Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lolita Love and Hate!

Ooooh how badly I failed at remembering to post yesterday!! Ikr! I'm forgetting already! Not a great start, but to pay you back, I'm combing the next three! And posting them today!!! There's also one post that I'd like to do on a specific day, so I need to speed things up a little ^-^''' 

Anywayz! Let's get to it! XD

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.
1~ Poof! I cannot stress enough how important poof is in this fashion! Oh. My. God! And it is truly the mark of an ita, and a rather large shame to see a coord with no poof-full petti!

2~ Stripes (especially blackXwhite!). 'Nough said. 

3~ Floral prints. I can't get enough of floral prints on JSKs for a country loli look in summer and spring time! I'm not talking about big, garish pink, blue, yellow and green tulips, I'm talking about tiny detailed dusty pink or brown roses on an off white background. Or little bouquets of wild flowers on black! Gorgeous!!

4~ Giant head eating bows, the are ridiculously fun and look really quirky as well! ^-^

5~ Sailor collars; just totally adorable <3

6~ Bustles! Damn I love 'em! I wore a bustle for my dark Alice (in Wonderland) cosplay, and I had this amazing sense of power, I think lots of folds and layers of ruffled material just have that effect! XD It was awesome!! And stripey black and white bustles are even better!! XD

7~ Mini top hats! Yet again, just totally adorable! But they look sophisticated at the same time, such a great little accessory. and I love how sturdy mine always feels on my head as well! ^-^

8~ Split wigs. Now this is more of a OTT sweet and decora/fairy-kei thing but I totally love them!! One day I WILL own one! I had my eyes on the choco-mint split that Gothic and Lolita wigs used to make, but they discontinued it T.T *dies* 
They're just such a cool idea, and I love the way it creates another layer to the outfit, and yet another thing you can coordinate things with!! XD

9~ OTT jewelery. This is something more often seen in decora, but I adore this style of jewlery! Glittery strawberry rings and ice cream necklaces, cookie hair clips and unicorn broaches!!! All in pastel colours with copious amounts of glitter sprinkled on top! Soooo epic!!

10~ Prints that and are made up of sweets, card suits, chess pieces or cakes!!! I kinda dislike the ones that have perfume bottles, cats, rabbits or bears. They're just annoying and kinda prissy, but anything with either a card, chess, confectionery, or dark themes (vines, roses, gothic windows etc) I luuurrrv!

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.
Let's change that to '10 things that annoy you in lolita'. Because how can you love a fashion in which there are many things you hate? Whaaaat is the point? O.o 
I don't know if I can think of 10, but lets see shall we?

1~ When I move my head and my headbow falls in front of my eyes! Omg suuuuch a pain in the ass >.< 

2~ Being scared of knocking stuff over with my petticoat induced poof. Rather ironic that we enjoy looking around antique shops, and drinking out of fine china when we're so prone to killing the surrounding objects with our skirts! Lol!

3~ Stereotypes. I hate these in any part of life really, but they just drive me nuts! "If you are a lolita you have to eat only things made of pure sugar and call everyone 'sir' and 'ma'am' and 'Miss'. And you must only let sweet things out of your lips and never be rude about anyone. And your opinions must be kept private and you must be overly nice and prissy and sugary sweet all day long!".... YUCK!!! No way, stereotypes are terrible. Just be yourself! If the clothes start dictating who you are supposed to be it's time to take a step back and a time out. You wear the clothes, not the other way around!

4~ In the neighbourhood where I live lolita is unheard of, and I'm kind of scared about wearing it out in public alone. London is supposed to be an accepting city, but there've been people stabbed in my area and I for one don't want to join them. How ever storybook like and macabre that may be. 
No, sorry... I like life. And that's far to similar to what happened in a small English village some years ago where Sohpia Lancaster was beaten and kicked to death for being a goth after trying to deffend her boyfriend from also being beaten to death by a group of binge drinking, ignorant chavs.

5~ the cost. That speaks for itself.

6~ This ongoing brand vs, offbrand war! Face it guys, some offbrand IS as good us brand. Just without the hefty price tag!  

7~ Lolita snobs, and bitchy gossipy comunities. Ugh, seriously guys? Why?

8~ Companies like Milanoo! All they do is scam, scam, scam!!!

Well, I couldn't think of 10, but there's 8 for ya! 

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

 1~ Lemon cake!

2~ Leak and salmon pie (that my dad makes).

3~ Home made bannana , honey and yohgurt lassies!

4~ Fruit pastles!

5~ Pasta bake

6~ Co-operative own brand giant milk chocolate chip cookies! NOM NOM NOM!!

7~ Egg and cress sandwiches!

8~ Fish finger, butter and chedder cheese sandwiches!

9~ Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages, gala apple, humous, chedder and baguette sandwiches!! (yeah, I eat a lot of sandwiches!! XD)

10~ Victoria sponge cake! Omg yeeeeees!!!

Well there you have it! I've ended up staying up past midnight, so really I'm posting this on Monday, but what the hey, I'll just post again tomorrow (if I can >.<).
Hope you found this interesting!!!



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