Saturday, 30 April 2011

Meme: If it was me, I'd...

So I found this memo on a blog I follow Savage Lily, and it looked fun so I decided to do it!

1.  Perpetuate forever:
2.  Kill off immediately: 
3.  Raise like a zombie:
4.  Dance on the grave of:
5.  Jump on in a heartbeat:

     Here's my take on it aaaaall!~<3

1. Perpetuate forever:  Country lolita, gorgeous, just gorgeous!!! I seriously hope this style never dies out, I'll be sooo sad if it does!

2. Kill off immediately: LolitaShow and Milanoo... one company masquerading as two that scam the shit out of you!

3. Raise like a zombie: Bad lace, I know it's really obvious, but the lace can really make the difference between a fugly piece and a gorgeous piece!


4. Dance on the grave of: Over the top headdresses and bonnets! Seriously, they look disgusting if they have to much going on, like a giant cake hat exploded it's frilly innards on your up do... just no!

5. Jump on in a heartbeat: Decora accessories covered in glitter and made in eye popping colours, oh and cutsews, can't get enough of cutsews!!!! Adorableness!!!! *Hearts in eyes*


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