Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Shameless Advertising and My Uber Nerdy-ness

Firstly, a quick mention... Bit of advertising, whatever.
So my friend Echo started writing this blog, Marigold Garden. It's essentially a blog about lots of things that we both like. The posts will be mainly comprised of things pertaining to J-fashions, Japanese music and Korean bands (all handle by Echo since I know very little about most of those things), cosplay (I'll be in charge of this!), books, concerts, anime, manga, nerdy stuff... Tea and cake? You get the idea. We'll be answering questions on the subjects that we feel knowledgeable in and taking requests for posts. For a more detailed idea of what's to come head on over to Marigold Garden and check out Echo's introductory post!

Now for the second part of this post. I've been having trouble coming up with ideas of things to post (requests are completely welcome, by the way!) so what better way to get my creative juices flowing than a 30 Day meme!
A while ago I attempted to take part in a Lolita themed one of these, I didn't get too far into it seeing as by that point my interest in the fashion was dwindling. But hopefully I'll be able to tackle this Lord of The Rings one! I warn you, this could get pretty nerdy.
I won't be updating every day, partly because -despite certain rumors that have been circulating- I DO have a social life. And also to spare your inboxes my incessant updates.

Bellow I've posted the question to the entire meme if any of you are interested. Though... I'm not entirely sure you will be... *Awkward silence*.

30 Day Lord of The Rings meme

Day 1 Favorite hobbit
Day 2 Favorite location
Day 3 Least favorite location
Day 4 Best meal
Day 5 Favorite weapon
Day 6 Favorite song (soundtrack or performed onscreen)
Day 7 Film you’ve seen the most times
Day 8 Best use of magic or supernatural gifts
Day 9 Favorite member of the fellowship
Day 10 Favorite man
Day 11 Favorite horse
Day 12 Favorite scene in Elvish
Day 13 Least favorite sound/sound-effect
Day 14 A scene that always makes you laugh
Day 15 The spiffiest dresser
Day 16 The ugliest orc or uruk
Day 17 A scene that makes you cringe (disgust, fear, cheesiness, whatever)
Day 18 Best fight sequence
Day 19 Worst fight sequence
Day 20 If you were from Middle Earth, where would you live?
Day 21 Best death scene
Day 22 Worst death scene
Day 23 Worst decision by one of the characters
Day 24 Saddest casualty and/or collateral damage
Day 25 Favorite overall character
Day 26 Character you wish had been featured in the movies
Day 27 Re-edit the movies: what scene would not make the cut?
Day 28 A scene that always makes you cry
Day 29 Whatever tickles your fancy – your chance to add anything this list may have missed
Day 30 Favorite line or scene from the trilogy

I'm going to do day one now, in a separate post ^-^



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