Thursday, 7 April 2011

Just A Little Update

Hey guys! Sorry for spamming you with posts at the moment, it would seem I just have a lot to say! ^-^
This post well be rejoining the fabulous world of cosplay, as we've been absent from it for such a very long time.

Firstly, lets get the bad stuff out of the way; you know that dress that I was supposedly getting from LolitaShow? Well, they're seriously fucking around right now. My dad texted them yesterday night, because the dress was supposed to arrive on Monday and it didn't. I've decided that if they try to make excuses again, I'll just ask for a refund. Soooo, my dark Alice cosplay may be put on hold a little while, at least till I can afford another dress from a more reliable company :/....

More positive stuffz now! Today I walked to Penge which is right near where I live, and I managed to get hold of some shoes for my Renge cosplay!  
They're just simple black ballet pumps, not quite what I was looking for but they'll have to do. 
They're also good because my feet won't get to hot when I wear them at EXPO! My only problem with them is that I had to get a UK size 9 because 8 was to small. It's just a nine is a bit to big >.< I'm now torn between wanting my feet to grow a bit, and wanting them to stay the same size. I really like the cute little bows on the toe! XD For £4.99 they're pretty good!

I also bought a plain white sheet for £5.99 which I can use for Akatsuki shoe covers, and an apron! I just hope there's enough material. There should be :/ *fingers crossed*
Along with buying stuff I needed for cosplay, I also came across this AWESOME shirt in a charity shop that I went in to look for pink material! It's a black and white pinstripe ladies shirt, but it's got this really high collar that look really interesting when done up, and the sleeves - which are meant to have cuff links - look awesome just hanging loose! I love it!

Aside from finding shoes, I've also made major progress with my Renge cosplay! I ordered the wig, and my mam found a polystyrene wig head in a store in Brixton Village! XD So all I need to do now is order some Got2b freeze spray and I'm ready to style once my wig arrives!

My amazing Grandma also very unexpectedly figured out a pattern for the dress, which I just have to print out and re-size! She also, being the awesome woman she is found some perfect yellow material in a shop in near where she lives, in Kent. She won't let me pay her back for it either. I think I'm seeing her next weekend so I'll be able to pick up the material then! ^-^
I'm not quite sure what to do about the material for the collar and cuffs of the dress, but if my dark Alice cosplay plans fall through I will be able to use the material that I was going to use for the apron for those. I still need to buy some pink material, a zip and some thread from Rolls and Rems (my local haberdashers) so I don't mind getting more white then!

That's all for today cosplay wise folks! I'll be updating again today with another lolita post!!!

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