Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Well, I suck at life...

So... Hey guys.... *Sweatdrop*....

Firstly, I am so far beyond sorry, it's not even funny!! Jeez! Feel free to pelt me with all manner of hard, sharp cornered objects!

So as my darling friend Echo so nicely pointed out... I haven't updated in like, a year. And for that I am eternally sorry, and I realised that I really have no excuse for not posting anything because lets face it, I don't exactly have a social life.
Before I say anything else I wanted to take this opportunity and thank my new followers, when I stopped posting I had about four, now to see I have nineteen, well, that's awesome! So thank you *sends love*!

Now I've changed quite a bit since the last time I posted here, and I kinda feel like I should let you guys know what you're letting yourselves in for when you follow this blog.
Here goes!

My love for The Lord of The Rings was re-kindled and I am completely and utterly in love with it once again! I got into Firefly and since I also got a Tumblr I've become a bit more involved with the fandom. Finally read The Hunger Games, so glad I did... FINNIIIIICK!!! I still completely adore cosplaying, that will never change... Or at least not for many, many years! Hetalia and Code Geass are now tied for second place as my favourite anime/manga series' right behind the Kuroshitsuji manga. I'm still totally obsessed with Emilie Autumn, I read her book and recently went to one of her Fight Like A Girl concerts! Still love Vocaloid, in fact perhaps more so than before! I made a bunch of new friends that are actually motived to cosplay and that live nearby, and so I shall be posting lots of behind the scenes things from CMV's skits and photoshoots, as well as accounts of meetups and all that good stuff!

I'm not so much into J-fashions as I was. In fact not really at all. I can still hold up a damn good conversation about lolita, but it doesn't really interest me anymore. My fashion sense now is more a case of 'I like that, so I shall wear it with whatever the fuck I want!'. This mostly means jeans, nerdy t-shirts, the odd skirt, vintage-y style floral prints, shorts, corduroy... You get the idea!

As for my online presence... I got a Tumblr, another DeviantART and a youtube specifically for cosplay. Links bellow!

My Tumblr
My DeviantART
My cosplay Youtube
My other things Youtube

Music wise... The Civil Wars, Emilie Autumn, The Decemberists, Vocaloid, Howard Shore, OSTs, anime openings and endings, Panic! At The Disco, Owl City, Avril Lavigne... Um, yeah.

As for the direction that I want the blog to take now, well I'm thinking I'll just start blogging about whatever takes my fancy. Things I've done, what I'm into at the moment, current issues that I feel need more attention whether serious or not. I'll also take requests for posts if people feel up for doing that. Though I'll tell you if I feel like they're... Not my division (you see what I did there? Do you see?!)

I'll be back seen with a post about something or other, until then, feel free to peruse my other sites which I update a reasonable amount (especially Tumblr and DA, on them every day!).



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