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Hello again!

So I just updated my post that I wrote a few days ago, which included people that inspire my lolita fashion. It was one of my answers to a challenge/question in the 30 Day Lolita Challenge.

If you scroll down to the bottom you'll find my post about people that inspire me.
Most of these people were fictional characters, but there's one character that I deem more important than the others. So despite the fact I added her as an after thought she's extremely important, and I think she deserves a post of her own!

It's not secret that Lizzie, like so many other female anime and manga characters (Sakura Haruno, Nannally Lamperouge, Orihime Inoue) is hated, complained about and generally bashed and insulted because she's considered useless, or week, pathetic, or unimportant. And in the case of those rabid, inconsiderate, yaoi fangirls with one track minds; a distraction and a bitch.
These are the fangirls that often hate female characters because they crush on one of the male characters that they'd rather see with another male character.
I'm not saying yaoi is bad, don't take it that way. I'm just suggesting that perhaps people should have some more consideration and respect for the female characters.

Lizzie is most certainly one of those under appreciated characters. And is frequently called all of those things that I mentioned above.
But this post isn't to discuss why she's hated, no, it's to discuss how fucking epic this chick is!!! Seriously guys!!!

So in the two latest chapters of the Kuroshitsuji manga, it has been revealed that our darling Lizzie is in fact a master (or should I say mistress?) swords-woman, and can handle two steel blades as easily as if they were a curling iron! Swiftly taking out about a dozen zombies whilst Ciel sat on the ground with a broken leg, cussing about his gun being out of bullets, and Sebastian was fighting Grell and Ronald.
 She then later offers to carry Ciel because he can't walk on his injured leg (to which Sebastian, rather adorable chuckles and says that won't be necessary *hearts in eyes*).

In chapter 58 we discover that Lizzie was forced, by her mother to take fencing classes, despite how much she despised them because she thought they weren't cute.
Her mother explains to her that because she is going to marry Ciel, she must be able to defend herself.
Once Ciel goes missing Lizzie's want to learn to fight is strengthened, and when he returns it doubles again and she makes herself a promise that she will become a wife who can protect her precious husband.

But Lizzie is still frustrated, and finds herself becoming taller than Ciel, a predicament she solves by wearing flat shoes. Something she deems childish and un-cute. But she soldiers on, and doesn't despair... and for this, I truly love her!

I can see her becoming a role model to girls -especially lolitas- who see themselves as anything but cute because of things they must do, whether it's a sport that doesn't suit the fashion, their height, complexion, weight.
They're completely wrong. Cute is just a state of mind, and things like weight, complexion and height are all parts of you that you needn't change if you don't feel like you want to or can.
To my surprise, I've been called cute a lot recently, despite the fact I'm about 5,9.

In the case of Lizzie, she's terrified that Ciel will reject her because she's able to defend herself, and is a strong, self-confident, determined woman. When they were younger he made an offhand comment about not wanting a wife that could protect herself, but wanting a wife that he himself could protect. This gnaws at the back of her mind for years, driving her to hide her talents from him.
Luckily he does accept, and is rather thankful for her fencing skillz of win in the end!

I feel deeply sorry for Lizzie, and just generally believe that no one should feel they need to hide things from the ones they love.

All in all, Lizzie is a wonderful character, and makes a perfect role model because she is a strong, confident, proud, determined, brave, young woman. With an adorable dress sense to boot!!
You should never stop being who you want to be because of what you look like, or something you do (like a sport), or someone you know. You are yourself, and your friends, partners and family should accept that, no questions asked!

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