Wednesday, 25 April 2012

30 Day Lord of The Rings meme: Day one

Day 1 favorite hobbit:


I think it's a toss up between Merry and Sam really... Merry because he's just so awesome, in general. He strikes me as being really laid back, and the perfect example of a hobbit. But he's also very brave, and very caring, and also pretty damn clever. Especially by hobbit standards, since he and Pippin go on to collect many historical records from all over Middle-Earth after Frodo leaves, and he also writes a book (and no, I shall never stop laughing about how he wrote a whole book about weed *grins and thinks of certain people*).
And Sam for obvious reasons, he didn't need to go with Frodo, nor did he have to. But he did, and he stuck with him to the bitter end no matter what shit was going down. I think you really have to admire that. I don't often go for the characters that are as simple as Samwise, and I don't mean that as in simple = boring/stupid. I mean pure and goodhearted in their intentions with no ulterior motives or selfish reasoning driving their decisions. Just plain and simple selflessness. All the way through to the core.



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