Thursday, 16 June 2011

My bag!

So here I am with day 10! Just in case I forget tomorrow! ^-^ Lol! Anywayz, lets get to is!!

Day 10 - what's in your bag?

I alternate between lots of bags, but mostly I use an Owl City thin cotton/canvas tote that I got at a concert, a brown-ish-red suede one. I also have a tiny Tokidoki shoulder bag and a slightly larger Clairs one with "cheeky monkeys" -as I like to call them- on it!

But the things that I always carry with me are!

1~ Tissue! I either have a cold, or I'm under attack from that dreaded thing..... pollen! Ugh hay fever T.T fml, so I usually have the best part of a toilet role with me in case of messy emergencies >->

2~ Iphone! I never used to bring a phone anywhere because it was never charged, but I luff mah iphone, and use it as an ipod now! So it just comes everywhere anywayz! I used to bring Fletcher (my 2nd generation 2gig Ipod nano) with me everywhere, but he doesn't get as much use nowadays, since I got an iphone.... :/ *feels guilty*

3~ Default ipod earphones. If I can't be bothered or don't need to bring my Hello Kitty headphones of epic win!!

4~ Mascara! As I mentioned before somewhere on this blog, I don't use eyeliner as much as I used to anymore. I find that just coating your eyelashes in mascara works well enough, and gives your eyes a brighter more natural look! As well as being easier to clean off! XD

5~ Money! Most often in a purse, duh!

6~ Oyster card! So I can get any bus for freeeeee!

7~ Camera! Roxanne, my darling camera!!! We've seen so much together! <333333

8~ and sometimes I bring; keys, girlie things (sometimes ^-~), manga, books, pen, notepad!! ^-^

That's all for today lovelies!! Now I'm off to finish my dad's fathers day card, and to watch Firefly!


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