Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Supposed Uninterestingness of Me

..... So..... Yeah.... I seem to have failed spectacularly in my attempts to begin blogging again. It's pretty sad really, because well, it's showing clearly how lazy I am and how pathetic I am at persevering with something. Thus I have come to this conclusion; I won't make any promises, but I will try and get back into the habit (lol, almost wrote 'hobbit' there!) of blogging regularly. I think it's good exercise for my writing skills since they're blatantly not being stretched by college, and I also find it relaxing and rewarding when I'm not feeling guilty for the lack of updates. I also won't confine myself to a specific type of post, this will be a blog for whatever the hell I want.
(I think another reason I haven't updated lately is because I feel like I've got nothing of interest to share with you all, and that is a sucky feeling to feel.)

In the meantime, while I think up something to post about, here are some other sites where I update -usually- every day.

Right, now to thinking about what to post...


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