has respect for herself and her body.

Probably has higher standards than most other girls.

Enjoys that brilliant moments when you sit down and your petticoat puffs out around you (like you just sat on a giant cupcake!)

Has at least one favorite print that she would love to own one day.

Still does, or has at one point in her life enjoyed a good anime or manga (or both!)

Get's frustrated when people say; 'lolita... like the child prostitute, right?'

Strawberries are a fail safe, and will never fall out of the book of awesome!

The only fashion where wearing a cake on your head is/was cool <3

The only fashion where you get to wear a bright pink frilly extraviganza, then not get called original.

Has a past understanding love for 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'.

One of the few girls in her group that will call a teacup 'adorable' or 'cute'.
Will actively seek out other lolis just to have a heated discussion about a certain print with them.

You can never have to many petticoats!

Knows that parasols really do make a huge difference.

"I have a parasol and a fan, I'll be fine"........... "Oh. My. God! Can you get somewhere shady? Please.... *dies from heat exhaustion*"

Has a dear love for either fairy tails or gothic novels (Frankenstein etc).

Tries her hand at heart felt poetry every now and then (failed or succeeded, it doesn't matter).

Attempted to sew something once, whether she succeeded or not, it doesn't matter!

Knows what OP, JSK, and cutsew mean.

Can spot pin tucks a mile away.

Has definitely heard of The Gothic and Lolita Bible, and KERA!

When someones mentions anything sugary they instantly feel like baking.

Is reminded of lolita whenever they hear the word 'lolly-pop'.

Knows when lolita came about!

Whether she has the courage to wear it out in public, or is a 'secret lolita', takes pride in her personal style!

Well, XD quite a few stereo types in there, but it was fun to write! It's meant to be jokey, so please don't take this seriously! Even I don't do all of those things, I only oggle the necklace for about 25 seconds xP I kid, I kid! If you want, feel free to write your own one of these guys!!!~<3


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