Monday, 4 July 2011

Lolita and Life goals!

Hey ya'll!
Thought I owed ya a blog post seeing as I've been vaguely dormant for a while! Also, I'm just taking a break from the 30 Day Lolita Challenge for a while, in order to vary my posts a little! I promise I'll pick it back up soon though! Hope none of you wind ^-^

Inspired by Cinnamon Shortbread's 'Lolita Goals' list I decided to create my own! In the same way as hers this will be updated when I think of more goals to add to it!! But this won't just focus on lolita, there are some general (and boring? xP) goals for my life that I'd like to include!

~*~ Learn French to the point where I can speak it fluently.

~*~ Decorate my own room in the Steampunk/Victorian/Circus-y style that I want it.

~*~ Own brand. Hopefully Angelic Pretty.

~*~ Visit Japan

~*~ Learn Japanese to the point where I can speak it fluently.

~*~ Visit Seattle, Washington State (SEMPAI, MY DARLING!!!!!! <3333) and San Francisco (BRAND HOUSE!!!!)!

~*~ Visit The Baby, The Stars Shine Bright store in Paris.

~*~ Attend a Vocaloid concert!

~*~ Own some delicate lolita shoes, and not just hulking great platform boots of awesome.

~*~ Make a Jumperskirt.

~*~ Become even better at playing piano.

~*~ Read Equal Rights by Terry Pratchett!

~*~ Own a sailor lolita piece.

~*~ Pull together at least one decora outfit.

`*~ See both Kuroshitsuji musicals live on stage in Japan!

~*~ Own a bonnet.

~*~ Get the hang of Livejournal (appalling website!)

~*~ Decorate more of my things with cute stickers.

~*~ Get hold of a china tea set.

~*~ Make and sell at least three lolita items.

~*~ Attend my very first meet up.

~*~ Finish the Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Silmarilion

~*~ Go to a picnic in lolita.

~*~ Do a lolita photoshoot.

~*~ Slow dance with a person I like (don't know how I'll achieve this, seeing as home edders don't get proms, and are to interested in booze and drugs to attend a formal dance that doesn't have any T.T).

~*~ Raise the standard of my cosplays.

~*~ Make more CMVs (cosplay music videos).

~*~ Write in my book of shadows more. 

~*~ Go on a really romantic date.

~*~ Have my first kiss...

Yush! So this my current list for lolita and life! I don't know when I'll achieve these things, if ever but I'll try my best!

It's quite fun to create one! I suggest giving it a go!


  1. Awweh, I'm glad I inspired you! X3

    Good luck with your goals, some of them actually inspired me in return! XD <3

  2. Thank you!!
    They did? x3 Cool!!

    On a rather random side note, I LOVE your icon!! It's so adorable!!!