Monday, 6 June 2011

London MCM EXPO May 2011: Con report part 2

I know this is a little late, but I've been focusing on catching up with other stuff instead for the past couple of days. DA and youtube updates really go crazy when you're offline for 3 days o.o'''
Anywayz! (WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY!!! Again... >->'''').

Sunday was brilliant, just like the rest of the con!
Deme had been planning to just go home, as she couldn't afford to pay for a ticket so she wouldn't be kicked out, but I gave her 10 quid, and she got ready (almost cosplaying as her alter ego... Princess Bob! Lol!). It took me little to no time to get dressed on Sunday morning because my Renge cosplay is so beautifully simple! I loved it, most comfortable costume of the convention! ^-^
We went part of the way with my dad as he needed to run some errands in Brick Lane, so we got the overground train the Shadwell, and then the DLR to Beckton. It was a really bright, sunny, and pleasantly warm journey. There were also more cosplayers on the train that day! ^-^

Once we got to the con we immediately went to queue and to our complete and rather ecstatic surprise the queue was about 15 people long!! Epicness! So we only had to queue for about 10 minutes! After that we went to take a proper look around the vendors hall. And finding that also pleasantly empty we pootled around looking at stuff and mooching around the artists alley and the many far emptier than on Saturday stalls.
Dana had a mild fit over all the World of Warcraft merch and then was over the moon when she saw a... I think it was a blood elf... or night elf cosplayer. Admittedly this girls outfit was incredible!

*Fangasm* Omgaaaawd!!! <3333333 They were wonderful *watering chibi eyes*

 Tis Her Royal Highness Princess Bob!

Once we were done with the vendors hall we headed outside and on the way came across Coral, Phoebe, Suzanne, Naomi and Georgia! We followed them outside and a Soul Eater photo shoot ensued.  Me and Coral along with a couple of others took pictures as we weren't cosplaying from SE, but Phoebe was cosplaying Maka wonderfully again so she joined in!

 Tamaki antics! 

Soul: Naomi, Kid: Georgia, Maka: Phoebe and I'm afraid I don't know Black*Star's name :/

Love this photo soo so soo much!! ^-^


 Excuse Tamaki's jacket in the top right >.<''''

After a few more photographs I went down the steps to go and keep Dana and Suzanne company ^-^
Dana wanted to go off and do a bit of mooching on her own, so I hung out with Suzanne for a while and chatted about anime, games, friends and lots of other stuff. Some f it pretty heavy, then we went inside and had a chance to do some more shopping, which was nice, as the vendors hall still wasn't too busy. I bought volume 5 of Kuroshitsuji, volume 2 of March Story and a black gingham hairbow! 

Then we met up with Coral, Phoebe and Naomi and did a bit more shopping, or in my case just looking. They played some video games, whilst I filmed and then we all headed out of the vendors hall as it was closing time. I found Dana again and we said our goodbyes, departing for the train.
Lol! In the end me and Kiryuu got ZILCHO Ouran stuff done, but that just gives us an excuse to meet up again! ^-^ 

I had a wonderful EXPO, and I just hope that October will be as good... if not better! Thank you all so much! <3333333333


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