Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Wish Upon a... Debit Card...

So I was at sleep over yesterday, at my friend Bebhinn's house! Twas epic! We went to the park, bought sweets on the way back, played consequences, and nommed on loads of junk whilst watching Transporter 2 and commenting on how hot the chick was! Loool!! Anywayz, today I'm here with yet another guilty confession >->... I FORGOT TO POST AGAIN YESTERDAY!!!!... yeah, I'm failing... whatever! You can have three posts again today!!! That way I get to do the post I want to do on Saturday!! ^-^

Day 5 - 10 items from your wishlist.

Okay, so here's the thing, I'll try to dredge up a decent amount, but I don't actually have that many items on my wish list ^-^ but here goes!!

1~ Angelic Pretty's Fruit's Parlor JSK in mint. Oooor any of the other colours apart from black and pink, but mint would be perfect!! 

2~ Gothic and Lolita wigs' Choco-mint split (that they discontinued T.T)!

So yeah, basically that's my wish list. They're the only two lolita items that I want! ^-^''' Yet they're both basically unattainable T.T...

Day 6 - 10 things you can't live without in lolita.

This is very similar to "10 things you love in lolita", but meh!

1~ My two petticoats! everything would look so deflated if I had only one! >-<

2~ Inspiration! Were would we be without it? I doubt loli would exist without a little inspiration (at least).

3~ My laptop. Basically that just explains it's self!

4~Hair and head bows! Omg, I think I'd be lost without them!!! They just works so perfectly and looks so awesome! ^-^

5~ My family's sewing machine. I make a lot of my stuff, so I''d be done for without it! So useful, and I love sewing soooooo mwuch! XD

6~ Charity shop. I get a lot of my stuff in there's occasional treasure troves as well! ^-^

7~ Good lace >-< omg, the fashion wouldn't be the same without it!

8~ Echo-anechan! Thank you for getting me back into this fashion darling dear!!

9~ Mascara! I don't wear eye liner that much anymore, but if I'm going out I always put on mascara! Not like, in big clumps or anything, just enough that it makes me eyes slightly darker looking, because I have quite light brown eye lashes! ^-^

10~ Bravery, confidence and ingenuity. I certainly wouldn't have even considered or been able to don the frills without them! I have my friends to thank for giving me the confidence to be myself, <3 you guys....

Day 7 - 10 people that inspire your lolita style.

Do they have to all be real people? 'Cause otherwise Imma find this quite hard >->

1~ Miss Lumpy

2~ Echo-anechan, for inspiring me to get off m lazy ass and be a lolita! XD

3~ Pastel-Ai, despite the fact it's not lolita she's into, she got me into liking decora, and the sweeter side of loli! Soooo yush!!

4~ Ciel Phantomhive from the anime and manga Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). Though, because I prefer the artwork in the manga (for it's gorgeous detail), I'll be more specific and just say... MANGA CIEL FTW!!
His dark, gothic, decorative Victorian clothic really hits the spot when it comes to kodona (or Ouji-sama style!), and Yana-sama's beautiful artwork is just... wow... ^-^ and you gotta love his pink dress from Druitt's ball! XDDD

5~ Sakura Kinomoto from the anime and manga Cardcaptor Sakura... or should I say Tomoyo? Seeing as she's the one who actually designs all of Sakura's outfits in the series *ponders*. Well, whatever. You guys know who I mean! ^-^

6~ Elizabeth Middleford from Kuroshitsuji. If you haven't read the latest chapters of the manga you won't understand what I'm talking about, but if you have, then I certainly hope you agree!
Lizzie is always getting bashed for being pathetic and useless when (I dun wanna say to muuuuch and spoil it!!) in actuality she's a very strong, brave and beautiful girl.
And I think she's a good lolita role model because despite her wishes to always appear cute she conquers her fears of repulsing Ciel and defends herself and proves that she's a very strong, determined and it would appear lonely young woman!!! She's not afraid of doing what she has to, but she still goes about it in a dignified and adorable manner!
I'd like to see those Lizzie haters call her week and pathetic now!! After chapter 57 she's anything but!!!

Well, that's that! I couldn't think of any other people/characters to add, so lets stick with this!
Now I'm DAYUM tired and ready to pass out >-< lets see if I can sleep through the loft people tomorrow morning *facepalm*.
Night ya'll!!!

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