Wednesday, 3 August 2011

London Film and Comic-con

So last Sunday I went to the Londond Film and Comic-Con with Rima-chan of Rima's Otaku World we had a blaaaast!! It was very fun, we just missed Beri-chan and Vee a heck of a lot!!
It's not really focused on anime and manga so much (as you'd guess by the name), which was okay, because it made for a nice break, and we're both nerdy enough that we didn't feel lost in the sea of miscellaneous comics and Star Wars merch! XD

My morning was pretty leisurely which was good. I've been too tired recently to attempt anything close to rushing. I was cosplaying casual Soul Eater Evans for those that don't know ^-~. I got the train to London Victoria and then the underground to Earls Court (FIRST TIME COSPLAYING IN PUBLIC ON MAH OWN, AAAAAAnd my first time going on the underground alone *proud*). Got a bit lost on the Earls Court end, but followed the cosplayers and found Rima-chan who was wearing her rather spectacular Matryoshka Len cosplay!! We then skipped off to queue, and I met her dad properly for the first time. Luckily the queue didn't take long at all despite the fact it went right around the side of Earls Court 2 o.o'''

Once we got inside we got tickets and then went and did some shopping! We found a yaoi manga stall, and they seemed pretty desperate for customers, so we got given free stickers. Rima bought D-grey man doujinshi, whilst I was scarred for life by a Kuro doujin where Ciel had the biggest pair of tits I've ever seen (*twitch*).
I found volume 6 of Kuro (which I swear isn't supposed to be out here yet O.o?) which made me want to scream and run around in circles! CIRCUS ARC!!! YAYZA!!! Needless to say I bought it! Kukuku~
Then I got some pocky to curb my crazy hunger!! NOMBLES!!

We met up with her dad again and got lunch... I bought an apple and a Sprite because I'm too much of a stinge to spend money on food. And refused Rima's father's offer of a sandwich... I'd feel bad if he bought me food >.< we'd only just met!!
We ate lunch outside, and Rima gave me some chocolate cake (NOMZ!!!!) then we took lots of photos, and found some traffic signs that worked perfectly for Matryoshka Len! (You can find all those photos on Rima's DeviantART).

After lunch we went inside and watched the masquerade, then we went back to the yaoi manga stall and I got a cute looking manga called 'The Paradise on The Hill' about two school teachers at a posh all girls school!!

.... And then....... I found the NERDS!!!! OMG!!! So if you don't know what nerds are you haven't lived!! My dear Ami-kinz introduced me to them last October, and we had two packets a day each at EXPO, they're like, little balls about a quarter of a cm big, comprised mostly of e-numbers, food colouring, sourness and sugar! They. Are. AMAZING!!! Rima now loves them too >-> heeheehee!
They were so over priced, but I hadn't had them in a couple of months (you can't get them in England T.T) so I was like 'OMG OMG OMG!!'
We naturally ate them in Ami-sempai's honour!

After that we took some more photos and filmed a little so we had something to put on our youtube accounts, and then it was time to go home and sleep...
But I had a really awesome day, and I can't wait to see Rima-chan again!!!

~Now for Pictures~

We took tons more but I Didn't wanna kill your computers, and I think this post is long enough now anywayz!!

Next post will be a report on a loli photoshoot I did with Echo-Anechan of Ri's Rakuen~<3

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  1. I haven't seen Soul Eater, but your cosplays are always very nice! I'm glad you could enjoy yourself with minimal stress this time around. XD

    I look forward to seeing the Lolita photoshoot as well~! >w<

  2. I'd really recommend it! It's an epic anime and the art style is very interesting and unusual as well!!
    It's not particularly loli-able, but just.. GAH!! Luff for Soul Eater!!

    Yeah, cons are always dithering on the edge of a knife, on one side is a pool of crack and good times, on the other is a sea of drama and tears >.<

    I'll get right on that then!! x3