Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Tell me, Evey, do you like music?"

For those that are familiar with a particularly moving, thoughtful, clever, beautiful and evocative film... that line will be somewhat of an old friend...

If you couldn't tell, I just finished watching V For Vendetta. Wow, what an amazing film! I loved it so much, and V's personality, his eloquence, and choice of words. Voice, annunciation, taste in art, and music and of course the stacks and stacks of books in his bedroom had me swooning. And wishing that one day I may have that same cultured and clever demeanor... well... we shall see. In any case, I want his house, especially his bedroom *drooling over all those books*.

However, tonight I have a purpose, other than just to inform you of how much I adored the sentence at the beginning of the aforementioned film where almost every word began with a 'V'.... no, tonight I'm here with yet another two questions from the 30 day lolita challenge, and before I get so tired I'm tempted to sleep on my keyboard I thought I'd get it out of the way!

Day 8 - 10 songs that inspire you for lolita.

Somewhat of a hard challenge, as I have very few songs really. But let's see where this takes us!

1~ Sandplay of The Dragon  ~~~ Vocaloid (Miku, Kaito and Gakupo version). I've no idea what the lyrics mean but it's a gorgeous song!! XD And their outfits are... woooooow *dies*

2~ Princess Charleston ~~~ Kanon Wakeshima. Again I've no idea what the lyrics mean but I adore the prissy, fair ground and candyfloss feel of this song!

3~ Trick and Treat ~~~ Vocaloid (Rin and Len, KHR version). XD Such a grim, dark and cheeky song! I love it!

4~ La Vie En Rose ~~~ Edith Piaf. Yeah, every song so far has been in a different language, what can I say, I get bored with English music >->... anywayz, I can catch little snippets of sentences but beyond that I've no idea what it's about... just the tune and the tone of her voice made me fall in love with this song! Reminds me of private gardens by the sea, and hot summer days in floral dresses with big sun hats and an old gramophone playing a crackly version of La Vie En Rose.... *drifts off into dream land*

5~ Gingerbread Coffin ~~~ Rasputina

6~ Music Box of Time ~~~ Vocaloid (Megurine Luka). I love the way this song sounds like it's coming from a real music box!!!! XD

7~ The Evil Series (yeah, every song! Including the fanmade ones (Daughter of White, etc!!) ~~~ Vocaloid

8~ Lacie ~~~ Yuji Kajiura. Such a beautiful melody!!

9~ Lacrimosa ~~~ Kalafina. Yuppers! More Japanese music, what can I say!! I ADORE THIS BAND!!!

10~ kakayaku Sora no Shimija Ni wa ~~~ Kalafina... omg, I cannot even begin to explain how much I love, and how much I cried at this song when it played at the end of the last episode of Kuroshitsuji 2... oh my god... I must have cried for about 10 minutes >-<

Now onto the second question!!! I'm proud that I managed to get 10! ^-^

Day 9 - 10 things you will never do in Lolita

1~ Steal (not that I'd do that anywayz.... aaaand I'd be way to noticeable! Hiding would be tricky!)

2~ Sit somewhere dirty!

3~ Lay down on the ground (yeah I do that when I'm not wearing loli! ^-~ No joke!)

4~ I am never not myself!

I could only think of four, besides the obvious things... and I'm not going with things like 'not being rude'. Because I am rude sometimes, and that is part of me. I've accepted it... plus it pisses me off when people stare.

I was in France last year, and I was wearing lolita, it was really hot out and my dad had just gone inside this big stone, shady building that was being used as a gallery. I followed him up the steps and waited outside for him to be done, whilst I was standing there this guy who must of been in around his mid-late 50s started staring at me. Not subtly, like straight out staring. And he kept staring and staring, all the time I was standing there which was about 5-7 minutes. In the end I looked directly at him, and not giving a shit whether he could understand English or not said 'It's rude to stare you know'. Then is as snobby a manner as I could muster I stepped over the threshold into the gallery and made sure to make a show of brushing my skirts against the door by his head...
I hate people that stare....

Anywayz, that's it for today folks! I'm tired, and I have like, 80 something DA messages to deal with >-<

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