Friday, 15 April 2011

WigFever Review

Hello guys!

So today I received my Renge wig in the mail... I'm less than happy with it to tell you the truth, quality wise it's great! It feels thick, smooth, and the length is fine. The colour I'm not so happy with.
As we all know, Renge is basically ginger (or strawberry blond, seeing as her colour isn't really enough of a vibrant orange to be called ginger). It's a pretty awkward hair colour to find a wig for, and you'd probably be best dying your own hair if you want to cosplay her.

It's quite easy to err on the side of too blond, or the side of bright ORANGE when trying to find a wig for her. I genuinely believed that I'd found the perfect wig when I saw the 'long blonde cosplay wig' from WigFever on Ebay.

WigFever has an outstanding range of wigs, and my friend Ami bought a red wig for a Sasori (Naruto Shippuden) cosplay from them back in November 2010, it's actually the best Sasori wig I have ever seen and the only thing she needed to do to it was trim the fringe (or for you American's, the bangs) a little.
I'd say WigFever's only let down is that their postage varies from taking the standard length from Hong Kong to London - which is about 2-3 weeks - to taking 5-6-7 weeks. If you don't mind waiting, and you don't need your wig before a certain time this is perfectly fine. However if you do have a deadline to meet, you might want to try ordering as far in advance as you possibly can.

For the quality of their wigs, the prices are ridiculously cheap! And this certainly isn't a case of you get what you pay for, some of their wigs make appear a little thin, but it's not enough that you'd notice it unless you totally upended the wig! My Renge wig cost around £16, that's including the postage, don't be fooled by the fact it says the wig is about $7, be sure to check the postage, which is where they make most of their money.

The only reason I'm writing this article is to calm myself down, because right now, I swear I could cry. The wig I ordered appeared to be a more strawberry blonde colour in the stock photo on their Ebay page, when I opened it this morning I could instantly tell that my wig was not this colour. In fact, it's more blonde with a hint of green. A sort of weird mustard colour. I couldn't quite capture it in this picture, in reality it's much more yellow, but from this you can tell it's definitely not got any red it in at all *sigh*

As I said before it's a very awkward colour to capture in a wig, and it would also appear in a picture. The lighting they used for the stock photo is the only thing I can think of that might have altered the colour. I'd personally trust WigFever with either unnatural coloured wigs (aqua, pink, grey, white), and wigs of a very definite colour, such as black or bright red. They seem to have trouble with more natural wigs like blonde. Which is a real shame!

That's the end of my review guys! But don't worry, I'm not giving up on cosplaying our beloved self proclaimed manager of the host club quite yet! I've been looking up wig dying techniques, and I'll be sure to make a blog post documenting my exploits into that arena of cosplaying!

Random factoid:
I've had a problem with every single cosply for May London MCM EXPO this year. *Sigh* first it was the first pair of Akatsuki shoes covers I made, the material was rotten, so they ripped. Then my contact lenses weren't the right colour. Then the dress I ordered for my dark Alice cosplay didn't arrive (basically I had £41 stolen from me by LolitaShow), then I fucked up my first attempt at making Renge's dress by not making the skirt big enough, now the Renge wig I ordered is the wrong colour.
I think for some reason I'm just not meant to cosplay girls! I can't wait to be cosplaying boys with their trousers and short hair again in October!

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  1. Wow nice wigs wil you tell me the actual cost please


  2. (Hoping that you get this) I did include that my Renge wig was around £16, I can't remember the exact price. What did you mean by 'the actual cost'? ^.^'''