Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Consequences is apparently an old game, perhaps like a Victorian parlor game. In any case it's hilarious (especially with my group of darling, perverted, and foul mouthed friends!), and perfect for playing with 3 or more bored people or at a sleep over!

For those who don't know, here are the rules!

1) Have all the players (preferably more than 4) sit in a circle, and provide them each with a sheet of paper and pen/pencil.

2) On your sheet of paper, write the name of a guy or a girl (which it's going to be is usually decided as a whole before anyone writes anything). When I played with my friends Last night we decided we didn't care, and there were often cases of Django met Django, or Connor met Connor! Lolz!
Once you've written the name, fold your paper over so the name is hidden and write "met". Then hand it to the person on your left. It's funnier when you use the names of people you know, and also easier to go clockwise around the circle when passing them on.

3) The person you handed it to writes a girls name (or guys) after "met", as do you and all the other players.
You then fold it over so the name is hidden and write "at" before passing it along again.

4) All the players then write a location of their choice after "at" it could be anywhere; the supermarket, a porn shop, prison... the moon. Whatever!
All players then write "she said", or "he said" depending on whether they put a girls name or a guys name first at the top. You should try and keep the order the same on every sheet. Mostly to avoid confusion ^-^
Fold over and pass along!

5) All players then write a short sentence for the person to say, yesterday I quoted Ke$ha songs ("beat so fat gonna make me cum... cum... cum"), spouted hippy shit and douchebagy nonsense! XD
Depending on whether you put "she said" or "he said" first, you then write the other option. (I.E If you put "she said" you then write "he said"), then fold it over and pass it along.

6) All players then write another sentence for the other person to say!
Theeeeen you write "the consequences", or because no one can spell that "and then" or "the outcome", before folding it over and passing it to your left.

7) All players then write a (hopefully) humorous consequence for the -usually horny- couple. They then pass it once more to the person on their left, and wait for everyone to finish writing before opening the one they received from the player on their right and reading it allowed!!

XD Probably an excellent game to play when hyper, stoned or drunk!
Have fun!!! ^-^

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